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Ver Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life

Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life is a movie starring Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, and DJ Khaled. A compelling and never-before-scene look at Chris Brown's controversial life and career.

Andrew Sandler
Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Mary J. Blige

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Genres Documentary
Director Andrew Sandler
Stars Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Mary J. Blige
Country USA
Also Known As Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life
Runtime 1 h 20 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description This compelling Documentary moves beyond the spotlight and past the attention-grabbing headlines to give pop superstar Chris Brown a chance to tell his own story. New interviews with the international phenomenon reveal long-awaited answers about his passion for making music, his tumultuous and much publicized relationships, and the pitfalls of coming of age in the public eye. Also included is new concert footage, behind-the-scenes access, and special interviews from Usher, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson, Jamie Foxx and others.

Top reviews

Thursday, 02 Apr 2020 08:44

A documentary that shows the incredible talent of a talented artist and his life with his entire family. I watched this with my parents who have known the family since they were kids and they are very well-educated. I felt it was very emotional for them and for me. I never knew about "The X Factor" and "Tennis Court" which are very important to the X Factor family. I was very excited to know that Michael Brown's mother was a former member of the X Factor and I think it was a very sad thing that Michael's mother did not live to see the X Factor on TV. I have seen him perform live in a few of his concerts and I have been so touched by him. He was my hero growing up, and I would like to think that he would be in the same situation as his mother. He has done a fantastic job on the film and I hope he can continue to inspire and inspire others to do something for themselves. "We Are The Champions" is a story that has many inspirational stories that are connected. I think Michael Brown and his family are a very proud family and they are very proud of Michael Brown and what he is doing. There is a lot of anger and there is a lot of disappointment but I think they can continue to do what they do because of the support they have. I think Michael Brown and his family are extremely happy with the way he is doing and it's something that they have worked for. They don't give up, and they always give their all. It is very inspiring. I hope everyone in the world knows about Michael Brown's family. This film is very well-made and it is an extremely inspiring documentary. I highly recommend that people watch this film.
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020 10:08

The one point that many reviewers have to agree with is that this is an excellent documentary. If you are a black, single gay, bi-sexual person in this era of Gaytrends and the AIDS epidemic, then you know that we have seen a lot of things come and go, and that we will continue to be treated horribly. There is a lot of talk in this film about how a little bit of love can go a long way. I disagree with this statement, but this documentary really does show the whole spectrum of relationships from casual to long-term. I am a little tired of being downgraded to "on the street" by our gay friends and to other gays. I love my gay friends, but I also don't want to date them, nor would I have sex with them. My parents are proud that I am a straight man. I know that they will not want to hear me say that. They understand that I'm gay. I think that there is a little bit of a rift in the community between some people. However, I also know that most people love and accept me, so there's that little bit of a disconnect. It is very important to see this film. As a gay man, I am not ashamed to say that I have known a lot of gay people, but it's hard to say that I know one who is a closeted gay man. However, I have seen some of the most wonderful relationships, and I have seen a lot of the worst. It is not as hard for me to accept a gay friend as it is for others. I think that the films that show the worst of the worst do not always get enough recognition. As the documentary ends, you are left wondering what was the point. I have a lot of friends who have had relationships with other men and I have had relationships with women, but I don't know any gay men who have had relationships with other women. My guess is that there is a little bit of a wall between the world of gay people and that of the world of straight people. I wish that there were more people like Dan, who really know that they are gay and that they have had relationships with men, but we only know the sad stories of the people who do not know. If you can, see this documentary. You will see that there is a lot of love in the world, and that is not only about dating. If you have to choose between dating a woman or a man, I recommend dating a man.
Sunday, 29 Mar 2020 12:52

Brown's talents were clearly evident on the cover of the DVD of Welcome to My Life. As a performer he is truly phenomenal, he is on a level of professionalism that is hard to comprehend. But it was interesting to hear his explanation of the show as well as his views on race. Brown admitted to being deeply touched by the actual performances of the show and how they affected him. He said that he's the best person to answer questions about the show, because he was the main performer and he knows that his experiences with the show are really his to be remembered. Brown was able to explain the many behind the scenes events, which will truly come as a real surprise to many people. The reason this documentary was made was to show the impact of the show on many people, and to get a more comprehensive view of the things Brown said he experienced in the show. The answer to this question is that people who were not there in the audience, or who were not around when the show began, will never know what the show was like, as the images were never shown to them. Instead they will be a blank slate on which to create their own, unique and beautiful memories. Many people will never have the chance to experience the events of the show, and if they do, they will probably be in shock. For this reason it's important that the documentaries are produced in a way that they are experienced in a way that people will remember. In the case of Welcome to My Life it was a great opportunity to show the audience the excitement that surrounded the events and the many times Brown was there, and also to show the people who were not there the reaction of the audience and the reactions of Brown. Overall, it's a great documentary, but it will take a lot more time and effort to get the full effect out of the experience.
Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020 03:20

Cult Comedian, MC, Rap artist, MC, producer, and very good friend of R. Kelly. I love how this movie ends. Everything is out in the open and pretty damn clear. After all of this time, R. Kelly's legacy is still being digested and it's being done in an incredibly honest way. What the hell does R. Kelly have to do with the music industry? "If you put a dog on the moon, you'll only get a dog on the moon" I've been hearing this one for ages. Nothing really solid in this movie and I can't even blame the filmmaker for it. R. Kelly was obviously just doing his job. He is the master of the copycat and he was happy to have been doing this so he could keep doing it. It is very disturbing and heartbreaking that the people that are in the entertainment industry are making money off of R. Kelly. The kids who watch him on the music video circuit are going to be confused and confused. What this movie really is is a kick-ass look at a guy that was in the business way before the industry became so flooded with hits and clones. I will always love R. Kelly and have watched everything he did, but the industry is screwed up and it needs to be changed. From a production standpoint, this movie is absolutely phenomenal. It was beautifully shot and edited. The acting was extremely believable and the cinematography was also very impressive. The music was well produced and just as realistic as it was at the time. If you are a fan of rap music, you have to see this film. The music in the movie was not just recycled, it was the music of the time, from the big time. The people who produce rap music and rap artists in particular have completely betrayed the culture and tried to make money off of it. The big and big names of rap music have taken advantage of the fans and even tried to control them. R. Kelly has done a lot of great things for the music industry, but the industry has completely betrayed him and has not forgiven him. The film is a celebration of R. Kelly and his legacy and a warning to the industry. A special shout out to Paul Shaffiro who played R. Kelly in the movie and gave such a fantastic performance. The supporting cast is phenomenal, the chemistry between them was so powerful and I really didn't expect it to be that great. R. Kelly's family did a great job playing in this movie. I really think they did a great job and they did such a great job at keeping the character to the film's core. R. Kelly's manager also did a great job playing a great role. They were all very different but all great and they all did an awesome job. I really liked how this movie ended. It had a lot of raw emotion and not much realism. I was hoping for a much more detailed documentary, but this film is really the most honest portrayal of R. Kelly that I have ever seen. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of R. Kelly or is a fan of music. This is a really great documentary and I can't wait for the DVD release. I think this film is just as good as R. Kelly's last official album, "In My Mind" and I think he is so damn good at music and has proven himself to be a very talented artist. This is a great follow up to his official albums and I can't wait to see what he has to do next.
Saturday, 21 Mar 2020 11:01

This documentary focuses on one of rap's best known and most controversial artists. It talks about the things that he is doing for the community, his relationship with his parents and how the whole situation started. In the beginning of the film, he talks about how he was born in a foster home. He had been raised by his biological mother and adopted by his biological father. His father is a known thug. When he was little he was in a custody battle with his mother and he went on to abuse drugs and alcohol. His father was released from jail when he was 17 years old and when he was 19, he killed a man who robbed him. He was sent to a residential drug treatment center and his mother became upset when he didn't have a job. He became more violent and started killing people. He had to have a restraining order on him and kept calling the police when he had people come to his door. He has been in prison since 1991 and he has been released but he has gone through all the legal and social processes of getting his name cleared. The documentary talks about how people started following him and how the public really responded to him. People came to his house and people were always trying to get their picture taken with him. When he was released from prison, he was given a very hard time. Some people started to kill him and even though he had to go through all the legal and social processes to get his name cleared, he still hasn't been cleared. So people started to hate him and his music. He was a young man who was trying to go out on his own and he was someone who had to do a lot of things for himself. But he wanted to be accepted by the people and he was trying to make a change. He wasn't going to do what other people wanted him to do. He had to change his ways and that is what his documentary is about. I loved this documentary. The people who are calling this a biopic just want to look at a different side of rap. This is not a biopic. It is a love story. It is a documentary that takes a look at a man who just wants to be accepted and have a chance to be successful. He didn't want to make money or be famous or do drugs. He just wanted to be accepted by the people who raised him and had a chance to be a part of the world. I am not one of the people who hates rap or like rap. I really love rap. I like everything about it, but this is not rap. This is a love story and I think that is what makes this film so great. I think that rap should not be about selling drugs and killing people. This is a love story that is so touching and touching. It is a film that is worth seeing.

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