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Ver My Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel is a movie starring Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, and Holliday Grainger. A young Englishman plots revenge against his late cousin's mysterious, beautiful wife, believing her responsible for his death. But his feelings...

Romance, Mystery, Drama
Roger Michell
Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Iain Glen, Holliday Grainger

All Systems Operational

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Genres Romance, Mystery, Drama
Director Roger Michell
Writer Daphne Du Maurier, Roger Michell
Stars Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Iain Glen, Holliday Grainger
Country UK, USA
Also Known As Rachel, mu piin, Minha Prima Raquel, Meine Cousine Rachel, Verisoara mea Rachel, Rachel, Moja kuzynka Rachela, Ma cousine Rachel, Mano pussesere Reičel, Unokatestvérem, Rachel, Η εξαδέλφη μου, η Ρέητσελ, Kuzinom, Rachel, 遺孀美人心, Moja kuzynka Rachel, Mi prima Rachel, レイチェル
Runtime 1 h 46 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Ushered into an entirely male domain by the compassionate relative, Cousin Ambrose, the orphaned Philip Ashley is taken in and brought up as a true son on his guardian's estate in the rugged and wind-swept Cornwall. However, the father and son bond will shatter when the adoptive cousin who has found love and the woman of his dreams in sun-drenched Florence, dies unexpectedly, leaving Philip, who is now nearing 25, devoured by grief and a sickening suspicion of foul play. As a result, the young heir prepares to confront his protector's widow, nevertheless, utterly unprepared for the sophisticated and elegantly enigmatic woman who sweeps into his life and the family's manor. Now powerless, much to his surprise, Philip is entranced by her beguiling charm, ready to offer her the world, but is it love, wealth or freedom the beauteous Cousin Rachel yearns for?

Top reviews

Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020 17:04

I was first drawn to this film by an excellent review by The Atlantic. There were few redeeming qualities to the film, but the best of these was the performance of Scarlett Johansson. A professional actress of virtually no talent whatsoever, she brings a sensitivity and humanity to her role that I have not seen in a film before. She is truly believable. And her acting is the only reason to see this film. I really do think this film should have been rated PG for that reason alone. There are several scenes in which the camera moves almost over the top of her face. I felt that was unnecessary. At one point in the movie, the scene where she sees the dead children in the graveyard and sees a knife sticking out of the grave, is done in such a way as to make the viewer think the knife has already pierced through her eye. That's a little close for my taste. It would have been better to leave this scene in the editing room and just have a scene that was not so heavily edited. There were other scenes where the camera would not be in view for a few seconds at a time. But that's really the only real detractor to the film. I didn't think the film was bad. I did think it was average. I thought the story could have been better. I think it was better in the hands of an experienced director. I also think the best thing that could have been done for this film is to not have the main character be a professional actress. I think people in their twenties would not have handled this film as well as they could have. But in the hands of a more experienced director, it could have been something special. I would be more comfortable watching this film if it were an experienced director. I thought the film was good but not great. I rated this film 7/10.
Sunday, 07 Jun 2020 00:35

This is a nice movie with a nice twist on what happens to teenagers and what they do in high school. I'm sure most people will enjoy this movie more than me. There are some sad parts in the movie but it's still a really good movie. The movie has been reviewed here as kind of a romance and boy meets girl. While I thought it was like that, the movie does go farther than that. For one, in a way, the movie is more of a thriller as well as a character study. The movie really explores the effect that having to study so much of it can have on people and how the life of a teenager in high school plays out for some of the people. It does show how different girls are with different personalities, making it even more interesting. The relationship between Gavin and Rachel is very good. It's hard to predict what the relationship between Gavin and Rachel will be like but it's still interesting and one of the better parts of the movie. This movie does have some problems in the movie that keep it from being really good but still a good movie. One of the biggest problems in this movie is the film looks cheap. Even though the movie looks good, the scenes are way too long. One scene in the movie, for example, takes almost two whole hours and it just went on and on. Another big problem is the ending. It was very weird and didn't make much sense. Another problem is that the music of the movie is quite boring. The songs don't really fit with the movie and even though I like the song "Love Will Keep Us Together" a lot, I would say it's not really a good song. In conclusion, I think this is a really good movie with a good plot, great characters, great actors and it's got a very good ending. It's not the best movie but it's not really that bad either. 7/10
Wednesday, 20 May 2020 12:33

This movie has been the cause of many debates over the years, what it is, what it is not and why it is so highly-rated. The critics have been extremely critical of it, comparing it unfavorably to movies like "Naked", "The Shining", "Repulsion" and "Psycho". If you were to compare it to any other movie, you'd be hard-pressed to do so. "Fletch" is the quintessential American crime movie, it is a cerebral movie, and at times it is rather dull. It is a tough one to appreciate, but once you see the movie you may enjoy it more. To me it is like a classic film noir, but with the style of a 1960s British film noir. It is a slow moving, semi-suspenseful film with few thrills. I remember, I saw it when it came out and I loved it. I liked it very much, and I still like it. I don't really find it a great movie, and I'm not a big fan of it, but I do like it. I like that it is a 'serious' crime film. There is some good acting, and it is a little overrated. It is also quite nice to look at. The direction is simple and not very complex, and the movie has a subdued feel to it. To me, "Fletch" is a simple noir about a quiet American whose big family is destroyed by the greed of a police officer who owns a little white-trash hideout. The movie is slow to start, but as the mystery unravels, it becomes a very strong, dark, psychological movie. It also has a lot of that '40s British style, with slow-mo and dark lighting. It is very good. I can't really say much about the plot, but it is a bit like a Hitchcock film. The movie has a strange vibe to it. It is very cerebral, and a very quiet movie. The characters are all complex, but all of them are well-acted, and they all play their parts well. I was not a big fan of Ben Gazzara's performance, but I did like it. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. "Fletch" is a film that doesn't make any big statements. It is the kind of movie that you can watch once and forget it, but it still has it's effect on you. The movie is very cerebral, and there is a lot of good acting. This is not a 'fun' movie. "Fletch" is a very good film, but it is not one that I would rate highly. There are many excellent movies that are far better. See "Fletch" if you can, but I wouldn't take it as your favorite. Watch "Naked" instead.
Monday, 18 May 2020 03:36

In the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy, newspapers and TV networks rush to tell us the whole story, and Americans are outraged at the injustice of it all. Cid (John Cusack) is a California writer living in the San Fernando Valley with his wife Rosemary (Kate Beckinsale). Their children Ben (Chase Dickinson) and Catherine (Mia Farrow) live in the upper-middle class. The family of old friends and neighbors, such as Henry Darrow (Alan Arkin), Gus (Gary Dauberman) and Harry (Dave Foley) shows up. They all have an interesting and interesting history that most of the characters don't know about. However, one of the younger people, Seth Allen (Harry Treadaway), mentions the name of his deceased father, Arthur Allen, who was a lawyer at the University of Southern California. Cid and Rosemary become obsessed with finding out what happened to their father. They begin a research project to find out, but not everyone is as skeptical as Cid. The end is about Cid's girlfriend's (Celia Imrie) death. Cid and Rosemary also learn that they were married for only two months, but she claimed to be 35 and he was about 45. Cid and Rosemary become friends, and the problem is that Rosemary is married with two children and is extremely close to Cid. Meanwhile, Cid has a secret that he shares with his wife and her friends. The film is slow-moving, and the audience can't wait to get the full story. It takes about an hour and a half to tell the story. The cast is great. John Cusack is Cid, but he's not the star of the movie. The film is full of outstanding performances. Mia Farrow, Alan Arkin, Dave Foley, Janeane Garofalo, Emma Thompson, Robert Downey, Jr., Vera Farmiga, Eddie Redmayne, Jake Busey, J.K. Simmons, Nick Offerman, Rachel Bilson, and Daniel Craig are all in the cast. Cid and Rosemary are the main characters, and the film should have been called, "How to Kill a Brother & Sister."

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