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Ver Small Group

Small Group is a movie starring Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, and Matt Chastain. Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper, on a mission to expose the dark side of Christian culture, infiltrates a small group.

Matt Chastain
Emily Dunlop, Sterling Hurst, Matt Chastain, Derrick Gilliam

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Genres Drama
Director Matt Chastain
Writer Matt Chastain
Stars Emily Dunlop, Sterling Hurst, Matt Chastain, Derrick Gilliam
Country USA
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper, on a mission to expose the dark side of Christian culture, infiltrates a small group.

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Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020 18:06

If I told you this story was based on a true story I might be off base, but I wouldn't be lying to you. This is the story of a seven year old girl who makes a film about her life for the world to see. Not only does the girl make a film about her life, she is the only one in the world to have made it. There are many sad stories about children making films that aren't told in the press and I'd be lying if I said I was surprised. "The Big Day" is not your typical kids movie, or even your typical young kids movie. But this movie, and the reality behind it, is definitely for the kids. There is a lot of drama, which could be quite upsetting to many, especially for the younger audience. But that's what the film is. It's a work of art. It is an art piece, a big production. It is a performance of the little girl. The director and the entire crew work tirelessly to make sure this is an artistic effort. The director, Elisabeth Shue, knows it's important that the audience see the work of this little girl. Her decision to show this little girl's art was influenced by how often the stories of her children are told in newspapers. She feels that by showing the film, she will inspire others to create the films of their children and show their lives. Elisabeth Shue shows that even when the words on the screen don't mean as much as the sound of the actors' voices, the film still has meaning. And it does. This film and the life of this little girl have a lot of meaning. She is being pushed through the real world and the thoughts of her sister with her. She is showing a lot of the limitations that she has had to face. She is showing the reality that a six year old will be made to face. "The Big Day" is a film that truly needs to be seen by many people and watched by many people. It is a film that will touch you emotionally, whether you have children or not. I can't imagine how many times I will watch this film, and I'm not sure it will have the same effect on others. It will be a journey for many people, but it will also be a great tool to get us all thinking about the issues of life and dying. I urge you to see this film. You will not regret it. *Spoiler alert* There is no reason to not see the film. It does not matter who you are. I saw this film by chance. It was one of the first films shown on television and I was intrigued by the story. I'm not much of a film critic but I did like the director's work and found it to be a moving and impressive effort. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Monday, 13 Apr 2020 03:00

What happened at Camp X-Ray in the early 1970s is the kind of thing that would have made David Lynch envious. David himself seems to have done a lot of auditing of other people's work. He's even allowed Michael Murphy's text to be fed into his work and frequently cites his own work. The "Time Splitters" (movie title) was a highlight of the year that no one noticed and he was right. What made it all work? The marvelous originality of the storyline, the utterly insane performances and the cast. It is worth noting that Richard Attenborough was a big name and is one of the major characters. The movie is never understated but never overstated, even when it means that the movie is justifiable. What is amazing is that this is what a movie should be. It's a little like the "Back to the Future" trilogy or "WALL-E" that we have seen hundreds of times but never really thought of what an intelligent, epic movie would look like. "Breakfast on Pluto" is the kind of movie that just doesn't happen. A team of authors who seem to have a great handle on writing science fiction, but can't seem to decide whether they are making a science fiction movie or a tribute to David Lynch or science fiction in general. It has its moments, but for the most part it is a very intelligent and well-executed movie, which is a rarity in this kind of genre. It seems like David Lynch, just as an artist, must have been involved as well. Everything seems so well thought out. It doesn't look like an effort from a kid. In the end, it's the movie's fault.
Sunday, 05 Apr 2020 11:16

A young man that has suffered from a major depressive episode and has been hospitalized for a week in a psychiatric ward, has decided to leave the institution with all the other psychiatric patients and have a romantic fling with the most beautiful and reserved psychiatrist in the ward. The patient has a professional and long-time girlfriend (Caroline Siroe) that would never have an affair with him and that would refuse to leave her job and care for her sick child. The patient must take a job for her, which includes taking care of the children of the psychiatrist's family, but he is adamant that he is not interested in the psychiatrist's work and cannot respect her position. The patient also feels humiliated by his female colleagues. And the young man's girlfriend feels humiliated by the patient's refusal to respect the psychiatrist's position. But, when the psychiatrist decides to take a job at the hospital, the young man reluctantly accepts the position, despite her protestations that she will not accept a male doctor. And the only thing that can be done is to try and make the female colleague agree to have an affair with the young man. This film is set in the very late 1960's and has some strange themes about violence, violence against women, and discrimination against the elderly. My question is: What was the purpose of this film? The violence was overplayed and the anti-sex references were slightly offensive. The medical term for the disorder of depression was not clear enough, but the film was for the most part predictable and did not give me much of a scare.
Monday, 30 Mar 2020 03:07

An acclaimed American filmmaker (Robert Altman) and an accomplished French filmmaker (Paul Verhoeven) embark on an expedition to the Galapagos Islands in the 1970's, where they plan to film an update of a French film of the same era, a science fiction/drama. In order to accomplish this, they spend the next two weeks filming a typical, everyday gawky teenager's life on the island and filming the everyday activities of a typical, everyday gawky teen and their friends. They then bring in a crew of experienced stuntmen, cameramen and special effects people to make their film in advance of release. An interesting and atypical story line begins to develop as we get to know the characters and their lives on the island. Inevitably, we also find out about their world, because the world is not quite like we know it, and we have a difficult time adjusting to it. For example, the locals don't speak English, but, the English guys talk like Englishmen. We find out about how the local culture is different from ours, and how they like to spend time together, but also how different that is. Another good thing about the film is the fact that we can see what makes these people tick. At first, I thought this film was boring, but I soon found out that this is just the first few hours. They spent the rest of the film talking about the day-to-day lives of these people. Eventually, the film is quite interesting, because we see the social customs, the habits and interactions that these people live, and then we get to see how those people react to these customs. I thought that was an interesting dynamic to the film because they mostly spent the first few hours talking about how they interact with the locals and how they have a healthy and positive attitude towards life. Overall, I enjoyed this film a lot. I thought it was a good introduction to another world that the average American would not know about, because I was used to all of the movies we see on the big screen.

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