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Ver Puccini: La Bohème

Matthew Diamond
Kelli O'Hara, Michael Fabiano, Marco Armiliato, Lucas Meachem

All Systems Operational

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Sunday, 12 Apr 2020 15:37

A colorful parody of the famous Fabergé egg recipe from 18th century France. The actor is an obvious copy of the original, only this time he is a composer, rather than an actor. "The Puccini" is a fine presentation of the music and especially of the orchestration. The main feature of the film is the "chamber-music", the Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, arranged by the film's director. The score is a mix of the most famous passages from Piazza San Giovanni, from Piazza del Popolo, and the classic Piazza Nazionale. This unique and original composition is very impressive and is completely comparable to the real one, which was created in the early 19th century. In the film the composer is a heroic Roman general, Fabricio Poggi, a very important composer of the times, when the city was under constant bombardment of the Prussians. There is also an important "army" character, Father Fabricio, played by the actor, who has the same characteristics as Father Poggi. The two actors are convincing, and they certainly have a great chemistry. The director takes a lot of liberties with the original text. The novel "Il Postino" by Visconti is taken as a reference. The music is very different. One can enjoy the rich orchestral background of Piazza San Giovanni, but the film does not exactly belong to the genre of Italian historical dramas. It could be more interesting for a small group of people who would like to see a film like this. But the film should not be taken too seriously, since it has a great script, and it is also a very good stage production, where the actors really work. The filming of the Piazza San Giovanni is really very good, and the directors' vision is very detailed. The movie is too beautiful to be taken seriously. It is a spectacular success and I am sure it will be mentioned in the same category as many great films of the 90s.
Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020 16:15

This film is a compilation of many earlier PV albums, but it does not sound as if it was done in one take. The result is that it is very difficult to figure out which version is being played. The mixing of the songs has to be one of the most remarkable things about the film. Some of the songs are in the original and some are in the different versions. Also, some songs are extremely distorted, and in a strange way, those effects create a more realistic tone. This creates the impression that this is not an isolated incident. A third important thing about the film is the editing. The various tracks are shown at the same time, but the visuals are not synchronized. This is unusual for a TV movie, which usually works on a piecemeal basis. To understand the technical reason, just watch the cut of the recording of the song "Let's Pretend to be Happy". The song is supposed to be in one take. Yet, one of the people in the studio is cut to the background and the other one is cut in sync. That is because the shots are not synchronized. You would think that a movie like this would be a perfect match for a computer, but no. As the scenes are often repeated, the version was compressed, so the screen is reduced to make it fit the screen area. If this happens, the picture becomes a bit blurry. But when you watch the film again, you see the picture is much sharper, but the quality is still great. This is probably the technical reason for why the movie is so much more interesting than a typical PV video.

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