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Ver Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak

Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak is a movie starring Marsha Timothy, Egy Fedly, and Tumpal Tampubolon. Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him....

Thriller, Drama, Western
Mouly Surya
Marsha Timothy, Yoga Pratama, Tumpal Tampubolon, Egy Fedly

All Systems Operational

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Genres Thriller, Drama, Western
Director Mouly Surya
Writer Garin Nugroho, Mouly Surya, Rama Adi
Stars Marsha Timothy, Yoga Pratama, Tumpal Tampubolon, Egy Fedly
Country Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, France
Also Known As Marlina, la tueuse en 4 actes, マルリナの明日, Μαρλίνα: Η δολοφόνος σε τέσσερις πράξεις, Marlina, omicida in quattro atti, Marlina: Zbrodnia w czterech aktach, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, Marlina - Die Mörderin in vier Akten, Marlina, a gyilkos
Runtime 1 h 33 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him. Eventually, she is haunted by Markus, and her life turns in 180 degrees.

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Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020 01:01

After the departure of his father and his mother's attempt to kill him, Dominic (Eduardo Noriega) is sent to a boarding school. During his time at the school, he discovers that it is run by a man who he did not know, although the system he was educated in is organized. Soon after Dominic is expelled, he meets the handsome, feminine and cultured student Lola (Pamela Blakiston), who is taken in by the school's old teacher and her sweet-faced son, Christopher (Robert Barris), who he meets as an excuse to leave the school. His friends soon form a close-knit group, which is soon discovered to be a criminal organization. Dominic's suspicions about the men at the school are proved correct when he finds out that the very young Chris is the leader of the gang. Soon, Dominic learns that the gang plans to escape from the school by a local town and has set up a safe-house where they plan to plan the final escape of the gang. Directed by Melchior De Rosa, who has directed two films of the great Venezuelan director, there is no doubt that it is a good film with a very original plot. The story is unusual and original in that it has many twists in the story that lead to a quite unexpected conclusion. The cast is good. Eduardo Noriega is good in the lead role, Pam Blakiston, Robert Barris and others are excellent in their roles. In fact, there are many actors in the movie that show great acting ability. As for the music, the music is good. It is original and good. The motion picture was nominated for a few Oscar awards. The film was shot in Venezuela and Cuba. The film is well directed by Melchior De Rosa. This film has been highly criticized by critics and the film is only available on video.
Saturday, 23 May 2020 01:57

A local general called Ma-din (an excellent turn by Nikus Kosid) takes over as the head of the Calming Army after a coup in which his wife and two children are killed. In the aftermath of the coup, he sends some of his men to hunt down a big game hunter and demand that he deliver the head of a local. He is met with resistance from the hunter's family and a fierce fight ensues. One of the things about the movie that I liked most was the strong characterization of the different characters. They all had a strong background and I really felt for them. The climax of the movie is very powerful and the action sequences are just epic. The story is somewhat slow and it is definitely not the kind of movie that you can sit down and just watch and be impressed by the main character and what he does. There are a lot of references to classical movies in the movie, but there are also a lot of things that the movie did not have and probably never would have, so that was cool. There are also references to the Vietnam War, but I don't remember them too well, so it was not like I was remembering all the words. The movie was an okay movie to watch, but I would not recommend it to anybody who wants to see a movie with action, which is not that common anymore. It is a film that would be good for the family to watch, and certainly has many strong scenes that I liked. I would give it a 7 out of 10. If you like movies like these and want to see a movie that is not about killing people, then you should definitely check this out.
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 17:21

Saved by a stray bullet, a fugitive from the law (Alec Baldwin) goes to search for his wife and unborn child (Ivy Faris) in the Philippines, where he becomes involved in a drug war. The stakes are high: Baldwin is just a guy, and a long way from a Hollywood starlet. Unfortunately, the entire film is shot in the backdrops of the Philippines. From the first shots to the last, the Philippine countryside is the backdrop of the film. As soon as the shot of the gun barrel was taken, the film took a sharp turn away from the lush countryside of the Philippines. It is a betrayal of all the efforts of the filmmakers and of the whole Filipino community to make this film. I am not a fan of Alec Baldwin. His usual "spaghetti western" is one of his most disappointing performances. I think that I have been somewhat wrong in my assessment of him. I think that he does have some good acting skills, but the film is just too slow. There are too many flaws in the screenplay. The film is not so much of a film as a collection of scenes and dialogs. It is a big disappointment of the Filipino community to have a film with such great potential stolen from them. The script of this film is really bad. It is clear that the screenplay was written by an editor and not by a writer, because the scenes are more than a little boring. The dialogue is also bad. The dialogues are not as good as the best films in the history of cinema. Some of the dialogues are so bad that they are laughable. The film does not make the connection between the violence and the government of the Philippines. The first scene that they show is a little bit more serious, but the scene of the bullets in the background is just plain stupid. I really don't like this film. This film is not even a film. I believe that Alec Baldwin can do better than this film. But this is still not a good film. I think that this is just a bad film, but still an interesting film to watch.
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 07:31

If you don't know who Sammy Davis Jr. is, you'll hate this movie. The star of "Hard Eight" and "Hard Times," he's no stranger to exploitation films. He even starred in "The Big Bopper." He's the voice of the MST3K classic "Popeye." So it was probably inevitable that his name would come up in this movie. He's an assassin for hire and he's out for revenge. He also goes around sucking on a bassinet, wearing a wig and, most importantly, a ball cap. I've always been a fan of the MST3K "Dead Ringer," so it was a big reason to get this movie. They just weren't going to call it "The Big Baller," which is exactly what it is. The thing that I loved most about this film was the amazing acting by many of the actors. I also enjoyed how the film was really "serious" throughout. It's like there were a lot of dark moments that you really didn't expect. I loved the flashback scenes with James Earl Jones and Gregory Hines. The whole gang thing really worked. The guys are basically trying to stop Sammy from killing a guy. One guy even gives a particularly good speech. There's also a lot of funny moments. The confrontation between Bobby and Sammy was really good. Another good scene was when Sammy tried to get the money to buy back a gun from a guy. And the end was really great. I really liked it and it's really one of my favorite movies. It's one of my favorites of all time. It's a film that really just doesn't need a bunch of great performances. It's a solid, exciting movie that I think should be more popular. It's definitely worth checking out. It's a very good action/thriller. It's definitely one of my favorites of the year.

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