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Ver Ansisung

Ansisung is a movie starring In-Sung Jo, Joo-Hyuk Nam, and Seol-Hyun Kim. A historical film about the siege of Ansi Fortress and the epic eighty-eight day battle that Yang Man-chun and his Goguryeo troops fought against 500,000...

War, Drama, Action, History
Kwang-shik Kim
Sung-woong Park, Joo-Hyuk Nam, In-Sung Jo, Seol-Hyun Kim

All Systems Operational

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Genres War, Drama, Action, History
Director Kwang-shik Kim
Writer Kwang-shik Kim, Eui-Mok Jung, Yoo-jin Kim, Eun-kyo Park
Stars Sung-woong Park, Joo-Hyuk Nam, In-Sung Jo, Seol-Hyun Kim
Country South Korea
Also Known As La gran batalla, The Great Battle, Đại Chiến Thành Ansi, 安市城 グレート・バトル
Runtime 2 h 16 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A historical film about the siege of Ansi Fortress and the epic eighty-eight day battle that Yang Man-chun and his Goguryeo troops fought against 500,000 invading Tang dynasty men to defend it.

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Monday, 06 Apr 2020 08:58

Ajax, Africa 1909-1919 or Ajax, 1957-1960, a Norwegian director who very seldom uses the U.S. of A. Now in his 40's, which is probably the same age as myself, I saw this movie in a documentary theatre here in Norway with a German German couple. We had just seen the movie "Ajax" about the Nazi oppression of Germany during the 1920's. The Germans never have shown this aspect of Aja's story. I watched the documentary one day before we went to see this movie, and the next day it was already out on the net. This is a very well done and highly intelligent movie. It has a tremendous mixture of U.S. and European perspective, and they are very well balanced. Every time I watch this movie, it reminds me of the good, that the Germans have had. Not that it's great or outstanding, but it is the best that has been done so far. This movie is a must see. You will not be disappointed. The movie is almost 40 minutes long, but is totally worth it. I am not saying that I have forgotten about the evil of the Nazis, but it is not the entire story, it is the balance that is so important. It is a lesson to the other parties, but also a lesson to the viewer. Some may say it's a children movie, but I would say it is not. I love it, and I strongly recommend it. The acting is great, and the atmosphere is superb. It is as if the director was really in Africa and really lived through the country. He can be almost too much of a poet to put it all in words, but you get the idea. If you are into history, I recommend this movie, but I also strongly recommend reading more about the movie. It is a very good movie, I know I would have enjoyed it a lot more, if I had been told the full story.
Sunday, 05 Apr 2020 10:21

The Germans.As for the movie as a whole, well, it is actually a masterpiece. The movie is excellent. The plot is perfect. The soundtrack is perfect. Everything about it is perfect. And it is an EXCELLENT film. Now the thing is that this is a tale of survival. And so the story unfolds. But, it is not about survival. It is about love and friendship. It is about friendship, and love. And it is about the Nazi's and the communist's. And it is about the chaos of the world after WW II. And it is about war and war. And it is about how you can do anything for yourself. The thing is that this movie has an excellent cast. The acting is excellent, the directing is excellent. And then there is the script. The script is superb. It is unique and it is brilliant. It is one of those stories that, when I first saw it, I thought to myself "This is the best movie ever made". And it was. But now I realize that this movie is better than "Casablanca". Now I realize that "Casablanca" was a "masterpiece". Now I realize that "Casablanca" is better than "The Godfather". And so on and so forth. But I digress. The thing is, this movie is A CLASSIC. Every single scene in this movie, every single shot, every single phrase. It is a classless movie. This is why it is a masterpiece. One can watch it over and over and over and over again and it will not be boring. This is because of the amazing screenplay. So let me say again. THIS IS A FANTASTIC MOVIE. A CLASSIC. ONE OF THE BEST EVER MADE. THE MOVIE IS INCREDIBLE. GO AND SEE IT. One more thing, THE FILM IS ULTRA SPOILED. THE FILM IS A CLASSIC. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU SHOULD SEE IT AS A CLASSIC. There is no one like Dreyer, and then there is Dreyer. He was an extremely talented man. There is a lot of famous things that Dreyer did, like "Paths of Glory", and "Hamlet". The thing is that Dreyer is famous for making movies that were not his own. But this is a movie that was made by the same man who made the masterpiece "Casablanca". So you see, he is famous for making movies that were not his own. It is like the man who made "Casablanca" was able to make movies that were not Dreyer's own. And so is "Schindler's List". So, I'm not gonna tell you anything about the movie before watching it. But I am going to tell you that the movie is outstanding. And the thing is that it is still amazing today. I can't wait until this movie comes out on DVD and I can buy it and watch it. This is a great film, and so is the best movie ever made. One of the best movies ever made.
Saturday, 04 Apr 2020 11:44

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