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Ver King's Gambit

King's Gambit is a movie starring Blake Webb, Rebecca Galarza, and Reggie Peters. King's Gambit is an Independent, live-action feature film set in present-day Florida about Bryce, a man who uses a mystic journal to alter the world...

Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Joseph Sayer
Reggie Peters, Rebecca Galarza, Blake Webb, Wade Hunt Williams

All Systems Operational

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Genres Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Director Joseph Sayer
Writer Joseph Sayer, Joseph Sayer, Joseph Sayer
Stars Reggie Peters, Rebecca Galarza, Blake Webb, Wade Hunt Williams
Country USA
Runtime 1 h 45 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Bryce Wheeler, a newfound "Herald", whose job in life is to control the balance of the world by manipulating events using a mystic journal. Bryce inherited the journal from his recently deceased father and comes to find that the power he has been trained for his whole life is harder to control than expected.

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Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020 18:24

I was pleasantly surprised to see that James Bond was alive and kicking in the late 70's and early 80's, so I was looking forward to this movie. As a long time fan of the character, I found it to be enjoyable, but I was expecting it to be better. It is a fun movie, but there is nothing new to the James Bond story. Sean Connery was a better James Bond than Sean Connery was, and I thought this film tried to create the perfect James Bond. The story is about Bond's childhood in Scotland, and the search for his identity, so Bond is no longer the iconic Bond that we grew up with. There are a few exceptions: some of the fights are great, especially the showdown in Moscow. The main theme in this film is the quest for avenge the death of a friend, and to let Bond live to help his friend's family. The producers used the James Bond films to their advantage to make a modern movie with modern technology, a few elements that you didn't see in the Bond films of the 1970's: glasses for the characters, and a computerized "enemy" character (which I think is bad, I still don't understand how they could get away with it). For the most part, the movie is very enjoyable. I thought the action scenes were well choreographed, the fight scenes with the henchmen were pretty cool, the car chase in Moscow was great, and the audience enjoyed the many cameos. The cast was excellent, with Timothy Dalton playing Bond's father and Richard Kiel as "James Bond's father" in the movie, and there are a lot of great performances. I am not a big fan of Pierce Brosnan, but this was a good job of portraying him, and I was happy to see he is still playing Bond in the future, he did a good job. The sets are gorgeous and there is lots of scope for action, as long as the story and the action are not overbearing. For the most part, I was happy with this film. It is a fun action film with plenty of action. I was surprised to see that some critics were bashing it. I would love to see what they have against it, but I believe that if you like James Bond, you will like this movie.
Monday, 29 Jun 2020 02:47

I am not a big fan of the Sword and Sorcery films, although I do like some of the first two. However, I always have the feeling that a film needs a twist at the end to elevate it. If I see a film with an ending of 'okay', I can't help but feel cheated. I thought this movie was going to have a twist at the end, but it didn't. I suppose it is up to you to decide if this was a good or bad film. But I have to say, I thought it was very good. The movie opens with a young English girl named Lady Fairly Good, who is a very talented chess player. One day, Lady Fairly Good meets her master, a German born man who claims to be a prince of the same name. He leads her to a castle, where he does battle with a Russian prince. After the battle is over, Lady Fairly Good is told that her master is dying. She goes off to look after her master's house, only to find out that he is a dead man. Lady Fairly Good then goes to the village and tells the villagers that her master is not coming back, but the village people don't believe her. The next day, Lady Fairly Good's father comes back, only to find Lady Fairly Good telling him the story of her encounter with her master. His dying wife has told him that the castle was once owned by an evil king who was hanged by his people. When Lady Fairly Good finds this out, she sets out to find the castle to make it known to the people of the village. She ends up meeting the village people and convinces them to put an end to the evil king. Lady Fairly Good then takes her master's house, but her father has already moved on. Lady Fairly Good leaves the castle, with the intention of finding the castle and returning her master to her. The next day, Lady Fairly Good meets with the mayor of the village, who tells her that the castle was built by the evil king, who has now come back to life and is seeking revenge. Lady Fairly Good is also told that the village is on the verge of being attacked by an evil wizard who wants to sell the village to a foreign country. Lady Fairly Good goes to the castle, but the castle is empty and the people of the village are frightened and out of their mind. Lady Fairly Good leaves, but she never returns, and is now on the run from the evil king and the villagers. Lady Fairly Good ends up in the city of Leipzig, where she is met by an old couple, who inform her that her master's body has been recovered. Lady Fairly Good sees the body of her master, and is overjoyed, because now she can do what she likes. She then travels to London, where she meets a rich man who offers to give her a large sum of money to help her find the castle, and the castle's two most powerful wizards. The rich man then promises to send Lady Fairly Good a whole shipload of money. Lady Fairly Good also meets a German merchant, who promises to give her the largest ship in the world, but Lady Fairly Good still has not found the castle. Meanwhile, Lady Fairly Good continues to travel across Europe, to the castle, but her best friend, Rose, and her son, Flynn, the young son of the chief of the castle, find out that Lady Fairly Good is still on the run. The old couple tells Lady Fairly Good that they have now lost their money, but they will still take Lady Fairly Good's new friend to the castle. Meanwhile, Rose's son, Flynn, and Lady Fairly Good's best friend, Rose, discover that Lady Fairly Good is hiding out in the castle, and Flynn and Rose soon find out that the castle is being protected by two evil wizards. Lady Fairly Good manages to flee, and is now in hiding. Meanwhile, Flynn and Rose come across an evil wizard, who has a castle just outside the castle. Meanwhile, Flynn and Rose find out that Lady Fairly Good has got the castle. The evil wizard and Lady Fairly Good have now escaped from their castle and are
Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 06:22

First things first, this is not really a "Lord of the Rings" movie. There are a few signs of Tolkien, the fight sequences are not that good, the story is very simple and you do not need a lot of knowledge about Middle-Earth to understand it. The film does not make sense in a proper sense. The movie is more of a character study than a movie. The characters are not developed and most of the time you do not see them. All characters are well portrayed. The actors do a fine job. I think that everything that is bad about this movie is that it was not properly directed. The scenes are just too slow and boring. The pace is wrong. When you start to watch the movie, you don't expect that the scenes are going to get better and better as the film goes on. They do not. I did not enjoy the fight scenes. It is not that I don't like the action in a film, I just dislike the fact that it is all so slow and boring. It's not good when you see action that goes on for minutes, and then you expect the other person to fight with you for two hours. I think the director should have directed the scenes to be fast and intense. The battles are not really good. They are kind of dull and do not make much sense. I think that the best scene is the final battle with the giants. The special effects are good and I am sure that they were well worked out. It is a good film but not a great film. I would not watch it again. You will see a lot of mistakes in this movie, such as the narration that is slow, the strange camera angles, and the lack of understanding of the characters. I am sure that you will see a lot of mistakes if you have not watched the movie. I hope that the movie will get better as the sequels are made. It would be a shame if it didn't.
Wednesday, 06 May 2020 18:59

This is an odd film. It's a decent thriller, but nothing special. I had a feeling that the acting was a little off, but I wasn't able to get a good view of it. At first I was very disappointed that the kid was not a more developed character. He seemed to be playing the same role as he did in the movie. He was the hero. As he matured he just became the bad guy. I felt he was a little weak. He also seemed to have an upper class English accent. This isn't an issue for me. It's very hard to imagine that the English speaker was only a child. The movie started off with the English speaker in a bit of danger. At first I thought he was being tortured. His mother came to rescue him. This was at the start of the movie. From the moment the parents had him in the car I knew he was a prisoner. I know this movie was the opening of a franchise. After this I felt that this was the beginning of a trilogy. I hope the future of this film will be better. I don't know if the director took his time to write this film. If so, it could have been better. I do not think it was a good idea to start off with the boy becoming a bad guy, and to be followed by a series of flashbacks. I also thought the film was a bit slow in its progression. I had the feeling that the director tried to rush to the conclusion. I think he should have waited until he had his sequel, and then spent some more time on his screenplay. I don't know why he would write it now, because the film is a bit like a finished product. I also felt that the movie seemed to have some scenes that were very reminiscent of the film King's Cross (1987). These scenes were very much like the police interrogation scenes in King's Cross. I don't know if it was just the writing or just the director, but I think the people who worked on the film did a great job with this film. I am really impressed with the fact that the story line did not make the audience feel dumbed down. I thought that the screenplay was very well done. It did a good job of giving you a solid storyline without being a comedy or a thriller. The acting was good. I think they did a good job with the actors. It wasn't a bad performance, but I did not think it was a good performance. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good action-thriller. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in Shakespeare. This is a movie that should be seen by anyone who is interested in the history of Shakespeare.
Monday, 20 Apr 2020 00:50

The next film to arrive after the second and third "Hollywood" installments of the Harry Potter series, Kings Gambit is directed by Martin Campbell and stars the returning cast of the series. It's not a great film but it is a really good film. It tells the story of Harry Potter who has an un-famous family and his brother Ron, his best friend and best friend's sister Ginny and his best friend's teacher Dumbledore. After the death of his father, the legendary Dark Lord Voldemort, Harry is taken into the care of a famous magical school to be trained and taught by the legendary Albus Dumbledore. The first film has many problems but at the same time it is a classic Harry Potter film. Kings Gambit takes place one year after the death of Voldemort and we see how the three different generations of Harry Potter interact. The characters that we know are still alive and the older Harry Potter becomes the leader of his classmates. There are a lot of problems with this film. The first problem is that the film is so long and the second problem is that the story doesn't take it's time. There is some unnecessary scenes where they show the teachers and what they have done. They also introduce the characters with too much information but it's important to get to know them. The third problem is the story is a bit choppy and the movie ends too quickly. I can understand that it's important to end the film so the audience doesn't feel that they have wasted their time. However, it's not always a good thing to end a movie that is that long but I still think this film would have been better had it been longer. Kings Gambit also doesn't have a very great cast. I think they are mostly OK and they did a good job with the part that they had. Liam Neeson did a great job as the older Harry Potter and he still has the style and style that we all know. Gary Oldman did a good job in his role as the older and wiser and darker Dumbledore. Gary Oldman is a great actor and he did a great job. Gary Oldman is the best actor in the world. The other actors are not so great. Zachary Quinto and Ewan McGregor are not very good and they did a decent job. Emma Watson did a good job and she did a good job. The performances are OK. The direction is OK. The production values are OK. The effects are OK. The acting is OK. The story is OK. Kings Gambit is OK but it doesn't have the great story or great cast. The story is choppy and the movie ends too quickly. Overall Kings Gambit is not a great film but it's OK and it's the perfect movie to end the Harry Potter series.

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