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Ver Xiao zhu pei qi guo da nian

Xiao zhu pei qi guo da nian is a movie starring Yun Liu, Michelle Wai, and Yawen Zhu. Tang Yuan, Jiao Zi and their family enjoy Chinese New Year together, learning about traditions, and sharing Peppa Pig stories.

Animation, Family
Dapeng Zhang
Michelle Wai, Yawen Zhu, Yun Liu

All Systems Operational

Product details

Genres Animation, Family
Director Dapeng Zhang
Writer Dapeng Zhang, Qingling Liu, Ming Hao
Stars Michelle Wai, Yawen Zhu, Yun Liu
Country China
Also Known As Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year
Runtime 1 h 21 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Tang Yuan, Jiao Zi and their family enjoy Chinese New Year together, learning about traditions, and sharing Peppa Pig stories.

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Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 04:06

One of the more unusual film of the late '60s, Mimi's Kid is a fairly whimsical animated feature from the same era as The Birds. In fact, a good chunk of the animation is actually considered an influence on The Great Mouse Detective, the original Looney Tunes film that launched this new age of film animation. Mimi's Kid is much more of a kids' film, with only a small number of characters, the main ones being Mimi, the headstrong and somewhat brash adolescent of the film. There are also some background characters that serve as the equivalent of characters in Looney Tunes and other animated shorts: the penguin, the monkey, and the rodent, respectively. In addition to this, there are a number of other characters that are almost as bizarre as the characters in the film, such as the giant fish and the alien. A few familiar elements are also thrown in for good measure: the fish that is infatuated with Mimi, and Mimi's childish father. The plot is simple enough: a love-struck, bird-loving penguin is sent to a boy-crazy village where he is forced to grow up fast and catch the big fish. In the process, he also finds a new and weird bird friend. This film, which is slightly longer than its 1:30 rating, is the type of film that you either love or hate. While I liked it, others may find it irritating. The animation is quite impressive, as I said, and it's not as if the animation is mediocre. It's simply a different style of animation than we've seen from the early '70s. In fact, it's one of the most realistic animation I've seen. The music is very nice, as well, and I particularly liked the song by the same name from the film's end credits. I'm not a fan of The Great Mouse Detective or Mimi's Kid, but if you are a fan of animation, you should check it out. It's not the greatest film in the world, but it's a good one for a rainy day.
Monday, 27 Apr 2020 06:54

The film opens with a martial arts demonstration, and the first thing I can say about it is that it is much better than I expected. I thought the whole film would be about a child who is trained by a master in the art of fighting, and this is the case, but no, it is much more about the child who loves his master and does not want to leave him. The child is actually a very complicated character, but still the story is clear. It starts with a boy, the son of a rich family, who is a fighter and loves to train. He has a beautiful wife and child, but is getting too old for this kind of fighting. When the mother of the boy dies and leaves him to live with a man who was training in the martial arts, the boy feels like he cannot take his life. He wishes to kill his master and destroy the family. The man tells him that if he does not come to his master, he will be killed, and he will be free. He accepts the challenge, and in a very short time, he arrives at the master's place. The master does not like this, but the boy knows he can kill him and will not leave the master to be killed. This is the whole story. The film is a little bit slow at first, but you get used to it. It is really interesting and the film is more than beautiful. The story is complex and full of humour and emotions. The martial arts are also good. There is a very long scene where the master is fighting and I did not understand it at first, but now I understand it and I was very impressed by it. I also liked the special effects, as I think they were very good. All in all, the film is very good. I recommend it. I rate this film 7/10.
Saturday, 28 Mar 2020 23:52

This is one of the best "paper dumplings" that I have seen. The Chinese tradition of making these dumplings involves a bit of animal sacrifice. They take a small wooden block, wrapped in some sort of cloth, and then scatter the chicken's remains over the ground and then they hang them up on poles for the animals to eat. The story of the film tells how a young boy, Fan Jia, who had been living on the edge of the mainland, finds out about a chicken he killed, and is told that he has to move out of the way and help the chicken that was eaten by his father and the poor farmer. But when he tries to take the chicken's carcass away, the young boy's father catches him, and his son is severely beaten by the man. To survive, Fan Jia is forced to become a slave to his father. At first, the boy is very unhappy with this new life, but eventually, he becomes very fond of the chicken, and even tries to give it as a gift to his father. The two of them become good friends, and eventually they have to learn to live on their own, and eventually they end up in the countryside where they are reunited with their mother and the two of them have a son. The boy's name is Li Wei, and he is the character who has the special talent to make paper dumplings. When he is young, he is a real pain in the backside to the boy's father, who has been helping him out of the way for so long. But, as the story progresses, they become good friends, and Fan Jia makes the boy's father very proud. But the real reason that the boy makes the change is because he wants to help his mother. When the boy's mother finds out that Fan Jia has moved away, she falls in love with him, and after a while, the boy is ready to return home. At the same time, Fan Jia also starts to help his mother out of her poverty, and he gives her money and supplies to help her out. But, after he and his mother are reunited, Fan Jia realizes that he has been the one who has been helping her out, and now, he wants to make his own paper dumplings to help his mother. I really liked this movie, because it was very cute and very interesting. It has a great message that we need to help our neighbor, and also, we have to be responsible for what we have done, and that is something that a lot of people don't think about. Also, this film is full of Chinese culture, and it is very different from the rest of the films that are being made in China. I highly recommend this film, because it is very cute and very unique. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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