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Ver The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner is a movie starring Saara Chaudry, Soma Chhaya, and Noorin Gulamgaus. In 2001, Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban. When her father is captured, a determined young girl disguises herself as a boy in order...

Family, War, Drama, Animation
Nora Twomey
Noorin Gulamgaus, Saara Chaudry, Soma Chhaya, Laara Sadiq

All Systems Operational

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Genres Family, War, Drama, Animation
Director Nora Twomey
Writer Deborah Ellis, Anita Doron, Deborah Ellis
Stars Noorin Gulamgaus, Saara Chaudry, Soma Chhaya, Laara Sadiq
Country Philippines, UK, India, Ireland, Canada, USA, Luxembourg
Also Known As ブレッドウィナー, A kenyérkereső, Parvana: Une enfance en Afghanistan, 戰火下的小花, A Ganha-Pão, Den Osynliga Flickan, Sotto il burqa, Naan-avar, Den usynlige pige, El pan de la guerra, Żywiciel, Parvana, une enfance en Afghanistan, Parvana, Στον Αγώνα για το Ψωμί, Der Brotverdiener, Hranitelj, I racconti di Parvana - The Breadwinner
Runtime 1 h 34 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description In 2001, Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban. When her father is captured, a determined young girl disguises herself as a boy in order to provide for her family.

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Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 02:40

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Monday, 18 May 2020 14:04

Like all the Pixar movies, I love this movie, especially because I am a parent myself. I just wanted to say, that I love this movie and it was nice to watch it with my kids. But, it does have a few problems. The characters are a little bit boring, but I understand that it was a children's film and they don't need to be portrayed in the most important aspects. So, the movie doesn't really deal with their life, but it just uses their fight to save their family. But, the other characters are great too. I like the part of the bird character. In this part, you see a bit of old conflict between him and his bird friend, and then he learns to be able to help the bird friend with the same feelings he was having before. It's a bit sad and sad that it was like that. The movie is really long, but it's not that long. They should have shortened it a little bit, because it's really long and it's not just a couple of minutes. The second half is the best part of the movie, but the beginning was boring. It's not that long, and it's not a slow or boring part. I have to admit that the movie had some problems. It's not that good, but it's a good movie. My kids liked the movie and I think it is a good movie for kids and their parents too. But, don't expect a lot of emotional development, because it's a children's movie and it's not like those Hollywood movies that don't have any. It's like a nice, slow movie. It's nice for them to see that they are not alone and there is a parent that will look out for them.
Sunday, 10 May 2020 11:42

I saw this film in NYC on it's way to Sundance. The film is very visually beautiful, especially in the beautiful landscapes of the west coast. I am not a musical lover but this film is as much about music as the story. Every scene is loaded with songs, which are wonderful and help the viewer connect to the characters. This film takes place in 1943 during WWII, with a young orphan named Luke who has been separated from his family. He has no idea what has happened to him and does not know if his parents are still alive. One of the interesting things about the film is that it is really realistic. Luke is a typical young boy, he is not a fighter, he is an orphan, he is not in any way related to the fighting in the war, but the film does not turn that around. The story follows Luke's life in the film. He is not the typical young boy who gets captured by the enemy or a hero, he is a normal boy. He is too young to be at war and he is too young to be separated from his parents. In one scene, Luke is reading a story to a friend, he reads the story of "The Little Prince". The story is a classic. Luke is extremely moved by the story, he starts crying. This is a wonderful film that teaches you a lot about humanity. As we go into the theaters, we have to believe that we are watching children. We can't turn our minds off and start listening to the music. We can't turn our minds off and start watching the war scenes. We are still watching children. It is a film that makes you think. I would recommend the film to anyone who enjoys a good story and a beautiful film. If you are looking for a film to take your kids to, this is it. It is well worth the price of the ticket. The director, Aaron Seltzer, has an impressive resume. His credits include directing The Room, Whiplash, Only Lovers Left Alive, and the upcoming Divergent Series. This film is a little more adult-oriented than his other films. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story. It will be worth the price of admission.
Sunday, 19 Apr 2020 13:40

The movie "Breadwinner" is based on the historical figure of Rose Crook, a British woman who, after the First World War, was part of a British infantry regiment that was the first to go into combat against the Nazis during World War II. The story starts in 1939, when the Regiment was in North Africa, and later in Sicily. Crook's part was to act as the gunner, a role she fulfilled until the end of the war. In the movie, Crook's role is changed to one of a nurse and her role as a soldier is given to a younger woman, Eilidh. The young woman acts as an adult soldier and appears to be more mature, even though she is younger than Crook. The older woman acts as an older soldier and is very much in charge of the Regiment, taking care of the wounded and caring for the sick. The young woman, Eilidh, is not interested in the military role. She doesn't have a strong role in the movie. However, Eilidh does have a strong role in the story, acting as the soldier who the other soldiers love to hate and who, as a nurse, cares for them. She plays the role of Rose Crook in a very good way, and her performance is very convincing. She brings the movie to life and enhances the movie's value. The movie is a very good movie and it was a very enjoyable experience. It is entertaining and exciting and the movie can be watched over and over again. The movie is based on a true story and it is very important for us to remember that true stories are only a part of the history of the world.

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