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Ver Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt

Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt is a movie starring Hannah Arendt, Jury Andruchowytsch, and Aharon Appelfeld. A documentary about the life and work of hannah arendt, the prolific and unclassifiable thinker,political...

Ada Ushpiz
Hannah Arendt, Aharon Appelfeld, Jury Andruchowytsch, Steven Asheim

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Ada Ushpiz
Writer Ada Ushpiz
Stars Hannah Arendt, Aharon Appelfeld, Jury Andruchowytsch, Steven Asheim
Country Israel, Canada, Germany
Also Known As Vida Activa: O Espírito de Hanna Arendt, Hannah Arendt - Die Pflicht zum Ungehorsam, Hannah Arendt - Du devoir de la désobéissance civile, Vita Activa: Hannah Arendti vaim
Runtime 2 h 5 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A documentary about the life and work of hannah arendt, the prolific and unclassifiable thinker,political theorist, moral philosopher and polemicist, and with her encounter with the trial of Eichmann a high ranking nazi.

Top reviews

Thursday, 16 Jul 2020 11:58

This documentary is well put together, a thorough and clever look at the life of Ismael dos Santos. He is shown as the social media master of the right, and he was the victim of a flop when he was elected to the ANC in 2002. But he is also the victim of the junta that took power in 1998. The documentary covers a few of the really important events that changed the course of his life and the fate of the country. It is interesting to see how he became a celebrity in Johannesburg and how the media and political insiders soon understood that his public pronouncements and his personal personality were much more important than his politics. Some of the less important events include the immigration crisis in which he played a major role, the issue of government corruption and the deselection of the democratic government. Even though the documentary deals with the junta, the movie itself does not make an easy target of anyone. At times it is hard to tell whether the documentary is making an attack against the junta or the ANC. At times the movie also seems to have a political point of view, which is clearly not clear. It seems to be trying to criticise both sides of the political spectrum and at times it is very hard to tell what the aim of the documentary is. The key difference with other documentaries is that it gives a historical perspective, which shows how different periods in the country's history are portrayed and I enjoyed this more than most other documentaries.
Friday, 17 Apr 2020 05:45

Paul Greenberg, author of The American Museum: My Life, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology professor who invented the documentary technique of interviewing famous persons, brought his interest in American Jewish history to the forefront with the BBC's documentary "I Love the Jews". The group interviewed are Susan Sontag, Peter Eisenman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Herr Bloch, Emil Reinke, and various others. I would like to give a special comment about Deborah Lipstadt. Her discussion with the President of the Jewish Community of Borlaug was very interesting and, as with all her interviews, she added a personal touch to the film. I liked the conversation with Judith Kramer as well. She knows how to speak to the subject, with information and with knowledge. In addition to Berman's and Greenberg's interviews, "I Love the Jews" has a number of new documentaries. These include Michael Relson's "Dr. Zuckerman: He was an American Nazi", a film about the so-called "Holocaust Defense". Barbara Ehrenreich interviewed her brother, and Dan Harris interviewed his mother. As for Peter Eisenman, I enjoyed the debate about why the Jews should not become humanists. One reason is that they are better off without religion. Another is that the Holocaust was a total failure. "I Love the Jews" is an educational film. It is not a sensational documentary about the Holocaust. It is the story of a great American historian, Paul Greenberg. His passion is to show people that, as a historian, he understands the historical background better than anybody. I recommend this film to everyone who has not seen it yet. I cannot imagine it will be available in my country as a DVD. "I Love the Jews" is a great film. I wish it could be released in the US on DVD.

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