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Ver Busco novio para mi mujer

Busco novio para mi mujer is a movie starring Arath de la Torre, Sandra Echeverría, and Jesús Ochoa. Paco, so fed up with his nagging and nitpicking wife, comes up with an ingenious plan to end the unhappy union: Find her a...

Enrique Begné
Alejandro Cuétara, Arath de la Torre, Jesús Ochoa, Sandra Echeverría

All Systems Operational

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Genres Comedy
Director Enrique Begné
Writer Leticia López Margalli, Enrique Begné, Gabriel Ripstein, Pablo Solarz
Stars Alejandro Cuétara, Arath de la Torre, Jesús Ochoa, Sandra Echeverría
Country Mexico
Also Known As Find a Boyfriend for My Wife... PLEASE!, Se busca novio... para mi mujer
Runtime 1 h 32 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Paco, so fed up with his nagging and nitpicking wife, comes up with an ingenious plan to end the unhappy union: Find her a boyfriend by hiring a professional seducer nicknamed "El Taiger" to whisk her off her feet and out of the marriage.

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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 20:16

One of the most talked about movies in the last few years, the legendary Spanish director, Alfredo Gonzalez, managed to make his directorial debut with a film called "The Aesthetics of Sex." It tells the story of a young woman, Alba (Yolanda Arau) and her new boyfriend, Roberto (Antonio Barrera) who decide to spend a week with a couple of men, and discover that sex is a lot more than just the talk. Along the way, they meet a young man, a lesbian, a man with a new girlfriend, a man who has a woman, and a man who is having a secret. This is one of the best films of its kind. I first saw this film when I was a teenager. I liked the characters, and I really enjoyed the story. The story was very original, and the writing was fantastic. The cast was very good, with excellent performances by the entire cast, including some great scenes, and great scenes with fantastic performances by both actors. Alfonso Gonzalez was one of the most talented Spanish directors of the last 20 years, and "The Aesthetics of Sex" is his masterpiece. It is not just a film about sex, it is also a film about identity, and it explores all of that, and shows that love is not about sex. It explores love, sex, and relationships in a wonderful way, and it shows the message of love, sex, and relationships to an entire generation. The acting was also great, and Alfonso Gonzalez was able to capture the wonderful performances of the entire cast, and Alfonso Gonzalez's directing was excellent, and the cinematography was great. "The Aesthetics of Sex" is one of the best films of its kind, and it is one of the most talked about films of its kind. I recommend this film to everyone. I give it an 8/10.
Monday, 13 Apr 2020 16:01

Gadfly, a dreamer, is sent back to his home town by a mysterious stranger to retrieve a shipment of gasoline for the local mob boss. In the process of trying to make his way back, he accidentally bumps into the mob boss and the two of them develop a deep friendship. Of course this friendship is threatened by a mafia member named Wanda. Wanda's a woman who can manipulate everyone around her in ways that can only be seen in a modern day mob film. When she takes the gangster's daughter to her home and is all ready to make her life miserable, Gadfly doesn't hesitate to help her get away. I'll be honest here and say that I was looking forward to seeing this film as I thought that it would be another decent film by a director who has had a hit or two in the past, but in the end I was left a bit disappointed. It wasn't awful, but I still felt like I was watching a bunch of amateur films with a big budget attached to it. It was well made and I do like a few of the scenes that were shot in that area, but overall this film is nothing great. There were parts in this film that were really funny and some that were really depressing and I have to admit that I laughed out loud a couple of times but mostly it was just really boring and nothing that I would recommend. For what it's worth I did enjoy the movie, I didn't like it but I was entertained enough to enjoy it and it's just a shame that it didn't live up to the potential that I felt it had. It's a decent enough film but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are looking for a film that is a bit on the worse end of things. It is watchable and I think that people who like gangster films and stuff should like it, but I wouldn't go out of your way to watch it.
Monday, 13 Apr 2020 12:33

This is a really, really good comedy with a big dose of surrealism. I enjoyed it very much, and think it's the kind of movie that you can watch again and again. The acting is very good, especially by the main character, who is played by an amazing actor named Alberto De La Torre, who is extremely funny. His character is about an important person in the country, who comes to town to visit the relatives and is being very kind, but his wife is very angry at him. She is demanding that he work for her family. At first, it seems that he is trying to do what he has to do, but he soon finds that he can't help it, and gets very annoyed. And, of course, he has to find a way to get his wife to accept the way he is treating his family, and he comes up with the idea of his wife dressing up in a cute outfit to impress him, so he can get some work done. What I liked about this movie is that it isn't just about what people do to get work done. It's also about what they do to get love. There is a scene where they are in a restaurant, and the waiter who is supposed to be nice to his wife tells her to leave him alone, and she walks away, but then the waiter finds her, and tells her he can't help it, that he loves her and is very happy to see her. There are also several very funny scenes where Alberto plays the waiter's wife, but you won't be able to tell that he is the waiter's wife. He looks like the waiter. Also, the waiter is played by an amazing actor named Gregorio Solis, who is very funny, and he gives an amazing performance. I really loved this movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes surrealism or comedy.

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