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Ver Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight is a movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, and Josh Duhamel. A deadly threat from Earth's history reappears, and a hunt for a lost artifact takes place between Autobots and Decepticons, while...

Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Michael Bay
Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel

All Systems Operational

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Genres Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Director Michael Bay
Writer Art Marcum, Ken Nolan, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan, Akiva Goldsman, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway
Stars Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel
Country Canada, USA, China
Also Known As Transformers: Chiến Binh Cuối Cùng, Transformers 5: The Last Knight, Transformers: Az utolsó lovag, Transformers: Le dernier chevalier, Transformeri: Pēdējais bruņinieks, Transformers: Viimeinen ritari, Transformersi 5: Poslednji vitez, Transformers: el último caballero, Transformers - L'ultimo cavaliere, Transformers: Posledný rytier, トランスフォーマー 最後の騎士王, Transformers: O Último Cavaleiro, Transformers: Ostatni Rycerz, Transformeriai: paskutinis riteris, Transformers 5: Son Şövalye, Transformers 5: Ostatni Rycerz, Robotrickim: ha'abir ha'akharon, 變形金剛5:最終騎士, Transformers 5, Transformers 5: Ο τελευταίος ιππότης, Tabdil shavandegan: Akharin shovalie, Transformerid: Viimane rüütel, Transformers: Ultimul cavaler, Transformeri: Posljednji vitez, Transformers: El último caballero
Runtime 2 h 34 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Three years after Optimus Prime left Earth, the Autobots are still a world threat, and are at war with the Decepticons. Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) finds a Talisman given from a dying Transformer. However, the U.S. Military and the Decepticons find Cade and the Autobots, and are now on the run again. Cade meets a Transformer known as Cogman and tells him and Bumblebee to head to London with him. They meet with an English Lord known as Sir Edmund Burton (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and head to a Cybertronian Knights ship underwater, They encounter Optimus Prime, but he's now evil and his master is Quintessa. Quintessa's intention is to collide Cybertron and Earth so Cybertron can begin again. And it's up to Cade, an English professor known as Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock), Sir Edmund Burton, Cogman, Bumblebee, and the rest of the Autobots to save the world.

Top reviews

Sunday, 14 Jun 2020 03:18

For the first time in a long time I have gone to a movie without a worry about having seen the previous ones. This was a pleasant surprise. It had everything a good movie should have, action, funny moments, a solid story and of course good visuals. The visual effects are incredible and really help to show the complex story line. One of the most amazing scenes is the opening sequence with the original Optimus Prime talking to Megatron. The scene has great dramatic moments and is very well placed. The rest of the movie also had great moments. When they finally arrive to the beach the action was great. It was action packed and fun. It had the sense of it being a Transformers movie not a Star Wars movie, which was a huge mistake. There is a scene where the Autobots are on the beach and they are ambushed by the Decepticons. There are a few characters in this movie that you can relate to in some way. That is something that makes the movie good. You get to see some of the biggest stars of the franchise in action and you feel like they are in a good movie. For example, the fight between Optimus and Megatron is very intense and has an awesome way of showing the action. The story in the movie is a good one. It has a good message and is told in a fun way. There is not a lot of action in this movie but when there is it is very good. The Decepticons are very powerful and the characters have great powers and are able to handle them. The movie does have a lot of action. Some of the most awesome action scenes are when Optimus and his friends fight the Decepticons. The only flaw I have with the movie is the pacing. There is a lot of action and some of it is quite fast paced, which can get a bit annoying at times. I also have to say that I was a little bit disappointed with the ending of this movie. The movie does show the conclusion of the original trilogy but in a way that feels very forced. Overall, I think this is a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I really enjoyed it and am going to see it again. This movie has everything a good movie should have. The visuals are amazing and the story is great. I think everyone who is going to see this movie should see the previous films, otherwise you will be very disappointed. The Transformers: The Last Knight is a great movie and it has the feel of a Transformers movie, not Star Wars, so go to see it and you will enjoy it. I hope to see a lot of sequels and prequels in the future.
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020 20:20

Before I go into my personal thoughts on this movie, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I've never been a fan of Transformers movies in general. I love movies and I like to watch them, but I've always found that most of them have some kind of plot problem. Usually it's the love story, or the villains that get to do what they do. This is not the case here. The story is brilliant and it's written very well. The directing and the editing is also really good. All the actors are great and fit perfectly into their roles. The only problem is that there's a very noticeable problem with this movie. It's one of the most weak sequels ever. That is the main reason why I didn't like this movie. The characters are weak, the action is weak and the story is weak. It's almost as if the writers tried to cram too much in, instead of focusing on one plot. There is one good thing about this movie. It is a complete movie. There is nothing wrong with that. If you have watched the previous 3 movies, you will know that it's almost impossible to fit everything in there. The movie is just too short. And in general, the last 3 movies are not good, they're not even great. They're mediocre. I personally don't like this movie at all. The most painful thing is that it has become the best sequel of all time. And I don't even consider it a sequel. It's a whole movie that just happens to be about Transformers. It's the perfect movie to watch if you're a Transformers fan. I can't recommend this movie to anybody. I don't recommend it to anyone. It's weak, the story is weak, the acting is weak and it's a complete movie. This is the reason why I don't recommend this movie to anybody.
Sunday, 12 Apr 2020 12:07

The most important thing to remember when watching the Transformers franchise is that this is not the "I know you must be thinking, why am I watching this?" movies. This is more of a reflection of a person's opinions and self-analysis. There are some aspects of this movie that you should expect, but nothing that you shouldn't expect. As a movie, this movie is much more of a reflection of the current state of the franchise. There is more of a focus on the story, the characters and the franchise itself. It is the "New" Transformers, so this movie is about the "Old" Transformers. There are some things that are more prevalent in this movie than in the other movies. One of the things that are more prevalent is the more extreme and realistic portrayal of the Decepticons. This is a movie that shows us what they look like and what their intentions are. When it comes to characters, we can clearly see the weakness of the Autobots. The Autobots are not really one of the most well-rounded or well-written characters. They are one of the most well-rounded, but they are also the most broken and inept characters in the franchise. The story of the movie, however, is a lot more light-hearted. The storyline is about a young boy who is the most important person in the universe. All of his decisions and actions have a major effect on the universe. All of his actions are based on his own opinions and personal life, and the way he reacts to situations and changes in his life are a reflection of his own life. This is the "New" Transformers, so this movie is about the "Old" Transformers. There is also a larger focus on the romance in this movie. It is one of the most important parts of the Transformers franchise. I will give the film some points because I will say it is a "strong" romance. It is the relationship between Sam and Optimus Prime that is the most romantic and the most human. All of the action in the film revolves around the action that Sam and Optimus are involved in. This is not a cheesy or unnecessary love story. I really liked this movie. It was a lot of fun to watch and I enjoyed the film. It was an interesting take on the Transformers franchise. If you have seen the other films in the franchise, you will be satisfied with this movie. I really like the film and I would say that it is a good "safe" blockbuster movie. This movie is the second best Transformers movie to me and the first is the first movie. The movie has a lot of good points and a lot of bad points, but it is still a good movie. There is not much that I don't like about the movie, but I am not going to say anything about the film. This movie is a good reflection of the current state of the franchise.

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