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Ver Clarence

After fifty years of being away from academia, an 85-year-old African-American WWII Vet returns to the University of WI - Milwaukee to fulfill his biggest regret-not earning his Bachelor's Degree.

Kristin Catalano

All Systems Operational

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Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 05:00

A powerful documentary from the director of "This American Life" and "A Walk Among the Tombstones". I've liked his work before and this is no exception. The thing I love about this film is the unplanned juxtaposition between the two characters who are at opposite ends of the spectrum of creativity. It is hard to put your finger on exactly what is going on in these two characters' minds, but that is part of the point of this film. In the first half of the film, the character Clarence is a violent and destructive person who is prone to re-arranging furniture, assaulting other people, and murdering people who he perceives are "trying" to take his head. Clarence's wife Eve, on the other hand, is a passive person who tries to be a good mother and raise her child. She does not believe in the notion of women having complete control over their own bodies and is always willing to be part of a man's life. Clarence's wife never really gets the chance to tell her story and it is obvious that they just don't get along. Eve's story is also a bit more complicated, but it is also the most interesting. When she was younger, she was sexually assaulted and physically and verbally abused by her mother. Eve eventually became pregnant and moved out of the family home to start her life over. When Eve and Clarence marry, the movie tells the story of the relationship from both characters' points of view. The most interesting aspect of this film is that I never thought Clarence's death would come at the end. I was actually surprised when Clarence was shot and killed. I was expecting him to just go crazy at the end. However, the fact that Clarence has gone into a quiet rest-pause in his mind is a reflection on his character. This film also shows the hypocrisy of the fashion industry. When Eve gets a large amount of money from a company and spends it on her son, she is still being accused of corruption, despite the fact that Clarence's death is not an issue at all. I give this film a "9".

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