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Ver Ho Mann Jahaan

Ho Mann Jahaan is a movie starring Mahira Khan, Adeel Husain, and Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui. Three college friends are passionate for music and face difficulties for their common dream.

Musical, Drama
Shehrazade Sheikh, Shaan Sheikh, Bilawal Hussain Abbasi, Asim Raza
Sonya Jehan, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui, Adeel Husain, Mahira Khan

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Genres Musical, Drama
Director Shehrazade Sheikh, Shaan Sheikh, Bilawal Hussain Abbasi, Asim Raza
Writer Imtisal Abbasi, Rashna Abdi, Asim Raza, Imtisal Abbasi, Yasir Hussain, Asim Raza, Rashna Abdi
Stars Sonya Jehan, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui, Adeel Husain, Mahira Khan
Country Pakistan
Runtime 2 h 50 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Three college friends are passionate for music and face difficulties for their common dream.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020 19:29

A good film is an art. A movie has to live up to it's own hype, and often times that's not all that good. So it is with Shahrukh Khan and his 'Bhool Bhulaiya' so-called film. I am shocked at all the reviews from people who thought this was a great film. I don't know what's going on with the whole Ravea Gang production. This is not a movie at all. It's a semi-documentary, complete with people, songs, random background music, uninspired story, and a completely pointless subplot. It's obvious that the producers did not have a lot of money to make a good movie, and so they just made a bad one. Their tagline is 'Must watch for everyone'. If you don't want to see any film at all, don't watch this one. I'm not sure if the Shahrukh Khan is really the same person he was in the past, and so this film doesn't feel like his new 'Bhaiyan'. All I know is that he was very inconsistent. There are a lot of good scenes, and some very good shots, but there are also some horrible scenes. I mean, after all, it is a semi-documentary. It's definitely not a comedy. It is definitely not a movie that you watch and then just assume that it was a good movie. It's not a film that you can actually watch over and over again and say "This was good". I think it's a lot like a documentary you watch and you don't know if you actually like it or not. You get to the point where you're like "this is good. This was good. This is good. I don't like this, I don't like that". It's a film that is just there. There is no story, no plot, no character development, and a lot of scenes that are not relevant. It is a film that you will forget in a day. It is just there, and it's really really bad. It is not a good film at all. I am not saying that this film was not worth watching. I am saying that I just found it so awful. I am just saying that it is not worth watching. This is not the Shahrukh Khan I knew. This is not the Shahrukh Khan I used to love. The man is completely unreliable. He has become a completely different person. I don't know if he wants to be a film director or an actor, but he just lost his touch. If you really want to know what I think about this movie, watch it for yourself and then decide if you think it was good or not. I don't think so, and that's why I just gave this movie a rating of '3'.
Thursday, 02 Apr 2020 05:50

As one of the few people who actually liked the movie and enjoyed it, I have been thinking about the film a lot, and its significance. I know I have seen the movie twice already and it has given me some insight into how far my prejudices were taken. This is the first time that I have seen the film without having any knowledge of the story, and I am going to do it the second time. I am also going to have a look at the film on the other side of the world and compare it with the original version. This is the first time I am writing about the movie on this site, which I am grateful for. I have to admit that I am a little biased in favour of the film. I think it is a really well made film. This is what I am going to tell you now about the film. The main plot is the same from the original version. The story is about a young boy and his new girlfriend. This young boy grows up to be a man, but the one that he had looked up to, was not there anymore. In this version of the story, the girl grows up to be a woman and the father, who was the one that he wanted to be, is now dead. This is how the story develops. The story has been changed quite a bit. The original version was really about the boy and the girl. But this version of the story, has the boy looking to his dead father and seeing his picture and the love he had for his old friend, is no longer there. The new version of the story is about a woman who takes a job at the girl's school. She is extremely poor, but is also really strong and strong willed. This is a story of struggle and of being strong in the face of adversity. The main character of the film is the girl, who has an older brother who is a boxer and who has been fighting since he was a child. The girl and her brother are forced to work in a local shop where they make lots of money, but are also forced to be very shy and even into the school toilets. Their relationship with each other is not very good, and at times, they feel like they don't want to be friends. The story ends when the boy meets the girl in a nightclub. This is where the story ends and the two grow up together. The film has a lot of interesting elements, such as the relationship between the girl and the boy. This film is one of the few that I have seen that has actually made me think about the stories I have seen. A story about a boy who is the last person to know his father, who is not there anymore. And a story about the relationship between a woman and her boyfriend. I hope that you enjoy the film as much as I did. As I said, the film is great, and its not just for those who have seen the original version. I hope that you have a chance to see the film once, because it is a really good film.

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