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Ver Xia dao lian meng

Xia dao lian meng is a movie starring Andy Lau, Qi Shu, and Jingchu Zhang. The world's top thieves join forces to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But when they find themselves pursued across Europe by a legendary French detective,...

Drama, Crime, Action, Adventure
Stephen Fung
Tony Yo-ning Yang, Qi Shu, Jingchu Zhang, Andy Lau

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Crime, Action, Adventure
Director Stephen Fung
Writer Todd Weinger, Stephen Fung, Zhichao Ha, Xiaozhuang Huang, Chi Kwong Cheung, Yiu Fai Lo
Stars Tony Yo-ning Yang, Qi Shu, Jingchu Zhang, Andy Lau
Country Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong
Also Known As The Adventurers, Once a Thief, Zong heng si hai, Skok życia, グレート・アドベンチャー, The Adventurers - Gli avventurieri, Chik wang sei hoi, Phi Vụ Cuối Cùng
Runtime 1 h 48 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description The world's top thieves join forces to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But when they find themselves pursued across Europe by a legendary French detective, they'll have to take their game to the next level.

Top reviews

Monday, 06 Jul 2020 09:22

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is the second of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon series. The first movie was released in 2004. The movie is set in the 20th century. In the future, China has evolved into a state of feudal society. It is run by the Three Kingdoms, who are ruled by the emperor. The Emperor is blind, and a traitor who plots against him. He is captured and has his eyes replaced by a beast. The three kingdoms send their most powerful warrior, Sun Wukong, to kill him. Sun Wukong and his master, the Wolf Clan, meet the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. They manage to destroy the emperor. However, Sun Wukong is sent back to the future and becomes a warrior in the rebellion against the Three Kingdoms. He meets the hero of the year, the girl, and a ghost girl. Sun Wukong, the hero, learns of the Emperor's fate. He comes to learn that the Emperor has been restored and that he has been reincarnated. Sun Wukong kills his master and learns that the emperor is the one who created the Emperor. He then is sent back to the future to destroy the Three Kingdoms. He meets the Ghost of the Year, and the girl, and they defeat Sun Wukong. The story is exciting and the actors are superb. The only problem I have with the movie is that it's not really a movie. It's more of a TV series. It's not really an action movie, and it's not really a drama. It's more of a drama with action in it. I would have liked it to be a movie, but it was not really an action movie. However, it's still an excellent movie. I give it a 7/10.
Thursday, 04 Jun 2020 17:45

Some reviewers have claimed this movie is anti-China. They seem to have missed the point of the movie, which is to simply entertain, not to condemn. In this case the movie is to provide a sense of wonder and escape from the political aspects of modern China. In this sense it is very much to the point. This is not meant to be a paean to China's political system, but to demonstrate the power of simple fantasy, the power of the imagination. The fantasy is based on a false history and its inhabitants are largely fictional. The fantasy is based on the simplicity of Chinese life and the Chinese character, which is the core of this movie. It is the most important aspect of this movie, and it is well expressed. It is ironic that a fantasy about China's social structure was used to hide the reality of this movie. However, it does not matter. The characters are good, the story is good, and the fantasy is good. I liked the scenery in the movie. The characters, as a whole, are very well drawn and the scenery is beautiful. The costumes and the costumes in general are very well done. There is a certain perfection to this movie. It is not meant to be a representation of the Chinese society. It is an exploration of the possibilities of fantasy and the power of imagination. This movie is quite imaginative and it has a lot of action and an excellent story. It is a fantasy that could have been made in any country, and it could have been made just as well in any country. It is a fantasy about a country that is changing. This is not a documentary or a film to educate the public about China's political system. It is a fantasy, and it is a fantasy about a fantasy. It is an entertaining movie, and it is a very good one.
Sunday, 12 Apr 2020 08:36

In the late 90s, Chinese cinema was rocked by the emergence of Hollywood, with the likes of Ang Lee, Jack Black and Jason Statham leading the charge. Of the three, Lee was the most recognisable, having already established himself in a cult movie called The Warriors, followed by the equally funny The English Patient. Statham, in the meantime, was a bit of a mixed bag. The Transporter series had been made for television, but had found it's audience when it was put into cinemas, with the first two films earning over $1 million. While those films were excellent, they lacked the heart and soul that made Ang Lee's first films such classics. Now, 20 years later, he has returned to cinema with the action comedy Shaolin Soccer. The plot follows a young lads who are star footballers in China, who are brought up in a dysfunctional family. Their father (played by Jacky Cheung) is dead, and they are forced to deal with the fact that their mother (played by the phenomenal Lea Tien) is not there anymore, so they are forced to look after their younger brother (played by Huang Yu) who is heavily bullied by his peers. He ends up getting involved with the local soccer team, and finds himself as the star player. His chance to impress the coach and play in the big games comes when he helps out a local boy, (played by Tony Leung) who has a soft spot for Chinese food. Together, they go on a trip to the country's largest stadium, and win the big game. It's an extremely simplistic story, but it doesn't matter because it's just fun to watch. The fact that it's set in China, it's never been here, and it's always going to be popular, makes it all the more fun. The cast are fantastic, and there are some great one liners that never get old. Even though I enjoyed the film, it's not the best film I've ever seen, but it is still a good film to watch. It's entertaining, and has great action sequences, and is certainly worth a watch. 8/10

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