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Ver Sembene!

Sembene! is a movie starring Mbissine Thérèse Diop and Ousmane Sembene. Meet Ousmane Sembene, the African freedom fighter who used stories as his weapon.

Biography, Documentary, History
Jason Silverman, Samba Gadjigo
Ousmane Sembene, Mbissine Thérèse Diop

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Genres Biography, Documentary, History
Director Jason Silverman, Samba Gadjigo
Writer Jason Silverman, Samba Gadjigo
Stars Ousmane Sembene, Mbissine Thérèse Diop
Country Senegal, USA
Also Known As Filminstruktøren Ousmane Sembene
Runtime 1 h 29 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Meet Ousmane Sembene, the African freedom fighter who used stories as his weapon.

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Thursday, 28 May 2020 19:50

This is an excellent documentary about the underground and underground world of medieval septinies and the romanticism of that era. The director (Archibald Bruse) presents the movie in a very slow pace and does not give away too much information about the topic. I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the movie, when the director ends the documentary by giving away some very cool information about the movie, some of which are my favorite details. However, some parts of the documentary were not very well explained. The movie is very visually appealing and the colors are vivid. The cinematography is also a highlight of the movie, and it was the best part of the movie for me. There are some important quotes that I really enjoyed the most. In addition to these, I would also like to mention the music that was used for the movie. It was very powerful and evocative. It was not only used for the narration, but it also was used for the soundtrack, as well. It was not a typical movie soundtrack, but one that had a very special music that fit the movie. I will say that there are many classical tunes used in the movie, but the conductor did a really great job with them. I also found some really interesting quotes from the movie. The most interesting quote is from "Titania" (Jill Driscoll), a famous noblewoman from England, who says, "If the man be true to his own nature, he can make a very great deal of difference in his own life." I think that this quote is a good example of how romanticism of the medieval period influenced the European history. Also, the scene of the barn being burned down during the execution of Titania was a good example of how romanticism of the medieval period influenced the European history. It is a great documentary and I would recommend it to everyone. 9/10
Tuesday, 19 May 2020 10:01

No need to rehash what I said in the opening paragraph. It's pretty much the same thing. This documentary on life in the Third Reich (and East Germany) is really fascinating. If you don't like documentaries, you might want to turn off this one right away. Otherwise, it's a really well-made film. There's no doubt about that. The focus is on a family, the Gliess-Family, who lived in the small town of Osnabrück, Germany, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. What I liked the most was the way the film started. It was a really cool documentary and I was really impressed by how it started. The first 20 minutes of the film are just them sitting around and talking. It's really interesting to see what they were thinking about and what their life was like in the years before and after the war. What I liked even more is the way the film showed the experiences of the Gliess-family. It's not just a normal family. The family was a really cool group of people who had something different. They were into a lot of different things and their experiences were interesting to see. This documentary is really great. The way they show the life in the village is really cool. They show you what it was like living there and how it was very different. The documentary is very interesting and worth watching. I'd recommend it to anybody who likes documentaries. It's not a very easy movie to watch. You have to really be on your toes. The film is really really short and you'll be just going through the documentary and just being overwhelmed by the amount of information that it gives you. You have to pay attention to every little detail. You have to pay attention to everything and understand it. It's really interesting and I really recommend it. I think it's really good.
Monday, 30 Mar 2020 02:13

Being a fan of the Sundance film festival, I was excited to watch this documentary, and was surprised at the beauty of the film and the people who contributed to it. It was interesting to hear the perspectives of the people who were interviewed. The film begins with a brief introduction of the Sundance Film Festival and highlights the film that the festival selected for its inaugural award, The Worst of the Worst. This film is not the worst of the worst, it is only one of the worst films at the festival. The idea of film festival winners being selected at random is not a new concept. We have seen it a number of times in the past, but it is a unique concept that is an interesting choice. The filmmakers of this documentary spend a good amount of time going through the interview with the festival finalists and interviewees to get the best stories about the festival. We see how the people who were interviewed are the people that matter most, the people who make the festival a success. We see how the festival people tell stories about the festival and the stories are inspiring. These are the stories that will make Sundance a success. The filmmakers also have a good sense of what is important to Sundance, and what is important to the filmmakers, and that is what the documentary really is about. Sundance is a cultural institution and it is important to make films that show Sundance's culture. But Sundance is also a great place to see the community of film students and filmmakers. The filmmakers make a great effort to bring together people from all over the country to talk about the films that are important to them. We see that these are the films that are really important to these people. I think that Sundance is a wonderful place to see the diversity of people from all over the country, and I think that the filmmakers of this documentary are doing a great job of showing us what Sundance is really about. The Sundance Festival is the premiere film festival in the United States. It is the most important film festival in the country, and it is also the most important film festival in the world. The festival is the inspiration for many independent filmmakers, and it is important to show them that they can succeed if they put their hearts into making a film. The Sundance Film Festival has been a success for many filmmakers. The Sundance Film Festival has produced some of the greatest films of all time, including many Oscar nominees and award winners. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the Sundance Film Festival.

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