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Ver Vor der Morgenröte

Vor der Morgenröte is a movie starring Robert Finster, Barbara Sukowa, and Tómas Lemarquis. Before Dawn charts the years of exile in the life of famous Jewish Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, his inner struggle for the "right attitude"...

History, Biography, Drama
Maria Schrader
Tómas Lemarquis, Robert Finster, Barbara Sukowa, Valerie Pachner

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Genres History, Biography, Drama
Director Maria Schrader
Writer Jan Schomburg, Maria Schrader
Stars Tómas Lemarquis, Robert Finster, Barbara Sukowa, Valerie Pachner
Country Austria, France, Germany
Also Known As Stefan Zweig - Farvel til Europa, Stefanas Cveigas: atsisveikinimas su Europa, Stefan Zweig, adieu l'Europe, Stefan Zweig - jäähyväiset Euroopalle, Before Dawn, Vor der Morgenröte - Stefan Zweig in Amerika, Stefan Zweig: Hüvasti, Euroopa, Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe, Στέφαν Τσβάιχ: Αποχαιρετισμός στην Ευρώπη, Farväl Europa, Stefan Zweig: Adiós a Europa, Stefan Zweig: Adeus, Europa, Stefan Zweig: Búcsú Európától, Pożegnanie z Europą
Runtime 1 h 46 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Before Dawn charts the years of exile in the life of famous Jewish Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, his inner struggle for the "right attitude" toward the events in war torn Europe, and his search for a new home.

Top reviews

Monday, 20 Jul 2020 01:30

I'm writing this review from a theater in Berlin, Germany. It is my first time ever writing a review on IMDb. I've been in Germany, Germany and Austria on my way to Amsterdam for two weeks, and I'll be back for another two weeks. I had not really expected to see this movie until my last night in Berlin. The theater was packed, and the few people that were not on the floor in the first five minutes of the movie, I was very lucky to see. The movie is a true story. I do not want to reveal too much about it because of my self respect, but the movie is about a German family that has a history of the Nazis. The story is about a young family that had many hardships, but because of the love and strength of the mother, they survived. I have not read the book, so I have no reference to compare the movie with. However, this movie is a masterpiece of the German cinema. The movie is not just a German story, but a story of a German family. The movie has a good mix of actors and director, both of them have worked together before, and they have made a movie that will be remembered in a long time. There were a lot of little details and nuances in the movie, but this movie is not about details. It is about a story and a family, and the story is about a man who had a very difficult childhood, and in his old age he was a man who did not care much about what others thought of him, he was strong and fearless, and that's why he became a German hero, as he was a hero in his own family. This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen, it is not only a German story, but a story of a German family. I believe that this movie is a masterpiece of German cinema.
Friday, 17 Jul 2020 04:48

The movie opens with the turning of the tide of the 1848 revolution. From here on, a brave journalist, Udo Kier, comes to write a book about the "Dark Ages", so to speak, from the perspective of the victors. His book is about a "man of the people", a farmer from the Upper Rhine. He is also the son of a city-dwelling man, and he is poor. He does not have a wife, or children. And he is ready to die, and if he does not he is ready to die. At this time, the king of Prussia is also very poor. And he is also ready to die, if necessary. Therefore, the story begins. Kier meets and befriends his student, who also works on his book. Kier also meets the farmer, but he is in love with a pretty young woman. This book is about the period of the late 18th century, from the collapse of the feudal system to the rise of the nation-state. The farmer is afraid to be robbed by the merchants, so he has a small herd of sheep, for protection. And the young lady also wants to be the wife of a wealthy man. But, she is not as rich as the farmer. And they are afraid to be robbed. One day, the young lady, from whom the farmer was very close, says to the farmer, that she wants to marry him. The farmer asks her to say it again, and she agrees. The farmer is happy, and the farmer and the young lady live happily together. But the young lady wants to be a writer. She wants to become a professional journalist, but she is too young to do that. Kier is able to help her. And the farmer wants to marry the young lady too, but Kier wants him to go back to the city, because of a promise he made to a merchant. So, the young lady goes back to the city. And Kier comes to the farm. He is very happy to see the young lady. And he is not able to sleep in peace, because of the tension between him and the farmer. And Kier is very unhappy about it. But he finally finds a way to solve the tension, and he tries to help the farmer. And the young lady is happy, and they become lovers. They have a child. And Kier is happy too. But he still cannot sleep, because of the tension between them. And he does not sleep for a long time. He is able to write a book about the "Dark Ages".
Saturday, 27 Jun 2020 13:45

I loved this film. The characters are excellent and the entire story is based around a great history of the Bavarian Empire and how it changed and was changed by the war between France and Prussia. One of the great things about this movie is that the filmmakers did not focus on the war. Instead, the focus is on the time period. The focus on the war was not to show the atrocities of the war, but rather the history of the people. We see the upheaval of the times, from the spread of the Prussian Empire to the many reforms that were taken by the Emperor, to the atrocities of the war. We see how the people were changed by the war, and how the people's own pasts and their pasts of the war affected them. We see how many of the characters felt the same way as many of the characters in the movie. That is a great lesson to learn. The only real problem I have with the movie is that I feel like I would have liked to see more of how the Emperor was changed by the war. The only part of the story that I found somewhat interesting was when he first met the people. But again, the focus was on the changes in the Bavarian Empire and the Empire itself. That was a little disappointing. I loved the fact that the filmmakers focused on the people, not on the war. So, I think I would have enjoyed this movie a little more if I had seen more of the war. I think that a better ending would have also helped me enjoy this movie more. All in all, I think that this movie was a great movie. The acting was great, the story was great, the historical settings were great, and the historical setting was based around a great history of the Bavarian Empire.

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