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Ver Kimi no na wa.

Kimi no na wa. is a movie starring Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, and Ryô Narita. Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep them apart?

Fantasy, Drama, Animation, Romance
Makoto Shinkai
Aoi Yûki, Ryô Narita, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi

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Genres Fantasy, Drama, Animation, Romance
Director Makoto Shinkai
Writer Clark Cheng, Makoto Shinkai, Makoto Shinkai
Stars Aoi Yûki, Ryô Narita, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi
Country Japan
Also Known As Your Name., Tu Nombre, Lub ta fun thung chue thur, 君の名は。, Numele Tau, Neoui Ileum-eun., Tên Cậu Là Gì?, 你的名字, Nei dik mingzi., Teu nome, A neved, Sinu nimi on..., Ni de mingzi., Kimi No Na Wa., Твоје име, Twoje imię, Seu Nome., Senin adın
Runtime 1 h 46 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep them apart?

Top reviews

Monday, 06 Jul 2020 05:19

For me, this movie really resonates the image of a young boy growing up in Japan. He seems to be stuck in this strange time-gap between the events of his childhood and the events of his present. This movie seems to have a message that is the crux of it all. This message is expressed by a series of dream-like images that make up the story. We see images of insects, birds, frogs, a bird that speaks, animals, and of course a human. The stories that this movie creates are told from the perspective of a young boy, Kakeru, who is so dependent on his parents, including his mother, that he's always trying to control their every move. The scenes of his childhood are still a constant part of his life. He starts to witness the disappearance of his father, his mother, and his mother's fiance. They live in a time of the peace, which seems to have passed. It is the days of the peace that seem so long ago. The movie seems to be telling us that the rest of his life will be a life of pain, which could be the same pain that he's been experiencing since he was a child. We also see a lot of fear in the scenes, like when he's supposed to go to the bathroom, and his mother is so worried about him. At first, he is afraid of going to the bathroom, and he even says that it is boring. But then he begins to remember a dream that his mother told him, and we see a very beautiful and important scene that we can't really describe. But the important part is that he starts to remember the events of his childhood, which gives him the courage to face the monsters in his life. The world he lives in now seems so simple and unreal. The movie is like a memory from his childhood that is repeating itself. We see many strange things in the movie, such as the turtle in the garden, and the fad of the flower pot. There are also many scenes that remind us of the last years of his life. We see a scene where Kakeru is about to go to school. His mother has been married to a man, and the man seems to not understand his son very much, while he's trying to understand him. The father of the woman is very distant and often even represses him. I think that this scene is like an attempt to tell us that his son, Kakeru, is not a real man. The scene in which Kakeru is in the bathroom is the best example of this. It has to do with his little baby, and Kakeru has a full bladder. But he needs to go to the bathroom, so he tells the little baby to poop on the toilet and then he goes to the bathroom, he can't stand it anymore, so he walks over to the toilet, and the little baby is just pooping on the toilet. The scene is so sad, but the image of the little baby makes Kakeru realize that he has a real human being in his arms. This brings us to another important scene that we can't explain, it's like a first meeting of Kakeru and a friend that was once a friend of his mother. I won't reveal the scene, but the two friends go to a place where they hear a very unusual sound, and they go up to a strange tree, and the tree says a lot of things to them. This is what makes this movie so important, because it shows us that the things that we can only see with our own eyes in the movies are really there. These movies remind us of the things that we can't see. This movie is worth seeing because it's a different kind of film. The way it's told and the images are so well done, that it makes you feel that you're right there in the middle of the time period, in the place, and that you are in the middle of the story. It's like watching the movie from a child's point of view. It makes you feel like it's happening to you.<|endoftext|
Monday, 08 Jun 2020 06:06

In the year of his birth, when his sister is killed by a nuclear bomb, sixteen-year-old Hiyori (Makoto Shinkai) lives in a world of fantasy. A fantasy world where all the people are robots and the sky is all red and every year people will come back to kill them. Hiyori is the only one who can see the "face" of the people they kill. Every year he dreams about her and sees her through her eyes. However, the world doesn't end and Hiyori is now trapped in the computer world. In the computer world, she sees her sister at her best and meets the other humans who are also robots. However, some of the other humans she meets like to become robots themselves. The main character of the movie is Hiyori. Makoto Shinkai directed this movie with a masterful sense of style. His style is full of references to old Japanese animation. His style is unique and his style is at the same time quirky and beautiful. I loved the scenes with the humans in the sky. I loved the dream sequence with the people in the computer world. The scene where Hiyori tries to open her heart to the humans was quite interesting. He also showed the full range of emotions in the film. Hiyori is a character that people can relate to. It's sad and it's funny and it's very cute. She is a character that is very nice and very loyal to the people she cares about. The film shows a strong character that people can identify with. A strong woman who takes care of her friends and her brother and she loves her family and she doesn't care about anything. I liked this film a lot. It was funny and it was sad and it was beautiful. I don't know why people hated this film. I don't know why people like this film but I think that it's because it's a really unique film. The music was great and the acting was good. I really enjoyed this film. It was a really unique film that shows you a different kind of story. I really liked this film. If you like this film I recommend it to you.

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