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Ver Apocalypsis

Apocalypsis is a movie starring Maria Bruun, Chris O'Leary, and Eros Galbiati. Set in a parallel universe entering a black hole, a woman reading the book of Revelation has visions of regeneration during Anthropocene.

Fantasy, Animation, Mystery, Thriller
Eric Leiser
Chris O'Leary, Eros Galbiati, Azumi Tsutsui, Maria Bruun

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Genres Fantasy, Animation, Mystery, Thriller
Director Eric Leiser
Writer Eric Leiser
Stars Chris O'Leary, Eros Galbiati, Azumi Tsutsui, Maria Bruun
Country USA
Also Known As Theosis, Theosis: Apocalypsis
Runtime 1 h 30 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Set in a parallel universe entering a black hole, a woman reading the book of Revelation has visions of regeneration during Anthropocene.

Top reviews

Sunday, 19 Jul 2020 14:56

It is really a shame that people haven't noticed that there are more than just two endings for this movie, but I can't help myself. This is really not the most wonderful movie to be born with, but it is a pretty enjoyable one. The story, which starts with the main character coming back to earth and finding that all is not well and that everything is about to go wrong, takes us through a lot of different emotions. The fact that the story never stops, even in the very ending, is really a credit to the film-makers. They managed to make this story come to an end in a way that has never been done before. The conclusion is completely different from what the story was built up to be. I don't think it would be possible for anyone to predict the ending, but it is very clear in the movie that something bad is coming. The characters are really well developed, even though they all have their flaws. The supporting characters are also great, particularly the old woman who has lived for over a thousand years and can talk to the future. I really like the idea of using all the puppets, especially the puppets who have been around for over a thousand years. I have watched all the previous movies that they had made, and I think they have done a very good job. I do not want to spoil anything, but I think you will have a good time watching this movie, because it is very enjoyable. I hope I have given some insight to the movie and that you will enjoy it, because it is really one of my favorite movies of all time.
Monday, 13 Jul 2020 07:46

The first film in the brilliant Dark Horse Comics series of THE CUBE series is an extremely fun and engaging film, combining live action and animation and a lot of fantasy elements. It is the second part in a series that started in 1994 and the first in the series to actually feature the actual voice of John Malkovich, John Hurt. The story follows the idea of a boy who is born with the ability to see the future, but must live with it for his whole life. He finds that the future that he sees is much more than he thought and when he finally meets the guy who helped him escape from his jail, he learns that he's not the only one with that ability. He also learns that everyone is going to have to die in a special way, and the only way to stop it is to stop the clock. The film was directed by James Gunn and he did a great job, even if he didn't quite know what he wanted to do. I'm not a huge fan of the animation in this film, which was used a lot for the first two movies. It does have some nice moments, but I have to say that the live action sequences were probably the best in the entire series. I really like the way the characters are animated, but I also like how they animate them, but it is hard to tell in the movie. There are many moments in the film where the animation is off and all sorts of stuff is happening. It's just not very enjoyable to watch, and some of the CG is a little flat. I do like the story and I think it's good for a family to watch, but I do think that some of the scenes would have worked better in an adult audience. The entire movie is geared towards a family audience, and it's hard to tell them apart. I think that this movie could have been a lot better if the story was developed a little more. Overall, the movie is a lot of fun, but I would recommend that adults see this movie first, and then go see the first movie. Rating: *1/2 out of 5.
Monday, 13 Jul 2020 01:49

Frozen, Monsters Inc, Avatar, and now this one. I'm sure the two films are going to do well at the box office, but I wonder what they'll do for the bottom line? I thought Avatar was a big budget piece of junk, and had a huge fan base. The plot of this film was like Avatar with a big budget. The story was a bit too predictable, and there wasn't a great deal of action or excitement. There were a few interesting ideas, such as the time travel. The film's two leads, Kristen Bell and Josh Hutcherson, were good. I was really looking forward to seeing what they did with their chemistry, and it was well executed. Josh is a good actor, and this role was a good role for him. He seemed to get better and better with each film. His performance in this film was very good, and I think he's going to be a solid actor in the future. Kristen was also very good, and I hope she has a good career. I was also impressed with the chemistry between her and Josh, and I think they'll continue to be good. The actors in the film did a good job. The CGI was very good, and they did a good job creating the feeling of the time travel. The effects were also good. The production design and the costumes were also good. The script was a bit of a let down, but I think the film was still enjoyable. The story was very predictable, and it was predictable with a good reason. I think that's what bothered me about the plot. The plot wasn't too hard to follow, but it was very predictable, and the reason it was predictable was because of the time travel. It was a bit disappointing. The acting was okay, but I think Josh should have gotten more attention. I would have given it a 9, but I think it was a 7. I enjoyed this film. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really think it was very good. It was good, but I think it could have been a lot better.
Tuesday, 07 Jul 2020 14:21

After his brother dies, eccentric detective K (Killer Joe Manganiello) returns to his hometown of Texarkana to be buried in the family grave. However, while he is resting, he begins to have dreams about the characters in his life from the past. At first he thinks his mother was one of them, but the visions start to change his opinion. He is soon revealed to have visions of his own past life as the son of a high priest of a temple in the Amazon jungle, one of many people he has killed and the last one he ever loved. However, when he goes to check the graves, he finds that many of them have been moved to a new grave. He is convinced that it must be the return of the previous inhabitants of the home. To find out more about his past life and how it affected his present life, K has to get to the bottom of a mystery that haunts his hometown. As it turns out, he is not the only one with visions. Director Jay Roach (Whale Rider, The Crow, The Rickshaw Girls) has a great pedigree, with such films as The Crow, Dead Calm, The Rickshaw Girls, and The Crow II. It is a film that shows that he knows what he is doing and why he has made it. The film is unique and an amazing character piece about the characters of his childhood. The visuals are breathtaking and make up the bulk of the film. There is not one weak frame in the entire film. Everything is filmed well and it is a visual treat for the eyes. There are a few flaws, but these don't hold the film back from being one of the best films of the year. The performances are great, particularly the young actor David Carradine. He does a great job playing a child that has lost his memory. It is an amazing performance and one of the best I have seen in a long time. His performance is phenomenal and gives him the ability to carry the film. The visual style of the film is fantastic. The camera angles, the way the film is shot, and the lighting are amazing. It is really beautiful to look at. The characters are all interesting and intriguing. The ending is very emotional and the film has a wonderful atmosphere throughout. It is a story that is almost impossible to forget. The movie is really well made and has great performances. The film is beautiful, and if you have seen it, I would highly recommend it.

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