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La loi du marché is a movie starring Vincent Lindon, Karine de Mirbeck, and Matthieu Schaller. An unemployed factory worker is trying to make ends meet in working-class France.

Stéphane Brizé
Vincent Lindon, Matthieu Schaller, Karine de Mirbeck, Yves Ory

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Genres Drama
Director Stéphane Brizé
Writer Olivier Gorce, Stéphane Brizé
Stars Vincent Lindon, Matthieu Schaller, Karine de Mirbeck, Yves Ory
Country France
Also Known As Cijena zivota, Marknadens lag, Der Wert des Menschen, Ο νόμος της αγοράς, El precio de un hombre, La legge del mercato, A Lei do Mercado, The Measure of a Man, Markedets lov, Un homme, Kaupan laki, La ley del mercado, Zakon trga, Mennyit ér egy ember?, ティエリー・トグルドーの憂鬱, Erko shel adam, Mera ljudskosti, O Valor de um Homem, İnsanın Değeri, Miara człowieka
Runtime 1 h 31 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description An unemployed factory worker is trying to make ends meet in working-class France.

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Thursday, 16 Jul 2020 10:36

Diesels is one of those rare movies which can't be put in the same category as a classical Hollywood film. In fact, it's a film which has so many strong points that it's hard to pin them all down. For me, the biggest one is its graphic portrayal of the corrupting influence of money. The film's themes are not only about corruption, but also about human nature. The character of Philippe is always so determined to achieve his goal that he does everything in his power to achieve it, but what results is a total breakdown in his life and the lives of his family. It is through the course of the film that Philippe realizes that even though he can't be what he wants, he still has to find out what he wants and has to face up to the fact that he may be on the wrong path. The movie is very honest in showing the effect that money can have on a person's life and how it affects the people around them. I think that the strength of this film comes from the fact that it's not a film about a corrupt man who wants to get his money, but a film about a man who is a victim of his own greed and corruption. This film also has a great message that it's very easy for some people to look down on others, but I think that most of us, if we had a little more wisdom, would realize that money and success is not everything. Overall, I think Diesels is a very strong film. It's very well-made, with an impressive cast. In addition to the above mentioned aspects, the film has another strong point that I really enjoyed is that it's very realistic. Diesels is not a film that you will see in theaters, but instead is a movie that you'll see on the big screen. In the words of the movie, "It's not the money that counts, it's the money's worth".
Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 05:35

This is a beautiful movie. If you're a fan of cinema, or just love the notion of giving life to a film and then viewing it over and over again, then this is the movie for you. In this case, it's a French film about death and dying. There are two main parts to the film, the first of which is about a bunch of people who've been on the cusp of life, for their entire life, and the second is about two young girls, who have recently had their first periods and are trying to cope with it. They're about to do some school work, so they decide to play a game called 'madness' at the end of the school day. However, the only other person in the class has recently died, so the game becomes a way for them to let go of that person, and move on with their life. The next day, the school will reopen, so the girls have to continue on with their day. Meanwhile, their teacher, who has been a bit overzealous in his teaching, decides to teach them 'dead' games, such as 'goose chase' and 'penny whistle'. They have to 'play' these games over and over again until they get the hang of it. Eventually, the girls decide to take a break from playing the games, but, after they have to play these games for a few days, they return to the games and are happy with it. At this point, the teacher decides to teach them some of his own games, such as 'jump', 'leap', and 'scissors'. Eventually, after playing these games for a while, he decides to teach them 'exercise', such as 'jump and run', and finally, 'jump and jump'. After this, they become very depressed, and their teacher gives them a few days to 'get over' their depression. The next day, they're still depressed, and they're desperate to leave the school, but, they're convinced that they must remain in the school for at least a few more days, so they decide to make their own game. This game is the only thing they know how to do. During the time they spend making this game, they are allowed to choose whether or not to leave the school. Eventually, they decide to leave, and the movie ends. Overall, the movie is about a teacher who takes a class of students to play his own games. All the students are 'players', and the teacher begins to teach them to play 'dead'. He teaches them how to create a fake video tape to hide in, and to play a game called 'dead', to change the rules of the game. He begins to teach the students how to play 'dead', and what not to do. Eventually, he teaches them how to play the game 'goose chase', which involves them being chased by two dogs. At this point, the teacher becomes very jealous and violent towards the students, and, his 'game' starts to get out of hand. Eventually, after the teacher kills the two dogs, he finally gets the hang of the game. The teacher tells the students that they have to play the games over and over, and they have to do it again and again. Eventually, after the students have played the game 'dead', the teacher tells them that they have to play the game 'jump', but, they're supposed to do it over and over again. Finally, the students start to play the game 'exercise', but, they're supposed to do it once a day. The teacher eventually comes to the conclusion that the students are a sick group of people, and, he decides that the students must all be 'players' for at least a day. The movie ends with the teacher being released from the hospital, and the students playing 'dead'. Overall, this is a great film about a teacher who took a group of students to play his
Saturday, 30 May 2020 15:46

A simple story told in a highly stylised manner. That's the essence of this film. For me it's as good as it gets. It's in French but not too much English was spoken throughout the whole movie, the French the actors are speaking. And it's definitely no love story or any romance at all. Just some people going through a rough patch. Very good performances and it really does seem that the director really cared for the actors. A real directorial feat. It's great to see how a French movie is always so incredibly fresh, how the dialogs always have a strong rhythm and how everything is filmed in such an aesthetically pleasing manner. Very impressive. And that is what really makes a French movie truly great, how everything looks, sounds and feels very realistic and vibrant. I'm a French movie buff, but never have I seen a movie in this style before. And it's not just the movie that's doing it. All the different camera shots, the color of the film and the entire flow of the movie is just one of the great aspects of this movie. The soundtrack is also very special. It doesn't sound like a typical French movie. It's very cleverly done and really fits in with the movie. But there's also a great French pop track in the background. Not something that's commonly used in French movies but it fits perfectly with the whole vibe and the way the movie is filmed. That's a really neat technique. This is a very artistic movie with very good camera work, great acting and an almost perfect story. I think this movie is going to be really influential on French cinema and I'm looking forward to seeing how they adapt it to a different medium. It's a really cool movie, very different from the standard French movies. I'm looking forward to seeing if they make a sequel or remake of this movie, because I'm really looking forward to see what they come up with. 9/10
Friday, 22 May 2020 13:24

France has never produced any great work like this film. Jean-Pierre Melville's "Le peuple migrateur" is a gripping study of the Parisian life in the wake of the Algerian war. In this case, the hero is not so much a refugee but a white French citizen caught between two worlds. France is the French capital, not only a bastion of imperial power but also the capital of the French imagination. The war, the cold war, and the emergence of the French nation as a distinct political entity have all changed that. The war has brought both physical and psychological change, as both foreigners and natives are temporarily uprooted from their former homes. In this film, the refugees are an embarrassment to the French state, where the former residents live a much simpler life, while the refugees are marginalized and unwanted. The only thing they possess is an English accent, and are not allowed to speak their language, as a condition of deportation. In the wake of the Algerian war, the refugees have turned the migrant to a common enemy, thus creating a new class of criminals who can not be taken by the police, because the police are a reminder of the past. They are at the mercy of the authorities, who are more concerned with turning up the heat. No longer the city where the French people meet, Paris is the city where the police and the asylum seekers meet, thus creating a new world, both physical and mental, that will shape the future of the French nation. These are the worlds that the hero has to enter, a world that is neither real nor imagined. In this, we see both the French, the asylum seekers, and the citizens of the capital. All three become a single world in a complex play of emotions, which is in itself a cinematic experience. There are so many emotions that come together in the course of this film, both in the present and the past, that they all contribute to form a "story" that is the opposite of what we see in everyday life. This film is beautiful in its own way. At times, it is a film that is powerful in its own right, and is sometimes difficult to watch. At times, it is simply wonderful.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 10:29

Catherine Breillat's "The Long Kiss Goodnight" is a disturbing and ultimately cathartic portrait of love's last days. First and foremost, it's an intelligent and complex look at a relationship where the people involved all know what they're getting into, and they all do it in their own ways. The film is based on a novel by French author Stendhal, and it's a true study of the man who wrote the book. After decades of avoiding the horror of penile cancer, P. J. Basset is desperate to share his love with a woman he has never met before. The film begins with him and his wife dying of a terminal illness. His wife decides to buy a house on a remote beach. She's ready to pass the word on to P. J. but he says "No" to the move. Not wanting to sell his family home, he tells the couple that he's willing to stay on the property as long as they're willing to let him stay in the house. In the book, the tension between the two men builds slowly and gradually. In the film, the two men are so comfortable with each other that they do their best to hide the fact that they have never met. The book is a horrifying tale about a father who is afraid to abandon his family for love. In the film, the book is more of a love story, in which the main character eventually opens up to a new woman. Both works have their merits. While the film is a bit longer than the book, it's still very accessible and easy to watch. It's also much more compelling, with an incredible cast. Eva Green is brilliant as the shy, innocent young woman who's on the edge of a nervous breakdown. It's incredible how the film manages to tell the story of a man without killing him off, despite the fact that he has cancer. Catherine Breillat is as good as she was in "A Single Man", and I think she's a lot more involved in the role here. The film's biggest flaw is the fact that the film is too long. The film could have been cut down to about 90 minutes, or it could have gone straight to theatrical release, but that would have been a mistake. Breillat's performance was amazing in the book, and she nails it here. She's good enough to carry this film and put her acting skills to great use. The rest of the cast is excellent. Moretz is incredibly good as the hopelessly in love woman. Anya Taylor-Joy is good as the mysterious older woman who has her own reasons for seeing the man. Jessica Chastain is stunning as the woman who's driven to the brink of insanity by the pain she's feeling. The film is beautifully shot. Breillat is extremely talented, and the film is a great work. It's extremely well done, and that's what made me want to see the film. The only flaw is the length. I would have liked to see this film cut down to a bit less than two hours. I think a short cut would have made this film much more accessible. The fact that the film is good enough to get it as a Cannes film of the year should be proof enough that it is worth seeing.
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 06:48

The film starts with a young man named Nicolas (voiced by Lucas Hedges) walking with a cane to a music class in the city of Paris. This is the first time Nicolas has walked to a class in his life and he does not have a high school diploma. He comes to an auto-repair shop run by a man named Martin (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who's father was a famous actor. Martin says to Nicolas, "You're a genius." In a flashback, we learn that Nicolas is a school dropout with a gun on his hip. He's pretty obsessed with his work. He also has an obsession with cars. One day he finds a gorgeous young woman named Corinne (the lovely Anne Bromfield) working at the auto repair shop. She is a pretty girl but her parents think she is a troublemaker. Nicolas is attracted to her but he tells Martin that he wants to be a writer. He wants to be famous so he goes to school for it. When he gets to the school, he is a very shy kid who is not popular with the students. However, he manages to get close to a boy named Emmanuel (the great Andre Dussollier) and he helps him write a book. He also helps the boy get a job at his favorite shop. Later, Emmanuel is a famous writer and a rich man. He wants to marry Corinne. Nicolas is very jealous of Emmanuel's relationship with Corinne. He tries to kill Emmanuel by dumping gasoline on his car and burning it. Emmanuel manages to escape and goes to live with his father in a seaside village. He is lonely and loves his parents very much. He is such a caring father and his mother says, "He has always loved us." Emmanuel decides to visit his mother in the seaside village and he sees a beautiful girl named Fantine (the beautiful Anaïs Nin). She is about 17 years old. She works as a school teacher. Her mother says, "She is a real beauty. She is not just pretty but smart and well educated." Emmanuel falls in love with Fantine. They go to a restaurant and they fall in love. He buys her an expensive diamond. Later, he has to come to Paris to testify before the judge who will decide if he is a man or a woman. He arrives at the courthouse. He runs into a woman named Elisabeth (the beautiful Sonia Sarandon) who has been his secretary. He tells her that he is a man. She smiles and says, "You're a man." In the courtroom, a judge says to him, "You are not a man. You are a woman." Emmanuel gets acquitted. He tells her that he loves her very much. He takes her back to the apartment where he lives and he falls in love with her again. Emmanuel is very happy. He has written a book about his love for Fantine and his family. In the end, he says to her, "It's your turn." Elisabeth gives him a diamond because he is an honorary member of the society. After this, he is asked to be a witness in the trial. He says to the judge, "You have always been my friend." "I am your friend." They kiss and he says, "I love you." He leaves the courtroom and walks in the rain. He is struck by lightning and he gets hit by a car. He goes to the hospital and is pronounced dead. He wakes up and he realizes that he is not a man. He realizes that his face looks like a boy's. He goes to the auto repair shop to see a man named Pierre (the great Olivier Marchand). He sees that he is a woman and he takes him home. He says, "I am your woman." He falls in love with his neighbor, Marcel (the great Claude Ahern). Marcel wants to marry his neighbor's daughter. He calls

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