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Ver Die göttliche Ordnung

Die göttliche Ordnung is a movie starring Marie Leuenberger, Maximilian Simonischek, and Rachel Braunschweig. In 1971, a young housewife organizes the women of her town to petition for the right to vote.

Comedy, Drama
Petra Biondina Volpe
Marie Leuenberger, Maximilian Simonischek, Sibylle Brunner, Rachel Braunschweig

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Genres Comedy, Drama
Director Petra Biondina Volpe
Writer Petra Biondina Volpe
Stars Marie Leuenberger, Maximilian Simonischek, Sibylle Brunner, Rachel Braunschweig
Country Switzerland
Also Known As L'ordine divino, El orden divino, A Ordem Divina, Bozji red, Γυναίκες με τα όλα τους, Nye tider, Ordinul divin, Ossot seder, Les Conquérantes, Boski porzadek, Mulheres Divinas, The Divine Order, A nőkért, L'Ordre Divin
Runtime 1 h 36 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Switzerland, 1971: Nora is a young housewife and mother who lives with her husband, their two sons and her father-in-law in a little village. Here, in the Swiss countryside, little or nothing is felt of the huge social upheavals that the movement of May 1968 has caused. Nora's life, too, has been unaffected; she is a retiring, quiet person, well liked by everyone - until she begins to campaign publicly and pugnaciously for women's right to vote, an issue that will be put before the male voters on February 7th, 1971.

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Thursday, 16 Jul 2020 03:33

This is a strange film. A sort of feel-good movie that most people will see for the first time. But I find it quite unique. This movie really touches my heart, and I can't describe how I feel about it. I know it was written by a guy who was in the same boat as me, I know it's about the loneliness of the middle-aged and the life of the loneliness. This movie is about the process of getting out of that and into your youth and your life, and not just being bored to death. It's a film about the struggle to find something you have to live for, or to have something you want to be. It's about your own age, your own life, and the fact that life is short. I guess that's why I find it so interesting. The only negative thing I have to say about this movie is the ending. The way it's written is really odd. It's not like you know what it's going to be. It's like you have no idea what the ending is going to be, and the only way it can end is with the ending. It's not something that you can just say, "Oh, I guess that's the end." It just ends abruptly. So in my opinion, that's really what it is. And the second one is that I think it's a really funny movie. You don't know what to expect, and you don't know if you're going to laugh or not. But there is something so funny about it. I mean, it's a funny movie, and it's not something that you can just watch and enjoy. I think that it's really good and I recommend it to anyone who likes movies and is bored of all the rest.

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