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Ver Apparition Hill

Seven strangers investigate the greatest paranormal mystery in the world.

Sean Bloomfield

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Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020 03:15

I saw this documentary last night and was not disappointed. It does not really discuss the supernatural aspects of the film but rather focuses on the life of the people involved. The film is very well made. The cast is good and the story is really interesting. I really enjoyed it. The first thing that I noticed about this movie is that it is very well shot. There are many shots that really grab you. The first one that comes to mind is a shot where a woman who is apparently just a beautiful person is standing on a railing looking out at the people below. She has a torch in her hand and she is staring into the middle distance with the torch illuminating the landscape. She has that really cool looking eyes in the shot and it really works. The next thing I really enjoyed is the way they used a lot of cameras. One shot is a close up of a hand holding the camera and you see the light come out of the hand and the hand disappears. The camera is then quickly thrown back in focus and you can see a huge cloud of dust being thrown out the camera lens. You can also see the hand disappear and then there is a quick shot of a hand holding the camera again. This scene really stuck with me because it was very well done. Another shot that I really liked was when they were shooting the video and they were in a cave. The light from the cave was very strong and you could see the shadows from the cave. The camera shot then just disappeared and you could see the shadows and the light from the cave. I really liked the way they used the caves to show the eerie feeling that is very evident. The film is very well shot. I really did not expect a documentary to be so well done but it was very good. I really did not like the ending of the movie but that was not really the point of the film. It was just to show the characters' reactions to the supernatural aspect of the film. Overall, I really did not expect a documentary to be this well made but I did enjoy it very much. I really recommend this movie because it is a really interesting look at a film that has had a supernatural aspect. I really did not like the ending of the film but I did like the way it was done. I really like the way the movie was made. It was a well made documentary and I think that it was really well done.
Monday, 15 Jun 2020 06:50

This is a very interesting documentary that talks about the unspeakable trauma suffered by children and young people, who have to live under the "virus of incest" and the need to remain in a dangerous relationship. As a parent, I feel that the film was really fascinating to see, and it was also a great opportunity to get some insight into the different types of parents. It also spoke about the parents of such victims, which made it even more powerful and touching. This film really spoke about the extreme lengths that people will go to, to try and stay in a relationship, even if it is a bad one, because they feel the need to protect their children. There are also different kinds of incest. One of them is when the children are born to a couple, but the parents are not in a relationship. They are still very much in love with each other, but they can't share love because of the sexual attraction between the two people. Another kind is when the couple are married, but have a sexual attraction that is not between one person and the other. There is also the so-called "secret" relationship between the child and the parents. The child can't tell anyone, even his/her family, that he/she is having a relationship with the parents. Sometimes, when this happens, there can be some serious consequences. The film does a great job of speaking about the various types of incest. For example, the film mentions that some parents are only concerned with the welfare of their children, and that there are situations where the child can actually be harmed. Another good thing is that the documentary was filmed in South Africa. It was interesting to see the different reactions of the people of that country to the subject of incest, and how different cultures react to it.
Saturday, 23 May 2020 07:12

On the surface, you'd think that the documentary about the strange, unexplained death of Michael Jackson's daughter would be the stuff of nightmares for the family. That's not what the film is. What it is is an interesting look at what happened, and how the family dealt with it. It's also a fascinating look at what the family was thinking when the tabloids made the story out to be the worst thing that could ever happen. At one point in the film, Michael Jackson and his lawyers tell the story of how they've thought about what happened and what they're going to do about it. What we see is a lot of people thinking about what they're going to do about it, and trying to make things work. The main character of the film, Jackson's daughter Paris, is very open about her feelings towards her father, and her father's death. She's very candid and speaks out about how her feelings have changed. It's clear that this was a tough time for her. We also see that her mother, Sharon, has been dealing with the same issues, and has been very open about them. The documentary also has a few good interviews with Michael Jackson's former manager, Rick Rubin, who talks about the state of the family when Michael was in his nineties. You also get to hear the opinions of other people about the issue of whether or not Michael had any control over his daughter's death. What I think really made this film interesting is the fact that it's not just about the family, but about the whole story of how a situation like this could be handled. If you want to watch a documentary about the death of Michael Jackson's daughter, then this is the one to see.

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