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Ver They Call Us Monsters

They Call Us Monsters is a movie starring Allegra Acosta, Joel Anderson, and Richard Bloom. Legislators debate legislation that allows for adult charges for juvenile offenders.

Ben Lear
Richard Bloom, Scott Budnick, Joel Anderson, Allegra Acosta

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Ben Lear
Stars Richard Bloom, Scott Budnick, Joel Anderson, Allegra Acosta
Country USA
Also Known As They Call us Monsters
Runtime 1 h 22 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Legislators debate legislation that allows for adult charges for juvenile offenders.

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Saturday, 04 Jul 2020 17:04

The movie is beautifully made, and provides great insight into the deaths of the two wrestlers. It is difficult to watch most of the time, because you feel you are watching the dead wrestlers themselves, but this documentary provides an opportunity to learn about the career of Dusty Rhodes, and their love for one another. The documentary talks to family members, friends, and colleagues of Rhodes, and they provide interesting insights into his rise to superstardom and his later tragic death. With respect to his family, they comment on how he was a troubled and disturbed youth, and how they were unaware of what was happening to him. They also describe his early struggles with drug addiction and how they saved him from a life of crime and misery. The documentary ends with many facts about the death of one of the wrestlers and his relative who was brutally beaten to death. The testimonies from people of all ages and backgrounds are extremely informative, and help you to better understand the characters in the film. The wrestling itself was a powerful story, and the documentary makes the viewer understand how the wrestlers dealt with their emotions, and many viewers will be moved by this movie. The movie also provides useful information about drug abuse, which is a very important topic to talk about in society, and how important it is to address the issue. The movie is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as there are many graphic images of violence, and sadistic acts, that will leave you with a strong emotional reaction. The movie does provide important information on the psychology of the wrestlers, and the fact that there is a person who cares for his loved ones, who he does not let them down. I definitely recommend it.
Wednesday, 01 Jul 2020 20:22

This is a study of the social life in the grimy, tough-yet-generous Western New York neighborhood of Homewood, where most of the inhabitants were born and raised. Two 20-something girls named Maggie and Kim will meet many of the people in their own community, as they all struggle to bring up their children and be successful on the New York City housing market. They share stories about their lives, as they struggle to build a home for their teenage son and to get a mortgage. A social service worker stops by and helps one of the girls understand how she can become financially independent with a good education. The young women have a great time together recounting their story, with advice for each other. Maggie is a woman who still has to look over her shoulder when her boyfriend comes home from the bank or school, because she is afraid she might be vulnerable to a sexual assault. She is also fearful that her boys will be beaten by their classmates if she leaves them alone in the house. Kim is a woman who refuses to have a baby because she believes that kids are more important than her job. She is also afraid that she won't be able to support her family. We also get to meet the teenage girls who are staying in their own apartments, so that their family can afford to buy them a house and run them. The two women have their doubts about whether they can raise a child. The only thing that the two are agreed on is that Maggie and Kim can't wait to see what their kids do. The photos they show us as well as the movies they show us reflect both their hope and their despair. The women are also very honest about their worries about their jobs. They seem to know exactly what they want in a job, and what they have been afraid of all their lives. They don't want to have to go back to school to improve their skills. They are finally able to bring up their children. There are scenes of time spent in the showers or toilets, of the women cleaning and preparing food and of the men going to work. There is a lot of humor in this film, as the women struggle to deal with a lot of men who are working long hours for low wages. There is a lot of drama as well. The women ask for money for bills, help with the bills, but also to meet men. They find they are the only ones who have the money for all the food they need. As they try to get ahead in their careers, they confront the problem of being on the top of the food chain. They have to deal with competition from their neighbors, the bank, and employers who want to better their employees. They are both smart and insecure. Sometimes they even give up hope. The women are also very wise, for they know when to get the man out of their life, and when to go back into it. One of the women has developed a cute puppy, who she names Gaby. When they meet this cute little thing, the women realize that they can have a little kid. One of them is already having to let go of her baby, for she cannot give the little guy a proper upbringing. It is a great and funny movie that you won't forget. It is a must see for anyone who lives in the grimy, rough, and depressing neighborhood of Homewood, in the Hudson River region of New York. There is also a good message in the film. It is important to know when to stand up for yourself, and when to let others and the environment take care of you. Watch the film, and you will discover that they do have a lot in common.
Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 06:50

I decided to watch this film based on a very positive comment made by a friend who is not a fan of Bollywood cinema and who gave it an eight out of ten rating. On the surface, this film is a genre movie about a specific character, but it's actually about the myths and legends surrounding the subject. And it shows how they are being manipulated, exploited and crushed by the state in a particularly vicious and most insidious way. The main story involves Gauri Shankar, a highly respected, well-respected and renowned Hindi actress, who is in a very different position than the rest of her fellow actors in the film. She is confined to a small section of the movie theatre during the pre-release screenings, in the middle of a police raid on a film production company in a very busy and crowded commercial area of Mumbai, led by one of the most ruthless of the police, Commissioner Edwige Fenech, who wishes to shut down the film. Gauri Shankar, who is the star and the head of the production company, is trying to protect her company from this threat and gets arrested, imprisoned and tortured in the process. She is taken into custody by Commissioner Fenech, who thinks she is the next victim of the raid on the film company, but is actually the ringleader of a vast operation to destroy Indian cinema. The film is truly brutal and dark, without the cinema sensibility that has become the hallmark of the Bollywood cinema, where you don't get to see the lead actors suffer in any way. There are no happy endings, no exceptions. The film gives an unflinching look at the terrible conditions faced by Bollywood film industry workers, which are not just confined to India, but all over the world. The sad thing about the Indian film industry is that the bosses are mostly the old white guys, most of whom have not had a decent wage cut in a long time, who are leading these kids into a career with no money, no money, no money, no money, and no future. It's an extremely sad situation. It's a very sad and depressing film that has a very sober and penetrating look at the nightmare of the Indian film industry and it's consequences for the people involved. It also has a very important message for all those who want to have a brighter future and think about supporting the Indian film industry. It makes you think about the future and the sacrifices you would have to make if you want to be an actor in the Indian film industry. It makes you think about what you want to do in life and about your self-worth and self-esteem. It also makes you think about your own situation and about the level of hatred that exists in the world today. It's the real face of our present problems. If you have any doubts about the message of this film, watch it again. Watch it in a cinema, or on a big screen, with big sound system and the sound turned down. It will be even more powerful. I rate it an eight out of ten for the honesty and realism that is displayed here. The performances are all very good and the music is also very good. The film also makes you think about your own situation, especially if you are a young person in your twenties, who is living your life in a dream-like state of mind. The film is very sad and depressing, but there is also a very important message. The Indian film industry is still stuck in a very bad position. The only way to get out of it is for people to take a stand and take the initiative and get a new film industry that will actually help the country. That's what the film is trying to do. The film also has some very funny moments in it, and the performances and music are also very good. If you are a young person, or if you have a dream-like life and you want to lead it with the help of a film, or if you want to feel like a part of the 'real world', this is the film for you. It is very important for young people to watch this movie. The fact that India is going through such a situation shows you how bad the
Friday, 22 May 2020 20:35

You can't keep a good story down, and this documentary explores a curious phenomenon involving this very popular American television program and the various people and institutions who play central roles in the production of it. The story is fascinating, particularly for fans of the show. It offers some interesting tidbits about the production's history, including some interesting biographical material about the real-life Tilda Swinton. The documentary also offers some interesting information about the many contributors to the series, from famous guest stars, to well-known actor or director friends. In terms of playing a big role in the actual production of the show, Peter Mayhew is on top form as Tilda's reporter. He shows himself to be a surprisingly effective actor, playing this part with a real sense of seriousness. But it is Tilda herself who is the focus of the documentary. Among the many things that this documentary does, it does a lot to explain what makes the Tilda Swinton show popular and what the show was like when it first debuted on television. You'll also learn a bit about the cast and crew, including a story about the excitement that the real Tilda felt during this production as she watched the actors and their surroundings move around her. You also get to hear from producers and other guests who have been involved in the making of the show. You also get to hear from some of the actors who never got to be on the show. Much of this material is fascinating, and it's great to hear from the people who were involved with the show.
Tuesday, 19 May 2020 17:56

I heard about this documentary before seeing it and decided to check it out. The cast of this doc were very cool, and they had some very unique characters to work with. A lot of this is an inside look at the very early work of long-time director Roger Corman, which was probably the most interesting thing about it. The director, Bruce Ticotin, is mostly known for making low budget exploitation films like "Bait" and "The Monster Squad," but he also did a few really good indie films like "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Leatherface." I don't think his best work is "Rocky Horror Picture Show" or "American Gore," but he is a very good director and should be commended for his work here. This doc was mainly meant to showcase his early work on "The Monster Squad," which is a fun little '80s slasher film that was even more fun than it looks on the trailer. I'm not even sure the genre is appropriate for "Monster Squad," since it really isn't a 'horror' film. There is a lot of camp, but there's also a lot of horror and gore. Corman does a pretty good job with the slasher elements, but it is really more of a fun comedy-horror flick, and it could have been even better. It really seems like this movie was only there to show his early work. Some of the extras look like they have a lot more experience than some of the cast, but the 'monster' clips are actually pretty cool. Corman also interviewed some of his best friends from "The Monster Squad," who were all very nice and did an awesome job. I didn't understand the whole story behind why he had to take the character out of the picture when he did, and some of the other stories are a little hard to believe. Overall, it was a fun little doc, and it had its flaws, but it was a lot of fun. I'd recommend it.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 22:57

We are a very old and intelligent country. We could learn a lot from the former Yugoslavia. Now we are just the spectators and it is a long time now, since Yugoslavia was ridding itself of its turds and producing something that we really didn't need. Now we are watching the kids playing soccer in the park and there is a big girl from our society who is looking for a good meal and a good time. We do not know much about her and she doesn't speak English. The filmmakers used her to show us what a new society is like. They show us all the people who come together for the big family holiday. They are all in the same boat as the mother and the father and they all go for a trip. Of course there are also the kids and we see how they go to the party, get their jollies, and start playing. When the son or the father ask her for money, she is afraid to get into a bar or something. They all seem to be happy, and there are even those who have no worries. But they are all waiting for something, and that something could be a little gun. What happened? A little boy might get shot at and that's it, they don't know anything about it. The mother walks around the woods and asks the others: Where are the guns? Do you know? And the girls may see the cross on the ground and they also think about killing the mother. The film goes on for a long time, after all. We can hear the moms and the dads who tell us that they do not have a weapon. They just have a few things to protect them. But there are others who say: I will be there, and then they disappear. The movie ended. The government has nothing to do with the people. What I liked about it was that it was long. The scene where the mother and her husband are watching TV shows all the life in the neighborhood. We are also watching in the streets what we are used to, but it's not a life like in New York. The kid plays in the streets, kids who live in the slums in the other side of the city. When we see the kids in the streets, we are expecting that they are going to get shot. And they are. The children are happy, and we know that this will be the last thing they hear from their parents. But it is just not. Another scene was on a beach, where we see children playing with a beach ball. The scene is sad because the parents have been killed, but the children are joyful, and then they go to the beach. The father has got a child, but now he wants to spend the money on the funeral. He and the father of the child are arguing. This child would be a great father, but the father does not want to. He is not a rich man, and he can not see the need of a good father for the child. The mother says: Don't worry, I will make the child a really good father, and we see the child's face for the first time. But the child is also happy and then the film ends. So what is the point of this film? The director said that he wanted to show us the end of a new society. He said that it is over, and we have forgotten about the past and now we are in this new world. He also said that it was a happy ending, but that it is not the end. The film ends, and that's the end. And we are all in the same boat.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 15:03

The makers of this documentary have brought the topic of sexual abuse at the hands of "ruthless" priests to the attention of all. For many years this topic has been taboo and there has been a general disregard for this issue. Now this is changing, with this film. This is a powerful, compelling, and important film that gives insight into the abuse of children by their priests. There are several women in this documentary who are well known to the public, but not to priests. They speak candidly and deeply about their abuse by priests, and how the priest abused them. This is really a watershed film about a subject that is a taboo. Father Lombardi, the notorious priest who is known as "The Beast" by the Catholic Church and now is "The Reformer" in the Society of Jesus, is the subject of this film. He is finally being dealt with. A new Bishop, Cardinal Burke, is brought in to take over the Archdiocese of Boston, and he is also dealing with the issue of abuse by priests. The focus of the film is Father Lombardi. The focus is also on the victims, because most of the victims are women. This is a very powerful documentary. For many years it was mostly out of print, but now it is available. This film was not done without controversy. Many priests involved in the abuse were found to be "apostates" by the church. This was reported by Catholic radio host Paul Harvey in his book "The Priest", and it was also reported by the Boston Herald, and this made Father Lombardi's eventual return to the church controversial. When the film was made in 2006 Father Lombardi was found to be a practicing Catholic. This obviously did not satisfy many victims, but it was found by the church to be true. The Boston Herald gave the go ahead, and he became a full priest in the parish. There were accusations that the Bishop, Cardinal Burke, was holding this back from Father Lombardi, because the church did not want to have a priest in that position who could talk about the abuse he was involved in. It was said that he would not be allowed to return to the Boston church, until he is healed. The documentary reveals some other interesting facts about the abuse and how many of these priest have died. The abuse scandal in Boston is very big, but is not a focus of the film. The Boston archdiocese has been sued, and the archdiocese settled out of court. The victim who sued the church was found to have been molested by Father Lombardi when she was a child. The victim was not the victim of rape. The rape allegation was dismissed, but the settlement did not go through the normal process. The Boston archdiocese has also been ordered to pay over $100 million in settlement funds. Father Lombardi was involved in helping to raise these funds. This is a very important film, that I recommend. For the most part, this film is important. I was very impressed with the method of the film. This film is very thought provoking, and highly relevant. I do not think that this film should be watched by a religious person. It is disturbing and could be uncomfortable for some people. I think that it is best viewed by religious people who have some awareness of this topic, especially by a priest. The film is great for Catholics, who are willing to take a serious look at the problem of sexual abuse by priests. I feel that this film is important because it is important for everyone to know about this issue.

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