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Ver Anesthesia

Anesthesia is a movie starring Sam Waterston, Kristen Stewart, and Corey Stoll. Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor.

Crime, Drama
Tim Blake Nelson
Corey Stoll, Kristen Stewart, Sam Waterston, Gretchen Mol

All Systems Operational

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Genres Crime, Drama
Director Tim Blake Nelson
Writer Tim Blake Nelson
Stars Corey Stoll, Kristen Stewart, Sam Waterston, Gretchen Mol
Country USA
Also Known As Crímenes y virtudes, Anestezja, Anesztézia, Anestezi, Anestesia, Crímines y virtudes
Runtime 1 h 30 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor.

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Monday, 04 May 2020 13:28

The first half of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is a delightfully romantic and entertaining comedy. It is, of course, set in the very abject, unsympathetic, poor, unpleasant and unappealing world of the 20s. However, the film does not carry on with a twangy, sombre tone as in the later film. Instead, it is a wonderfully playful, witty, and energetic film about the Irish writer's and his lovers' love for each other and their isolation in an Irish prison. When the prison warden is killed by the 'Irish' prisoner, he leaves his house and goes to his wife's house, where he is informed that his lover, a brilliant writer, has been arrested. Fearing that he will be the next victim, he departs his wife's house to seek shelter with his lover. His lover's house is beautiful, very prosperous, and has a view of the sea. The Irish writer, who is the prison warden's nephew, is extremely proud of his nephew's achievements, and is determined to get the book, which he thinks is his nephew's. His nephew has lived in London for many years, and has a very distinguished career. In London, he is writing his book about the war, but his book is a failure, and he is almost killed by the Germans. The English journalist, the writer's wife, asks him to return to his wife's house. This house is beautiful, and has a very rich and comfortable garden. He does not wish to leave, and the Irish lover does not wish him to leave. When the Irish warden is killed by the German, his nephew is determined to get the book, which he believes to be his nephew's. This is a very beautiful film, filled with humour and great drama. It is so much fun to watch, and this is one of the few films that I can recommend to anyone. The supporting cast are excellent, including the lovely Katherine Lee. Richard Attenborough gives a very moving and intense performance as the warden, the man who is very proud of his nephew's success. He is very good, but he is not in the film very much. Helen Mirren, as the journalist's wife, does not have a very big part, but she is very good. It is good that the film does not carry on with a twangy tone as in the later film. The excellent, talented Maureen Lipman is wonderful as the English journalist. I am not familiar with her other work, but I like her very much. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is perfect for this role. She is very beautiful, and she is a very good actress. This is a very enjoyable film, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Wednesday, 22 Apr 2020 12:54

This is a rare, moving story of the troubled family life and relationship of a father and a teenage daughter in Nigeria. The film centers on the relationship between the father, Eusebio, and his teenage daughter, Josie. The father and his wife, Jane, are separated due to the father's war career and the mother's premature death. The daughter, Josie, is ill and the father and mother agree to keep her out of the house until the mother returns. At this point, the mother's brother, Ishmael, enters the home. He wants to be a father and is willing to sacrifice his own mother and the life of the young daughter. However, he has a heart of gold and convinces Jane to allow him to care for Josie while he is away at war. Josie's mother also consents to this arrangement, but when Jane decides that her daughter is not quite mature enough to care for her, she leaves the child to live with her father. The father becomes bitter and ends up abandoning his wife and Josie to live with Ishmael. The father's belief in Josie is shaken when he realizes that she may have been kidnapped and that he must take care of her while he is away. The film is very effective in depicting the terrible realities that children and parents must face in a place like Nigeria. The father's life is disturbed by the rape of his wife and the loss of his child. The father tries to be a good father, but the reality of war and his own problems force him to take responsibility. Jane is upset and unresponsive during much of the film. She feels that her husband is neglecting her daughter. She realizes that she must have a better relationship with her husband. She does so by making a deal with her husband. In return for staying out of the house, Jane is able to leave with the two children. This is the beginning of the film. The film is also very effective in depicting the difficulties that the father has in adjusting to his new environment. He tries to find comfort in his new place, but finds that it is not to be found in his relationship with his wife. In the end, he is left with little else to do. At the end of the film, the father is in a situation that he has not been in before. He is alone and helpless. At first, he refuses to be alone, but then he feels guilty for not being able to help his wife and daughter. At this point, the father starts to realize that he must be a good father to his daughter. At the same time, he is beginning to realize that he has to be a good father to his wife and children. This is a very strong film, very well directed, and very powerful in the portrayal of the effects of war and war related tragedy. It is a film about a father and a daughter that is very difficult to watch and show. The performances of the actors are strong and convincing, and the cinematography is excellent. This is a film that has a power that can be felt by the audience. The audience is left with the impression that they are part of the family and that there is a family relationship in the family. The best thing about the film is that it has been told with an eye toward the eyes of the audience. The director, Musa Xai
Friday, 27 Mar 2020 08:37

I have seen all three of these movies before, so it was no big surprise that I found the first and second parts of this film to be more enjoyable than the second. This is not to say that the second one is a bad film - it is quite good. However, it is not what I expected, and while I did enjoy the first two parts, it wasn't what I was hoping for, either. The first one was more a drama than a mystery, and I expected that it would be a mystery thriller. I am still not quite sure what I expected from the second one. This film, for me, was more of a mystery, but in a more psychological type of way. The story of this film has a nice and surprising ending. I expected the two girls to be in danger because they had been given injections that made them uncontrollable. I was not so sure about that. I was more intrigued to find out how they had gotten those injections, and I was even more fascinated by the way that they survived the attack. The third part, however, is a lot more interesting and does what the first two did not. It is more about the relationship between the two girls. I didn't think that this part was particularly good, and in fact I felt a bit annoyed by it. The ending is a little bit more uplifting than the first two parts. I liked that. All in all, I would say that this is not a terrible film, but it is not the best. I think that it is a good film to watch once, but if you are looking for a mystery thriller, you will not like it. I would recommend it to fans of the first two films.
Friday, 27 Mar 2020 08:24

In this film, David Cronenberg takes his signature dark aesthetic of the claustrophobic, claustrophobic mood of a film, and cranks it up to 11. The world he creates is one of overwhelming emptiness, a world of all-out terror. The atmosphere is oppressive and he maintains the dark mood throughout the film. The characters are one-dimensional, and Cronenberg takes the technique of making them unrealistically grim, and one-dimensional. There are many one-dimensional characters in this film. Many of them are at least just one-dimensional. What makes the film truly unique is the way that the characters are given a moral compass and the audience sees them as a reflection of real-life characters. The characters of this film are like demons who inhabit the actors, so they don't feel as real as they could. Cronenberg, using the "real-life" characters he sees in the real world, focuses on what the actors do. The actors give these characters a very psychological, mental, and emotional portrait of life, death, and time. Cronenberg uses the illusion of reality to further add a sense of realism to the story. The characters do not seem to exist in the real world. They are a reflection of real life characters, and the actors act as real life actors. The filmmakers treat the characters as real people, and the audience is forced to treat these characters as real people. This is one of the best examples of Cronenberg's surrealistic style, and one of the best examples of the emotional realism in his films.

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