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Ver Three Christs

Three Christs is a movie starring Richard Gere, Peter Dinklage, and Walton Goggins. Three Christs follows Dr. Alan Stone who is treating three paranoid schizophrenic patients at the Ypsilanti State Hospital in Michigan, each of whom...

Jon Avnet
Peter Dinklage, Bradley Whitford, Walton Goggins, Richard Gere

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Jon Avnet
Writer Jon Avnet, Eric Nazarian, Milton Rokeach
Stars Peter Dinklage, Bradley Whitford, Walton Goggins, Richard Gere
Country USA
Also Known As The Three Christs of Ypsilanti
Runtime 1 h 49 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Three Christs tells the story of an extraordinary experiment that began in 1959 at Michigan's Ypsilanti State Hospital, where Dr. Alan Stone treated three paranoid schizophrenic patients who each believe they are Jesus Christ. Dr. Stone pioneers a simple, yet revolutionary treatment: instead of submitting the patients to electroshock, forced restraints and tranquilizers, he puts them in a room together to confront their delusions. What transpires is a darkly comic, intensely dramatic story about the nature of identity and the power of empathy.

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Saturday, 20 Jun 2020 12:06

Greetings again from the darkness. The first chapter of our short-story series, "The Christs of Every Church", deals with a twelve year old boy who is forced into "marital ignorance". We're dealing with a twelve year old boy who has no clue what he's doing. And, he's taken from his Christian upbringing and brought to a Christian religious institution where he's expected to become a disciple. It's not a terribly realistic portrayal of this type of environment, but it's a great way to introduce the characters. We're introduced to a wide range of characters: A young teenager who has been sexually abused as a child, and is now addicted to pornography, a young adult woman who has been in and out of the foster care system, and finally, a young man who's been in and out of the foster care system. As the story continues, we're introduced to a multitude of characters. I think the most interesting of these is the young woman who was abused as a child, and has had several different mental health issues over the years. She's a remarkable individual. The first part of the story is pretty slow, but I really liked how the story progressed. It's almost a perfect portrait of a Christian upbringing. We meet the characters in their various stages of development. We learn more about them, as well as the environment that they're raised in. We see their past lives and see how they overcame them. We learn about their religious beliefs, and the beliefs of their families. We see their relationships with each other. We see how they interact with others in their church community. We see how they respond to situations. It's fascinating how all these aspects are put together. As the story continues, we see how the characters begin to fall apart. I think it's this idea of falling apart that I found so intriguing. It's interesting how the story goes in a similar direction as the characters' lives. They've got the potential to become better people, but they don't seem to have the means to do so. In the end, it's this idea of falling apart that makes the story so great. I think that's why it's so successful. I think it's because the characters have such strong internal conflicts, which ultimately cause them to fall apart. This movie is extremely emotional, with a strong central story. It's very emotional, and I'm not surprised that it was so well received by audiences. The characters are a strong force in the story. It's not just the story that's strong, but the characters. I think it's this core idea of the characters that's the strong point of the movie. The acting is really good. The actors do a great job of portraying the emotions of the characters. I really think the acting is good enough to make this movie a good movie. I think the cast really did a good job. The story itself is interesting and very well-done. I think it's an important story. I think it's one that people will want to know more about. I think it's very important that people see this movie. I think it's a great movie. It's an emotional movie, and it's very well-done. It's a good movie to see. I give this movie an 8 out of
Friday, 12 Jun 2020 15:41

This film is a fascinating study of the life and times of the apostle Paul, a polymath in the mold of such philosophers as Socrates and Plato. It is well-filmed and set in the ancient Rome. Paul and his group of followers of the church (Roman Catholic and Episcopalian) are united by a strong faith, which underpins their actions. Paul has the ability to articulate the best of his discoveries and they are borne out in his letters to other followers. The film itself is neither set in Rome nor in Paul's native country of Philippi. The most memorable scenes in the film are when Paul and his friends visit a shrine of the goddess Diana (or Diana and Aphrodite). They find some relics of the goddess and we are invited to share in the joy and wonder of their discovery. These scenes are quite touching and are much closer to the reality of those times than are the scenes in the modern films of the early modern period. The most effective aspect of this film is the way in which the actors communicate Paul's ideas and the way in which the actors portray Paul. They are well-suited to their roles, the leading man is beautiful and likable, the leading lady is also attractive and seems to be the perfect model for Paul. They give their performances a very realistic and moving feel. The performances of the two leading ladies are more compelling than the two leading men. The script is also quite good. It is quite intelligent and well-researched. There is a lot of historical context, but that is not a problem. I like that the film presents its subject matter in a very realistic way. The presentation of Paul's life is not sanitized and is very clear and honest. In summary, I recommend this film. It is one of the best films of the last few years.
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 19:33

Dylan is a star, an artist, a dancer, a musician. You might have heard him talk about it, but he's not the only one. His long-time friend Dr. Romanov, a neurologist and writer of the New York Times, tells him that he has suffered a stroke, and the suggestion is that Dylan, for all of his fame, has suffered a mental breakdown. It's as if Dylan is finding the emotional wholeness that was missing from his life. But his career was built on the strength of his music, and the ability to explain it in a clear and entertaining way. What he feels, feels like a crushing failure, as if he has no way to tell his fans, to put it bluntly. A sign of a great artist is that you can be silent and still, and Dylan seems to be moving in and out of that state. Maybe that's the way he really feels. Or maybe he's talking to himself. The answer is in a letter he writes to his wife Dylan. His words to his wife, "I have suffered a breakdown." A friend tells him that he should get a therapist. The answer is in a meeting he has with his brother-in-law, the actor Michael Jeter. His answer, "Maybe I should seek a therapist." The response of the therapist, "You should seek a therapist." Maybe it's a disease. But the point is that Dylan is unhinged, and it's getting worse. There's no way he can keep this up. He can't handle it. But there is hope, in the meeting with the therapist, in the suggestion that he seek help with his wife. That would be a sign of hope, of a possibility. And Dylan's wife, I think, recognizes that hope. Maybe she needs a therapist, too. The movie opens in a funeral for a colleague who died, and is told that Dylan's memory will live on. He has his wife's number, and he makes a call, and tells her he is with a friend. That's a moment that the movie is telling us is part of the day, of a day that Dylan had been given in life. He was taken down the path of the "day" and was able to rise above it. And he's out of the "day." But he can't keep up the pace. He seems to be heading for a very dark place. But then, we see him looking at his children, his daughter and son, and seeing them reacting to the family, and he looks at his wife and sees that she is doing the same thing, and that they are reacting to the day, and they react to each other. But his wife, he says, is saying to him, "If you're going to go out on this rock, I'm going to make sure it's a rock I can stand on." It's a line of the movie that Dylan has said, but never before is shown in this way. He seems to be saying that he knows where he stands, that he is a good man, but that he has lost something, and he is trying to find it. But the movie doesn't really explain why he's doing this. It's not clear why he is willing to give

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