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Ver The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2018: Live Action

An exclusive feature-length presentation showcasing this year's Oscar award nominees for Best Live Action Short Film. Art and humanity collide with compelling stories from the world's best OSCAR short live action films: DeKalb Elementary (USA), The Eleven O'Clock (Australia), My Nephew Emmett (USA), The Silent Child (UK), Watu Wote/All of Us (Germany, Kenya).


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Thursday, 19 Mar 2020 03:50

The British have a problem. Their movies are under-funded. Even their film festival productions are often not the most polished productions. This is the story of a British film festival, an attempt to raise money for a live action film that has been produced by the filmmakers. As a result, the director and actors have to write the script for a live action version of the film. It has to be the same movie. A documentary. What ensues is a sort of trippy sci-fi comedy that feels like it should be more clever than it is. The film is not for everyone. It is a strange hybrid of the British Film Festival and a small independent film festival that has been around for decades. The director is determined to do this film in one go and he has to convince his actors to give it a go. The cast is made up of four British actors, three British filmmakers and two American actors. The story has a political subtext that is not explained and is not explained enough. So there is no story to speak of. So the film feels like it is self-contained. It has its moments of brilliance but the real star is the atmosphere that is created by the scenes. The film is not a satire or a statement on politics. It is an experimental film that tries to be experimental. There is no real story to speak of. The script is written by the director and a team of three other people. The actors have to write a script for the film. The director is a big name in the British film scene. This is not an easy film to get a grip on. So it is a film that could be more clever than it is. And it is a film that is less funny than it is.

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