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Ver When Lambs Become Lions

In the Kenyan bush, a small-time ivory dealer fights to stay on top while forces mobilize to destroy his trade. When he turns to his younger cousin, a conflicted wildlife ranger who hasn't been paid in months, they both see a possible lifeline.

Jon Kasbe

All Systems Operational

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Saturday, 20 Jun 2020 21:37

This film is extremely well-done and both incredibly entertaining. In fact, I've never been more engrossed in a film in my entire life. There is simply no way to describe the perfection of this movie. From the beginning it is well-paced and the cinematography is very well-done. However, one aspect of the film that really gets me, is the deep exploration of the way that religion has and will affect our everyday lives. The dialogue is very insightful and makes you feel as if you are in the film. While this is all well and good, there is one thing I really want to get to: the animals in the film. There are absolutely no words to describe the look of sadness and sadness in every animal's eyes. I really want to know how they felt about the way that the film depicted them. I know they all felt the same, and they all seemed to be in an emotional state of stress and pain. This is what makes the film so great. I can't say enough about the story behind the story. When I first watched it, I thought that I wouldn't be able to take it seriously. After I realized that it was only a movie, I started to see it for what it was. The director and producers have taken a documentary and made it into a "horror" film. The story was a horror, the visuals were a horror, and the characters were a horror. I'm just going to stop here. There is so much more to talk about. The best way I can describe the film is that it is an exciting and enlightening look into the way that religion affects our lives and how it affects our choices. It also illustrates the harsh reality of how things can turn for the worst and how easy it is to turn around. The people in the film are not only dealing with the worst of times, but they are also dealing with the worst of choices. It is so easy to just look away and not see what is going on. It is very hard to accept how horrible things can be and to give in to the worst that life can throw at us. I could say a lot more, but I won't. Please watch the film and I hope that you find it to be so great. I can't recommend it enough. It is extremely well-done and will have you thinking about it for a long time.
Friday, 15 May 2020 20:02

Lambs become Lions (2015) is a compilation of interviews with former and current animal rights activists, journalists, and educators who explore their involvement in the animal rights movement and the ethical and legal issues associated with it. In the process, they explore the history of animal rights, why it exists and why it is important, the impacts it has had on the world, and how activism can take hold on the popular front. The interviews cover such subjects as animal rights activism, the ethics of animal exploitation, the laws governing animal rights activism, the movement's impact on the media, the decision making process involved in animal rights activism, and the long term effects it has had on the world. The documentaries explore various aspects of the animal rights movement, including the history, the current situation, and the current legal issues associated with animal rights activism. While each interviewee contributes something unique and informative to the discussion, the majority of them focus on the controversial issues raised in the film and their implications for animal rights activism. For example, a particular interviewee discusses why the anti-animal rights movement is so strong, how animal rights activism is a necessary component of the movement, and why animal rights activists sometimes struggle with the morality of animal exploitation. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen this year. It contains a wealth of information that is entertaining, thought-provoking, and informative. Animal rights activists are fascinating and informative, and the documentary sheds some light on the controversial subject. The opinions expressed by the people interviewed are realistic and can be seen from many different perspectives. Some of the most informative and intriguing quotes are from religious leaders, who discuss the implications of animal rights activism and the impact it has on religious beliefs. In conclusion, I would recommend this film to anyone interested in animal rights activism, its history, and the ethics of animal exploitation.
Friday, 15 May 2020 14:05

I find this film to be more of a biopic than a documentary, and I don't mind that. However, I do think that this film is not only more interesting for the fact that it shows us the history of the cast and crew of the HBO show, but also for the fact that it puts a human face on the phenomenon of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. From the use of "N" word, to the lack of police protection, to the need to manipulate and traumatize the actors and actresses, to the paychecks that these people were willing to accept, to the lengths to which they were willing to go to maintain their status quo, to the money that the powerful producers and directors were willing to pay for a "hit," to the sexual abuse that many of these women were willing to make, to the fact that they were willing to hide their pain and experience and silence their fear. I was moved by the film by the human spirit of the people involved, by the vulnerability and the strength that they showed, and by the idea that what happened to them was not just the work of a few bad actors or directors, but that it was a systemic abuse that was allowed to happen under the watch of institutions that were supposed to protect the public from the suffering and trauma of the young women who had to be manipulated and controlled and manipulated and controlled. I would suggest that this film should be viewed by people who are interested in the topic of abuse in the entertainment industry, but I also believe that this film should be viewed by people who are interested in understanding the human condition, and the capacity for harm, or the capacity for love.

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