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Ver The China Hustle

The China Hustle is a movie starring Soren Aandahl, Carson Block, and Dan David. An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the...

Jed Rothstein
Dan David, Soren Aandahl, Carson Block, Matthew Wiechert

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Jed Rothstein
Writer Jed Rothstein
Stars Dan David, Soren Aandahl, Carson Block, Matthew Wiechert
Country USA
Also Known As Chinski przekret
Runtime 1 h 22 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the biggest heist you've never heard of.

Top reviews

Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 22:32

I don't know what else to say, but I love this documentary. It is a great insight into what the movie industry is really like. I've never been to a movie theatre, but I do believe that's the way it should be. It's about how you go into a theatre and there are no seats, just rows of seats. The people sit on the front rows, there are no seats in the back. You have to stand up to use the bathroom, or to get a drink. People are forced to do this, because they are starving to have a good seat. I'm a musician, so it's very interesting to see how it's like. I've never been to a concert, but I've seen a lot of concerts. And this documentary made me think about how musicians are forced to do these things to make money. There are people who have their own band, and the whole concept of being a band is not something that they can do without. It's a tough industry to be in. I think it's also important to show the people who make the movies, because you can tell them how it's really like. But the thing that I love about this documentary is that they show you these people, who are in their 40's and 50's, and they can't do it without. You can tell they have to do this for the money, and it's hard work. There are also scenes of children, who have to make up their own music. And the music is really hard work, because you have to get up at 6am and make up your own songs. I really enjoyed this documentary. I thought it was really well done, and the acting was good. I don't know if I would recommend it to people, because it's really hard to get into a theatre, but it's a great documentary.
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 18:21

I was impressed by this documentary and the idea of the project, which is an attempt to establish a database of contacts from all levels of society, from the professional to the grassroots. The project is based on the premise that relationships among the global elite must be understood and studied. The documentary is directed by Peter Maas, who is a highly regarded international documentary director and producer. This film was shown in New York, Washington, D.C. and Mexico. I found it interesting to see that Maas had interviews from the political, business, religious, and other elites. While some of the interviews were not as well produced as the interviews with the global elites, others were very well produced and quite insightful. I was surprised to see the lack of corporate executives and directors in the interviews. The bottom line is that there are many different types of relationships and the relationships among the elite are diverse. The filmmakers explore this by showing clips from interviews with a variety of different people. The question that the film raises is how do you make the connection between the different kinds of relationships? This is a very interesting question, because there is no single answer. This is a very interesting film, but it's not a very scientific or scientific study. It's based on what people tell us, but it's not scientific. I would recommend this film to those who want to see how the relationships among the global elite have changed over the past years. I recommend that you go to the websites of the global elites and read their profiles and you'll be able to see that the picture is very different from what we see in the documentary.
Thursday, 21 May 2020 13:38

It's amazing what a single set of circumstances can accomplish, one can't help but marvel at how this single event became the catalyst for many other major events. Such as how Robert Greenwald becomes the new face of American media, how a number of other former high ranking officials and government officials were now available for interviews. The documentary is divided into segments, where the filmmaker introduces each person in order to get to know them. Each person shares an insight into their life, their motivations, and their opinions. From those who are both interested in the story, but also feel compelled to comment on it. The interviews range from the very funny, to the very personal, to the intense. The interviews are interesting, and you find yourself empathizing with each of the participants. The interviewees are interesting, but not the focal point of the documentary. The main focus is on the impact of the scandal on the nation. The documentary is certainly not without its flaws. There are several inconsistencies. For example, the film seems to cut out certain segments where the participants discuss the news, or the events of the scandal, or the personal life of the people interviewed. The interviews are always filled with political remarks, and some of the interviews are edited out entirely. The documentary also has a few too many music clips, which tend to add a lot of tension to the proceedings. The majority of the documentary is a truly remarkable look into the lives of the people who were involved in the scandal. You'll never forget this film.
Sunday, 12 Apr 2020 13:11

As a longtime George W. Bush supporter and as someone who likes to examine what happened in the Middle East and elsewhere, I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary. It is a powerful and entertaining film. A few criticisms may be made: The use of images of the American flag and President Bush is not something that would make me necessarily not like this film, as it is a far better film than the "mission accomplished" style that has been used by some anti-Bush film makers. The use of footage from the Iran hostage crisis to illustrate the situation in the Middle East was somewhat problematic, though. Some of the images were not very accurate, but the films did not fall into the trap of "throwing all the cameras into the air" that some anti-Bush films do. The film shows the role of Israel and the role of America in the Middle East. Some of the images were not particularly interesting and the film makers could have done better in their attempts to give the viewer more information about the countries of the region and the people who live there. This film may not be very popular among the American public and the truth will not be accepted by many who are afraid of the truth. The people of the Middle East will never accept the truth about their nation's leaders and the people who are using them for their own gain. It is not fair to be using this film to condemn the Americans for their role in the Middle East, but rather to show what is going on there and to try and make people aware of what is happening.

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