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Ver Germans & Jews

Informative documentary that looks at two things: the process by which the German public has gradually become capable of addressing what happened during WW2 and in the Holocaust in particular; and the process by which Jews have gradually felt that it is possible to feel at home in Germany despite the traumatic legacy of the Holocaust.

Janina Quint

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Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 17:54

I'm a retired reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and one of the things I loved about this documentary was how it illustrated how people were treated at the time. It's also interesting to note that this is the only documentary I have ever seen that specifically addresses the issue of anti-Semitism in the US. The documentary's title is a reference to the Holocaust, and it focuses on the difference between a "Jew" and a "Nazi." While the documentary is interesting and well-done, it is one of the most manipulative documentaries I have ever seen. It goes to great lengths to paint a negative image of the Jewish community and portrays them as monsters, without even presenting any evidence to back up their claims. This is a very misleading portrayal of Jewish history. I have never heard of a documentary that uses the phrase "Jews, Nazis, and Gypsies" in its title. In fact, I would suggest that this documentary is misleading because it is not really about Jews, but about how the Jewish community is treated in America. The documentary takes great pains to paint a negative picture of Jews. It is even deceptive in that it shows a very negative picture of Jews in a very positive way. For example, when the documentary is trying to portray Jews as being greedy and greedy, it doesn't mention that many of them were really just looking to make a quick buck, and that many Jews were extremely honest. It also doesn't mention that many Jews were just doing what they had to do to survive in their time, and that many Jews were very charitable people. As for the anti-Semitism, the documentary never even addresses it, and it doesn't even mention that anti-Semitism was actually a major factor in the Holocaust. It's even misleading when it uses the phrase "Jews, Nazis, and Gypsies." The only thing it mentions is that Jews were constantly being persecuted, but it doesn't go into any detail about why Jews were being persecuted. It's not like they even made it a point to show that Jews were being persecuted, and the fact that Jews were being persecuted in America just doesn't occur to them. So the documentary basically shows a very negative picture of the Jewish community and portrays them as being monsters. If I had to describe the documentary in a word, it would be misleading. The only thing it does a good job of is showing the negative side of the Jewish community. The documentary is extremely misleading and manipulative in that it makes false claims about Jews. It doesn't show any real evidence to back up the anti-Semitism claim, and it completely ignores the fact that the Nazis were responsible for

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