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Ver City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts is a movie starring Abdelaziz Alhamza, Mohamad Almusari, and Hamoud Almousa. A documentary that follows the efforts of "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently," a handful of anonymous activists who banded together after...

Documentary, War
Matthew Heineman
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Abdelaziz Alhamza, Mohamad Almusari, Hamoud Almousa

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary, War
Director Matthew Heineman
Stars Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Abdelaziz Alhamza, Mohamad Almusari, Hamoud Almousa
Country USA
Also Known As La città dei fantasmi, ラッカは静かに虐殺されている, Spøgelsesbyen, City of Ghosts: Raqqa, Miasto duchów, Miasto duchów. Rakka, City of ghosts, Spökstaden, Szellemváros, Hayaletler Kenti
Runtime 1 h 32 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A documentary that follows the efforts of "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently," a handful of anonymous activists who banded together after their homeland was taken over by ISIS in 2014. With deeply personal access, this is the story of a brave group of citizen journalists as they face the realities of life undercover, on the run, and in exile, risking their lives to stand up against one of the greatest evils in the world today.

Top reviews

Sunday, 29 Mar 2020 08:05

With "Panic in the Streets: The Rise of Zee News" and "Panic in the Streets: The Fall of the Fourth Estate" this documentary series should not be looked at as the final chapter, because of the way it ended. Not that there will not be a sequel. But it's a shame to think of how the style could possibly be done without the passion and passion of these three documentaries. It's almost like they were the one's that created it, and they took care of everything that went into it, which is not the case. They actually have a lot of fun and have a great sense of humor about the material, which is good. And I also think that they are a bit too old to be making these sort of documentaries. It's pretty shocking to see that at one point they actually had to leave the set, because they were so immersed in it and they were constantly gushing over it. At times I actually had to laugh out loud because of their enthusiasm for this project. The perfect length, I think, is 15 to 20 minutes, because there are so many of these sorts of things that you don't have time to waste when you see it. And one of the best parts of the documentary is when they go to Germany and interview people like Arnold Schwarzennegger, Anne Tolbert and other actors. The quality of the interviews are actually quite astounding, and I think it's quite amazing that these people were interviewed, and I really wanted to see some of the people. All of them, even George W. Bush, are amazingly wonderful people. Also in the documentary is also the remarkable segment on an early generation of films, and I think that's very impressive. This documentary series has really something for everyone. People who are interested in the movies and art history can really see what these documentaries have to say, as well as people who are interested in politics, the war in Iraq, and especially, the questioning of the celebrity. I think the tone of the documentary series is very appropriate. It has a great sense of humor, and it's a nice idea to have the personalities interviewed, and the interviews of people like Schwarzenegger and Bush, are some of the best moments in the documentary. And while this documentary series is a special treat for the viewer, it also has its dark side. As I mentioned, these documentaries were made on behalf of the people, and I think that what this documentary series is about is the entertainment that is provided, but I also think that some of these documentaries are anti-imperialist. I think that the documentary series is anti-American. If you are interested in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think that this documentary series is very interesting, because it's about the consequences of the wars, and it's about the problems of the old media, the old models of news and of filmmaking. I think that it's just an interesting time capsule of the period of the 1940s and the early 1950s, and I think that that is very interesting. But again, it is an anti-American documentary series. I think that the American media and the American politics has these kind of influence that these documentaries have, and I think that the documentary series deserves to be looked at as it has been, because it really is a history of the US, not of the US as a whole, not even of Hollywood. It's a very interesting time capsule of the history of the country and the media and American politics, and I think that is very interesting. And it's really fun to watch, and it's also really fascinating to look at. I recommend this documentary series to anyone, but I do think that if you are really interested in the stories behind the documentaries, and in movies in general, then I think that you should really have a look at these documentaries.
Friday, 20 Mar 2020 06:16

If you're an American, I can assure you this is your finest hour. If you're an American that supports the Iraq War, this film will change your perspective forever. This is a documentary which documents the lives of American soldiers deployed in the Middle East. When I first read about this documentary, I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, it's true, but it's more then just an Iraq War documentary. As an Iraqi, I had mixed emotions because I love the American people, but I also wanted to document the atrocities and atrocities of the Iraqi people. This film is a true testimony to the horror and greed that is caused by the United States government. We must fight against this criminal system. This film really does an excellent job of communicating to me how my country has been trying to break my people apart. This documentary is quite informative, but I was shocked to see how all the soldiers have a history of being treated by the Iraqis. I know a lot of soldiers who have been wounded or killed and I've learned to cope with these incidents. However, what I found most shocking was how the Iraqis can treat these soldiers as if they were nothing. I can't say that about all the soldiers because there are some who have been wounded. These soldiers are doing their job, just like I was doing my job. I wanted to take my position on the streets of Baghdad, but I didn't feel safe to do that. It was difficult for me to believe that these soldiers were being treated so well and that the Iraqi people can treat them like that. What I found most appalling about the Iraqi's was that they didn't want to use their gas masks. How could these Iraqi's treat Americans so well. There is no reason why they should be treated any better than they are treated by Iraqis. I was thinking, why are the Iraqis trying to kill the American soldiers? And why are the Iraqis at all worse than the Iraqis in the states. There are so many unpatriotic Americans that have been fighting Iraq War for the last seven years. It's like some crazy people have decided that war is right and they are the only ones who should be given the honor and the sacrifice. I think it's disgusting. But I think the people who fought in Iraq are real heroes and we should give them a place in our hearts. These people are making their country right by taking a lot of risks. I think the Iraqis are the real heroes. Their sacrifice is something we should remember. They have given their lives in the name of the people who can't give their lives for us. The Iraqi people deserve respect for their sacrifice. I'm sure the Iraqis are going to enjoy the feeling I'm giving to them. It's a beautiful feeling to know that our blood is free. It's a very precious feeling. I was really inspired by this film. I was looking for the next thing I could do after the war was over. I was looking for a real witness to see the truth. I wasn't able to find that witness but I was able to find another witness. I hope that these people get the respect they deserve. It's something that's worth fighting for. This film really is a masterpiece, a piece of art. It's like a million dollar movie but it's free. It's so beautiful. It's something that's really worth remembering.

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