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Ver Active Measures

Active Measures is a movie starring Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Jeremy Bash. Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

Jack Bryan
Jeremy Bash, Vladimir Putin, Nina Burleigh, Donald Trump

All Systems Operational

Product details

Genres Documentary
Director Jack Bryan
Writer Marley Clements, Jack Bryan
Stars Jeremy Bash, Vladimir Putin, Nina Burleigh, Donald Trump
Country USA
Also Known As Intrygi - superbron Kremla, Aktīvie Pasākumi: Tramps Krievijas Pavadā
Runtime 1 h 49 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

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Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 08:34

The last 25 years or so have seen the invention of a new kind of film: the documentary. One can only wonder how this approach will impact the future of cinema and society. One thing is for sure: it is one of the most promising inventions in film history. Yet, documentaries are never fully realized. As far as this documentary is concerned, it is a success, it is a film. The documentary takes us on a journey from start to finish, and is not afraid to put things into the big picture. The interviews with the actors and directors, the scene selection, the editing and the overall structure of the documentary all have an exceptional quality. It is very nice to see the creative work that goes into making a film like this. The film is a solid movie, and does not fail to deliver the message. We do not have to do much thinking to understand that this is the message of the movie, but it is very important to understand what the filmmakers are trying to tell us. The story is a little bit to be expected. It is clear that the main aim is to show how different peoples views of the same thing are divided, and that the very idea of dividing is a very dangerous thing. This idea is very controversial, and we see the two sides of this controversy. But the biggest point is that the film does not shy away from showing what is not the problem, but what is. And the message that the filmmakers have got is very interesting, because it is not only about violence, or about drug use, or about crime, or about any other kind of crime. It is about how these things are connected, and how they are all linked to each other. It is about how we should live our lives. I like how they tried to make a film that was very smart and very relevant, but at the same time very beautiful and very easy to watch. The way that the documentary tries to present the facts is very interesting. They do not hide anything. The documentary tries to show all sides of a subject, from all sides, without hiding anything. The very fact that they tried to present all sides of a topic is very good. The documentary has a great story, and the final conclusion is very interesting. I would like to think that we will see more documentaries like this, where they show all sides of a subject, without hiding anything. I would like to think that the future of cinema will be very different from what we see now, and that this documentary will be a huge influence on the way that films are made, the way that we see films, and the way that we think about films.
Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020 04:25

Filled with extensive interviews with both current and former U.S. military personnel, I found this film both fascinating and enlightening. It is a very compelling account of the origins of the Vietnam War, the tactics used by the various factions involved, and the serious damage done to the psyche of both the American public and the Vietnamese people. The interviews, which were taken from public radio programs and publications, are fascinating in their own right. One of the greatest insights was the breakdown of the spirit of America's military, and the subsequent loss of many good men. It is difficult to know whether or not the film is intended to be a complete history of the war. It is clear that it is more a "time capsule" of the last few years of the Vietnam War. There are a few glimpses of real footage, which I suspect was taken by a reporter with access to the same reports, and which are interspersed with what I suspect were interviewees' real memories of the war. This film was filmed and edited by David Halberstam, who has written several excellent books on the subject of the Vietnam War, and who is the most respected American historian on the subject. This film will no doubt be a bestseller, but will not necessarily be taken as a serious history. One thing that makes the film a good one is that it was made without propaganda or emotional manipulation. It is not an "objective" film, but rather a collection of interviews with people who know more about the Vietnam War than any journalist could ever hope to know. The film does not try to sway you into believing that the war was unjust, or that the soldiers were doing their best to do their duty. It simply asks you to listen to the stories told by the men and women who were there, and to ask yourself whether or not you can buy the arguments they are making.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 14:08

This documentary follows three police officers in pursuit of a drug dealer. The officers are well-trained and they make it very clear to the viewer that this is not a job to be taken lightly. However, this is a film that is very well-made and it is well-paced. The majority of the film is spent in the vehicle of the drug dealer who is not just a drug dealer. Rather, he is the problem and it is up to the police to deal with him. The officers are not given much to do in this film. The documentary is more concerned with the police officers' feelings than the drug dealers themselves. The documentary follows the police officers as they make it through the streets of the city of Los Angeles. As the film progresses, it focuses on the drug dealer's life. It is his story and not the officers' stories. The officers are used in the film to give a larger point. The film is worth watching because of the officers' emotional story. It is interesting to see the officers' story and the drug dealer's story at the same time. It makes the film more interesting. It also makes it a more interesting film. As the officers are not the focus of the film, the film is more interesting. The film shows the officers' frustrations and fears as they face a drug dealer. The film also shows how police officers work in the Los Angeles Police Department. The officers' emotions are what is important to the film and it is more interesting because of it. It also makes the film more interesting because the film is about their feelings and not the officers themselves. Overall, this is a good film. It is well-made, it is well-paced, and it is interesting. It is worth watching.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 12:51

This is a well done documentary. It is a portrait of the torture, pain, and suffering endured by many during the war, both American and Japanese. The film is a fascinating look at how each side blamed the other, and even tried to influence each other to their own advantage. The emphasis is on the Japanese side. They are the ones who committed the war crimes, and who were always trying to get away with it. They were the ones who had the most success at getting people to sign away their rights to the POW's. I was surprised to see how many people in this documentary supported the idea of setting up the camp in the first place, and the idea of torture as a means of extracting information from captured enemy fighters. Some of them even admitted to the use of torture as a way to get information. The documentary does a good job of showing that the US government was not entirely to blame for the atrocities committed by the Japanese. There were other factors involved, including the pressures of war and the constant propaganda in the media. However, this documentary will not change anyone's opinions of the war. The Japanese were the ones who did the most crimes and should be the ones who are going to be punished. We can see from the testimonies of the prisoners in the documentary that they did not feel remorse for their actions, and did not believe they were guilty of anything. Many people are probably going to feel very angry at the end of the documentary, especially since the movie itself was not very sympathetic to the US side. However, there is a lesson to be learned from this documentary. Even if you have some knowledge of the war, this documentary is not the place to learn it.

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