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Ver Seberg

Seberg is a movie starring Kristen Stewart, Yvan Attal, and Gabriel Sky. Inspired by real events in the life of French New Wave icon Jean Seberg. In the late 1960s, Hoover's FBI targeted her because of her political and romantic...

Drama, Biography, Thriller
Benedict Andrews
Jack O'Connell, Yvan Attal, Gabriel Sky, Kristen Stewart

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Biography, Thriller
Director Benedict Andrews
Writer Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse
Stars Jack O'Connell, Yvan Attal, Gabriel Sky, Kristen Stewart
Country UK, USA
Also Known As Vigilando a Jean Seberg, Seberg - Contra Todos os Inimigos, Seberg Contra Todos, Seberg - Nel mirino, Jean Seberg - Against All Enemies, セバーグ, Against All Enemies, Seberg: Más allá del cine
Runtime 1 h 42 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Inspired by real events in the life of French New Wave icon Jean Seberg. In the late 1960s, Hoover's FBI targeted her because of her political and romantic involvement with civil rights activist Hakim Jamal.

Top reviews

Saturday, 23 May 2020 17:42

This film is interesting, if you don't expect it to be. It tells the story of an odd couple who own a car wash, the wife of the deceased man is a pro-gun control and pro-gun violence woman. She even advocated for the use of automatic weapons in the movie! I can't imagine why she would want to commit suicide, but she did! Also, she used to have a long term relationship with the deceased, but she ended that relationship because of the death of the man. That is what I got out of the film, her psychotic tendencies. Yes, her and the film suggest that the woman is a big proponent of gun control. In the end, I got the feeling that her motive to commit suicide was to commit suicide. But the rest of the film isn't that interesting, except for the bad guy. His character is hard to connect with. He is very passive. He just sat back and watched. This character was not likable. He just showed up, and that is about it. That is not an interesting role for someone to play. His role was very uninteresting. His death is very important, and all I heard was the news reports of him being a gun owner. I couldn't connect with his character. The girl who plays the girlfriend, did a good job. Her character was very interesting. Her job is to be this gun enthusiast who is a gun lobbyist. She is very outspoken about gun control. Her boyfriend is also a gun lover. When her boyfriend is killed, she is on a mission to lobby for gun control. It seems as if she didn't really care about the guy she was with, but the guy she was with cared about her. I think the characters in the movie were made to look bad. They are portrayed as gun nuts. I really didn't feel like the guys they were playing were bad. It was a very bad movie. I don't understand why anyone would make a movie like this, but it is still interesting. If you are an average movie viewer, you will probably like the movie. The acting in the movie was decent, but not great. I don't understand why the director would make this type of movie, but I have seen worse. The violence is not that graphic, and the violence is not that gory. There are some scenes where blood is shown, and I don't know if it was necessary to show blood. Overall, the movie is not that great, but it is interesting. It is worth watching.
Friday, 15 May 2020 21:17

A lot of people have complained about the plot, but this film is really about the value of "being a "star" in an era when all of our celebrity was centered around the wealthy. What about the people like Gary Sinise? Frank Sinatra? Martin Scorsese? And this film is in the tradition of "American Beauty" that have all taken a person's life and tried to put them in a different light. Did they always have to change the character to do so? Because I think that what makes a good actor is to be able to portray a character with a heart, a soul, and an ability to look at life and think about it. Steven Spielberg made "Saving Private Ryan" a great movie that had a heart and a soul. Or how about John Grisham, a man who did a story about a man who was a so-called "gentleman". But he was just cruel. I thought he did an excellent job with this movie. He did a story about the best of humanity, and a human being that loves everyone. Maybe the director did not have enough respect for John Grisham, but that is the reason why I like his films. One thing that made this film great, is the characters that we follow. We follow two men, one a so-called "celebrity", the other a "gentleman", who somehow come to live in the same building, and that is the only reason that we watch this film. That is what made me want to watch this film more than anything else. To see how much of a human being these people really are, and how many people this is to have, because it is not just the case of getting to a rich family. It is a human being who has to suffer because of what his father has done. It is a human being who will become someone, not because he is rich, but because he is trying to love and help others, and that is what this film is about. I think that many of these movies like "The Seventh Seal", or "Wall Street", or "From Here To Eternity" where we follow characters in their lives, and how they work, are about the value of being human. And not just the "money". I think that being a human being is what it is all about.
Friday, 17 Apr 2020 07:25

The story of U.S. District Judge, John Douglass, is told in flashback as he struggles to handle the onset of Parkinson's disease. Douglass is an emotionally confused man, who makes statements that seem to be ambiguous and not real. It's not until later in the film, as the film opens up to reveal what he thinks about the film, and his life, that we really begin to understand the man that Judge Douglass is. Writer/director, Kenneth Lonergan, (The Departed), plays the role of Douglass with equal parts of mental instability, confusion, and confusion. Douglass is a former Hollywood star who, after falling from grace, finds himself in a life where he's no longer the high-flying producer he once was. However, Douglass is torn between keeping his relationship with his long-time wife, or making the decision that will change his life forever. While watching the film, it is difficult to be certain of the true thoughts and emotions of the character that we see. The film's message is clear: to keep your life simple, as it will change, and only you can decide how to do so. The film gives the audience a sense of hope and encouragement as the story progresses, especially as we see Douglass trying to make the right choice. Lonergan takes the viewer through the good and bad of Douglass' life and the life he once led. The acting is uniformly great. Christopher Walken is fantastic as Judge Douglass, as is Jessica Chastain as his wife. Vincent D'Onofrio also shows up in a small, but memorable role. It's a shame that the film only had a short running time. This is an excellent film that I hope people will see. It will make them think about their lives, and what it is to choose to live the life that we choose to live.

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