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Maudie is a movie starring Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, and Kari Matchett. An arthritic Nova Scotia woman works as a housekeeper while she hones her skills as an artist and eventually becomes a beloved figure in the community.

Biography, Drama, Romance
Aisling Walsh
Sally Hawkins, Gabrielle Rose, Ethan Hawke, Kari Matchett

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Genres Biography, Drama, Romance
Director Aisling Walsh
Writer Sherry White
Stars Sally Hawkins, Gabrielle Rose, Ethan Hawke, Kari Matchett
Country Canada, Ireland
Also Known As My Love, しあわせの絵の具 愛を描く人 モード・ルイス, Maudie: Una vita a colori, Maud, 彩繪心天地, Maudie, el color de la vida, Maudie: Το χρώμα της ζωής, Mode, Maudie: Sua Vida e Sua Arte
Runtime 1 h 55 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description In Marshalltown, Nova Scotia, Maud Dowley is an arthritic woman with an Aunt Ida and brother Charles in the 1930s. Maud is shocked to learn that Charles has sold their family home, which their parents had left to him. In the meantime, she is berated by Ida about visiting the local nightclub. Maud had once been impregnated and given birth, but Charles and Ida told her that the child was deformed and died. At a store, Maud sees the inarticulate and rough fish peddler, Everett Lewis, place an advertisement for a cleaning lady. Maud answers the call and takes the position for room and board..

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I'm not sure how many people saw "The Matrix" but it certainly doesn't get the amount of hype that this film does. While the audience for "The Matrix" clearly did not come in with very high expectations, they were more than satisfied. It's a great film and just the right length. The audience for this film must have been the same audience that saw "Matrix" but this time with some more drama and more punch lines, while "Matrix" had a lot of punch lines. The story of "Maudie" was compelling and well done. I have always liked Louisa Miller and I was a big fan of her in "Nine to Five." Her character is simple yet smart. Her relationship with Debra Messing is one of the most touching and heartwarming scenes of the movie. Debra Messing also played a major role in the movie and it's a shame she didn't get nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the movie. The direction is extremely good and I really liked the use of slow motion in "Maudie." My biggest gripe with the film is the ending. Although it's the only thing that didn't make me care much for the movie I would have liked to have seen it in a different way. I did like the way the film ended, but it's still a good film and if you are a fan of Louisa Miller and Louisa Miller's work then I think you'll enjoy it. I think that the ending of "Maudie" is just perfect and makes you care about the characters as well as how Louisa Miller deals with her character's tragedy. It's such a powerful ending to a great story and I hope that someone makes a sequel to this film. I think that should be the goal for this film, but I can't guarantee that will happen.
Thursday, 28 May 2020 06:09

When a documentary comes out with a name like Maudie, the story is bound to be told. But is there a story to be told? Maudie is a film that will go down in history and will be seen as the template for many subsequent films and some will go on to be called watershed moments. And that's too bad, because Maudie is one of the most effective documentaries that I've ever seen. It's a well-crafted and thoroughly engrossing film, as all documentaries are. It is well directed, well made, well acted, well directed and well shot, and it is well-directed and well-made. It is not a documentary. It is not a film. It is a personal memoir. Maudie is the work of the director, director, director, director, director, and the director. That being said, it is a difficult film to describe, to say nothing of describe. And when it's described, it's not. It's difficult to describe. In fact, it is beyond difficult to describe. And that is probably why I can only give a very good rating. The films that I saw this weekend were far more enjoyable, and far more profound, than this film. It had a special significance to me, for several reasons. I knew all the people in it, and I loved them. Some of the characters were so original and resonated with me like no other. I saw some of the people in it as human beings with whom I could relate and who I could like. And I was so in love with the actors in it, I saw them as very real human beings with whom I could relate. But then I went back to the film and re-watched it, and I noticed something I had forgotten. The film had an unmistakable quality. It was like I was seeing the human face of Maudie. It was like I was seeing her face and her expression and her emotions and her personality and her heart. It was so perfectly expressed. The style and the themes and the atmosphere were all perfectly done. And it was an exceptional piece of cinema. I was in awe, and I was in love. Now, I have not read any of the book or seen the original play, so I cannot say if Maudie was a real person or not. But, on the whole, I have a very hard time denying that Maudie was a real person. And now I want to go out and read the book and see if I can connect with the characters. And I will soon. And I have a hard time denying that Maudie is a real person. So I say that the film is wonderful. But it's not a film. It's a memoir of a person's life. And it is wonderful, and it is powerful, and it is beautifully told and beautifully made. But it is not a film. It is a memoir, and a very, very good one at that. It was great, and I loved it
Sunday, 24 May 2020 01:59

Having heard of this movie and its title, I assumed it was some sort of lesbian version of Annie Hall or something like that. But this is more of a historical film about 19th century family life with a lesbian twist. I am a lot more comfortable with the "exploring" lesbianism concept than I am with the likes of Annie Hall. But that's fine, as long as you're not going to be turned off by the film's denigration of the institution of marriage. Yes, there are some interesting moments, like the one about the actor who was cast as Maudie's father. And some of the scenes in the hotel room are quite well acted and I have to say that one scene with Maudie and her long lost father was quite touching. All the actors played their parts very well and were as natural as you would expect from a big production like this. And I was quite pleased with the direction, too, which had a sort of "Art House" feel to it. I don't have a problem with that, as it has always been quite difficult for me to watch films that are full of people in white coats and walk-ons. But I did like the real set of rooms and furniture, as well as the exterior of the mansion, which is in good enough shape to make the period look authentic. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of the directors was a major Paul Newman fan, and in a film like this one, the cast had some nice acting, especially Julianne Moore, who I knew from Back to the Future. And it was nice to see John Cusack again. In my opinion, it's a good film to watch if you want to learn more about the history of film and about the people who worked on it, or if you just want to see some of the best performances. I will definitely recommend it to all the people who enjoy good films.

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