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Ver A Different American Dream

In North Dakota, a sovereign Indian nation finds itself at a critical moment in its long history. Its cultural identity and heritage are vanishing in the face of the destruction of their ancestral homelands. Can they save their land, their culture and their way of life in the face of catastrophic environmental damage from the oil industry? The potential prosperity from oil comes at a massive environmental and spiritual cost and threatens their very future. This meditative and intimate portrait of an ancient people asks the universal questions that affect us all: what is the true meaning of wealth? And where and what is home?

Simon Brook

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Sunday, 29 Mar 2020 11:45

I had heard a lot of great things about this documentary, but after watching it, I couldn't have been more disappointed. The production was amazing. It was incredibly well edited and the soundtrack was well done. However, I was completely disappointed with the content. The film is essentially a collection of interviews and a few clips from various documentaries about the "American Dream". The interviews are very interesting and well-done, but I was expecting them to be more substantive than what they were. The only part of the film that I found particularly well done was the part where the author of the interview was speaking to a group of people. The writing is strong and the story of the author is very interesting. However, the clips that are included in the film were just too weak. You don't get to know any of the people that they interviewed, and you don't get to hear their opinions about what they saw in the documentary. I would have been more interested in the people's opinions if I knew them. I think the main problem was that they were talking about something that didn't really apply to me personally. I saw the documentary mainly for the music, but I think the interviews with the people were more meaningful and insightful than what was shown in the film. The film was edited very well and I think the director did an excellent job of combining all the clips from the different documentaries. Overall, I think this is a good film, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it for people who are just looking for a good documentary.
Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020 06:56

This is a terrific documentary that is sure to resonate with the generations to come. It's an account of the oil industry's desire to make a fortune, and the consequences that resulted. We see the difference between the reality of the industry and the hype of the media. The industry was (and is) a big part of American life, but we are only beginning to understand what it means for the economy. The film is narrated by Matt Damon, and I thought it was a good choice. He had some of the same characteristics of the industry he was working for, and it is a shame he did not receive any award for his role. As a documentary it is great, as a political statement it is important, and as a documentary it is a great film. If you are interested in the industry you will see a lot of things that you will not see in other documentaries. It is good that the industry is being looked at in a new light, and that the people who made the decision to turn the industry on and off are facing some very difficult decisions. I don't know if the industry will be able to recover, but I do know that the industry has lost billions of dollars and that is no good. It is a sad thing that these corporations that are the largest in the world must be forced to give up their profits and sharecropping to make a profit. It is a sad thing that the American people must be forced to give up the profits they have already earned, and that is a sad thing in itself. I hope that a film like this one is made in the future to bring the spotlight of this industry to light. It is important that the public understand that the oil industry is more than just oil. It is also important to understand that the money made from the oil industry is going to be used to benefit the American people. The film does an excellent job of showing the stories of the workers, and the people who work for the oil companies. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to understand the true impact that the oil industry has on the American people.

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