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El Clan is a movie starring Guillermo Francella, Gastón Cocchiarale, and Peter Lanzani. The true story of the Puccio Clan, a family who kidnapped and killed people in the 80s.

Crime, Thriller, Drama, Biography
Pablo Trapero
Gastón Cocchiarale, Peter Lanzani, Guillermo Francella, Stefanía Koessl

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Genres Crime, Thriller, Drama, Biography
Director Pablo Trapero
Writer Julian Loyola, Pablo Trapero, Esteban Student
Stars Gastón Cocchiarale, Peter Lanzani, Guillermo Francella, Stefanía Koessl
Country Spain, Argentina
Also Known As Klan, Il clan, A klán, エル・クラン, Ts'egh, The Clan, El clan, Le clan, Fanzui jiazu, Klanen, O Clã, Η φαμίλια
Runtime 1 h 48 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description The true story of the Puccio Clan, a family who kidnapped and killed people in the 80s.

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Friday, 12 Jun 2020 22:32

In America, there are few such fictional films about an American family. So far, only "The Others" and "Hana, Hana, Hana" with Peter Sellers and Debbie Reynolds, both made in the 50's and 60's, have been well-received in the country. "The Clans" is one of those films. It is a modern-day account of the so-called "Iron Clans" in New York City during the 1970's. It was made by Steven Zaillian who previously made a picture about the "Blood Clans" in Germany. The story is about a retired FBI agent who is in search of a missing daughter. He is joined by his old flame, a New York City homicide detective, and a young, ambitious reporter. Together they try to find the real murderer, and unravel the secret of the mystery. The film starts off with a bang. It is a bit surreal and a bit off-putting. The opening shot is a panorama of a snowy landscape. The middle of the film is a flashback of a family dinner, and the end is a flashback of the main character's childhood. The camera follows the character through all of his childhood, and when he is an adult, he looks a bit different. But, the key of the film is not the beginning and the middle, but the ending. In a sense, the ending is the most important part of the movie. It is the heart and soul of the movie. If the film was not that sad, the rest would not be worth it. This is the best part of the movie. It is a moment of quiet contemplation. The plot is too convoluted for me to give an accurate review, but I will say that it is a very well-made film. The photography is beautiful. The music is appropriate. The acting is fine. It is a very realistic portrayal of what American families were like during this time period, and of the country's attention to the press. And the ending is a bit of a surprise. Overall, the film is an intelligent film. The characters are real, the acting is fine, the directing is fine. This is a fine example of what is possible. It is a very good movie. But, it is not an epic. It is not an emotional film. It is a good film, but it is not an epic. It is a very good film. I give it an 8/10.<|endoftext
Friday, 03 Apr 2020 06:13

In addition to being a great crime film, and a very well-written one at that, The L.A. Confidential (2000) also proved to be a very successful vehicle for two actors who are probably best known for their respective TV roles: Al Pacino and Kevin Spacey. Both had just been in the movies for the second time, but were already well-known actors at that point. In fact, one of the best films of the 2000s that is certainly worth seeing if you've never seen it, and it's certainly worth the effort to see it (particularly if you're a Pacino fan). It was one of the first films to be made specifically for the big screen in the modern era, and it's interesting to see how it was able to convey an almost documentary-like quality to it's story. It was, after all, Pacino's last big film before he passed away. It's definitely an excellent film, but definitely not a perfect film. The screenplay was pretty weak, and it's fair to say that there's a few "plot holes" in the film that are sometimes hard to believe. However, I didn't find the film to be boring at all. The movie's only major flaw was in some of the acting, but even then, it was definitely not something that made it unwatchable. I do have one major criticism though. It's worth noting that Kevin Spacey's character in the film is very similar to the character he played in All the President's Men (1987). The main difference is that the film ended with the character having a much more positive end to his life, and the character's death was fairly unexpected and well-timed. The film is definitely worth seeing, but be warned that it's not really an action-packed film. In fact, it's a very slow film, and I would recommend it to those who want to be kept in the dark.

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