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Ver Lie huo ying xiong

Lie huo ying xiong is a movie starring Xiaoming Huang, Jiang Du, and Zhuo Tan. Chinese firefighters struggle to contain a huge fire after an oil pipeline explodes.

Action, Drama
Tony Chan
Jiang Du, Zhuo Tan, Xiaoming Huang, Zi Yang

All Systems Operational

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Genres Action, Drama
Director Tony Chan
Writer Chao Wang, Yonggan Yu
Stars Jiang Du, Zhuo Tan, Xiaoming Huang, Zi Yang
Country China
Also Known As The Bravest - Kampf den Flammen, 烈火英雄, Odważna decyzja, Najhrabriji, The Bravest
Runtime 1 h 58 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Chinese firefighters struggle to contain a huge fire after an oil pipeline explodes.

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Sunday, 24 May 2020 03:00

The Red Turtle is a Chinese martial arts action movie from 1985. It stars Gui Minhai (a favourite of mine for many years now) as Xiang, the Turtle master. He is the best of the turtle masters and an expert in the art of the Rock Wushu, a martial art that emphasizes control over the opponent's body and mind. This film is based on the novel of the same name by Lin Xiu, which is the first book by Lin Xiu to be translated into English. It is a very serious movie and if you are looking for something light-hearted or cheesy, you won't get it. This film has been dubbed into Cantonese and has been dubbed into Mandarin, and both are dubbed in English. The characters have been changed to give the film a more Americanized feel, and it is somewhat jarring to hear the Chinese actors speak English in English (unless you are familiar with the story). As a matter of fact, the Mandarin dub was very weak in the dub of the film in my local theatre. It's not the fault of the Mandarin dub, as it was the American actors who spoke in English and in Cantonese, and it is not the fault of the Mandarin dub, as it is the American actors who spoke in English and in Cantonese. In fact, the Mandarin dub is pretty good for a Taiwanese film, but a very strong American dub. The film is set in the turbulent times of World War II, as the Japanese invasion of China intensifies. Xiang and his crew are caught in a major battle and are forced to flee the country. They go to America, and are protected by Colonel Jack Woods (Stephen Dorff). Jack sets them up with his brother, but after Xiang discovers that Woods' wife and daughter are in a brothel in Manhattan, he leaves them to protect them. Soon after this, Woods' wife is found dead and his daughter is kidnapped, and he flees to China to help them. Xiang, the Turtle master, is part of a band of Turtle warriors, who fight the Japanese army and stop the Chinese people from joining the war. While fighting, they learn that the Japanese have set up a hidden dam across the Wu-Kiang river, and the dam will cause a flood and destroy the Turtle clan. Xiang and his men travel across the dam to warn the Chinese people, and they discover that the Japanese soldiers are planning to use the dam to flood the Wu-Kiang river. When the dam falls, they will have to destroy the dam and the Japanese soldiers will have to fight the turtles. The plot is very serious, and the story is told in a very serious way. The movie is very well made, and has
Friday, 22 May 2020 13:45

In the midst of the chaos of Tiananmen Square, the self-immolation of a policeman by a crowd is still a hot topic. Most people prefer to believe that the policeman's death was the result of the crowd's rage, as is the case in the film 'the poet', but to the police, this is a clear case of self-defence. The scene, in which a female police officer, in her night dress, tries to arrest a criminal, is from a documentary called 'The Chinese Revolution', which was made in 1949, when China was still in the transition period from one type of democracy to the next. The police officer, who is also a poet, is shocked when the poet, Su-chao, who is now a member of the Communist Party, arrives at the police station. This is when the poet tells her that she can't arrest him because of his writing. After the poet shoots the policeman, she goes to the station to interrogate him, but it turns out that he is a retired member of the Party. When Su-chao tells her that he wrote about the events, she starts to get angry, and tries to arrest him. But the police officer only says that he was in love with Su-chao, who is a member of the Party, and that she was the reason for his being arrested. In the end, she leaves the station, and asks Su-chao to be taken to her house, where he lives. Su-chao, when he arrives, is very upset. When the poet leaves the station, he gets very angry. The poet is then taken to Su-chao's house, where he is brutally assaulted, and dies in her arms. When Su-chao arrives at the police station, he is still in the same mood as when he was at the station, and there is a tense atmosphere in the police station. The poet is then arrested, and his body is taken away. It is clear that the poet was the main instigator of the uprising that led to the fall of the Chinese regime, and the poet's death was a reason to turn the tide of the revolution in favour of democracy. The poet was in love with the Party, and if she had been able to arrest him, the Chinese would have had a much worse problem. There are many more similar incidents, such as the film 'The evening of the long knives', which was made in 1968, which is based on the same novel, 'The grass is green, the sun is shining', also written by the poet. Another movie, 'the poet' was also made in 1978, but this one, 'the poet' is much more engaging
Wednesday, 06 May 2020 09:01

The question of how a Chinese political prisoner is granted the right to get his daughter's honor restored is the main premise of this independent film. The Chinese government is so upset by the behavior of the bandit son and the deserter uncle that they demand that their daughter be released. This means that the daughter's husband must become a political prisoner, in which case she must remain in the house with her parents for a year. This is the standard Chinese politics used to hold people in place and to maintain order. But since the wife is not a Chinese citizen, her husband can be released. The daughter is an orphan, and the police have no grounds to force her to accept her father's request. So, the girl goes to a kind old woman in the street, and they spend the night together. The next morning, the daughter's parents decide to leave the village, for an escape. After a few days, the daughter comes to know that her father is a political prisoner. So, the daughter goes to the police station to ask for the release of her father. And the police do not take it well. They cannot accept that an orphan must be returned to her mother, and they will not allow the daughter to see her father. So, the daughter goes to a district leader of the Communist Party, and they decide to put her in the house, even though the daughter is a political prisoner. The daughter makes friends with the guards, and the daughter also learns a lesson about political prison. The police find out about the old woman and her old friends, and the daughter's parents take her to their house, and she learns that her mother is in a prison in the village. So, she calls her mother and she says that she is now going to live in a villa in the forest, and she will visit her mother every day. So, the daughter goes back to the village, where the daughter's mother and her friends are now living. The daughter starts to learn about politics. So, the daughter begins to be an activist. She has become the best of her friends, and she teaches them how to protest. But, the daughter's parents are still living in the village, and the daughter's friends are not allowed to go to the city. So, the daughter decides to go to the city and convince the people to release her mother. The daughter also learns about politics, and she tries to influence the government to release her mother. And she makes friends with the chief of the Communist Party, and she tries to persuade him to release her mother. But, the government has no patience with the girl's tactics. So, the daughter is sentenced to six months in prison. She is being moved from one prison to

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