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Ver Brimstone & Glory

Ecstatic ritual, danger and the absolute beauty of fireworks.

Viktor Jakovleski

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Friday, 26 Jun 2020 14:51

So often films about the people of my time are simplistic, melodramatic, and so devoid of depth that they cannot be truly appreciated. This is a rare exception. The documentary is an incredible, thought-provoking film. What does the movie say about my time, but so little of it that I couldn't tell you. It tells me a great deal about the people and places of my generation. They are not what you'd expect. They are not happy, they are not rich, and they are not wise. They are the product of the earth. Their lives and their ideas are a reflection of that. And I've loved them all. As a teenager, I fell in love with the woman who became my mother, and I've admired the woman who became my grandmother. These people were the people of my world, but I wasn't a child when they were children, and I didn't know them, and I have a lot of respect for them, for they know the value of time, and they know that there is no point in fighting it. In their stories, I have heard the word "We" that goes to the heart of the power of words. They know how to connect with others, and they know how to connect with the power of words. And their love is, for me, powerful. The beauty of the film is that we are not told the truth, we are told what they tell us, and they tell us the truth. The film is a labor of love, and we owe it to them to see it. I know that what I heard on my television screen is far different than what I've experienced on my own. I know that what I saw on the television screen is not what I've experienced, and that I owe it to them to see it, to see the beauty of life. They are my parents. And I am grateful that they exist. I'm grateful that I've been able to hear their voices. I'm grateful that I've seen their movies. And I'm grateful that they exist. To everyone who lives here and has the opportunity to hear this story, and to those who have yet to see this film, to the ones who have yet to read this, I say, you must see it. I'm grateful that I've had this chance to hear their voices. I'm grateful that I can hear their words. I'm grateful that I'm able to share their stories. Thank you.
Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 10:59

Just a quick note: I had been dreading seeing this movie. I had not seen the trailer, had no interest in seeing it and never thought I would like it. But I am so glad I did! This movie is a wonderful portrayal of how American attitudes toward homosexuals have changed. It is also a great depiction of the efforts of gay men and women to gain acceptance by the family and community. There are so many powerful, touching, and inspiring moments in this film that I was able to forget that it was filmed. In fact, I was so touched by the grace and compassion of the young man at the end of the film that I had tears in my eyes. I was moved by the courage of the young man who played John (played by Danny Wilk) to come out to his family, his peers, and his church community. He was even brave enough to tell his priest, who was his support system, that he loved him and had a family. The priest, in a quiet voice, told him that he should stay in the closet and that he should not tell anyone. To my knowledge, this is the first priest to ever come out in a movie. I am sure it will be the last. In fact, I am certain that this is the first film to feature a gay character in a major film. It's not often that the film makers do that. It's so rare. This film has a very simple and powerful message. No special effects, no expensive costumes, no special camera work. Just a simple movie that could easily be missed by the average person. If you want to know more about the film, please read the description provided by the DVD-case. I can't stress enough how much I liked the DVD-case and the DVD-case alone! I will buy it on a second viewing. I am so glad I watched this film! I am so glad the producers, director, actors, and everyone involved in this movie, came to this website and shared their story with the world. This film has been released for so long and yet, I feel that it is still fresh and exciting. The only thing that seems to be missing is the DVD-case!
Saturday, 23 May 2020 02:31

Hear that a real question on the agenda at the very least. That's right, the question is this: If you saw the movie, did it change your life, or do you think that people have a way of influencing each other in a way that will make them better off? As a movie, this is as much a story as it is a story. If you're not involved in the art world, you may think that there is no point in seeing the movie. But, I mean, we're talking about an artist, who has to make a movie to change people's lives. That's not a bad thing. I don't know if he's the only one who saw it, but I think he did a great job. The movie's done by an independent filmmaker, who got a lot of people to see it, and it's done by a film student. So, there are a lot of different people involved in the making of this movie. What do they all do? They all talk about it. I think that they did a really great job of telling the story. They made it easy for you to see, and they didn't put any pressure on you to make a choice that would make you happier or happier. They talked about their feelings about what they felt, and they talked about what they thought the movie should have done. I think that they did a really good job of making the movie about a person, who doesn't always get the recognition he deserves. He's a real person, and you see that in the movie. And, I think that the actors and actresses really took the time to talk about their feelings about the movie, and that's really important for me. I think that this movie really brought the art world together, because I've always thought that it was a real struggle to see a movie like this, and a real struggle to see it about someone who really can't be affected by it. But, I think that this movie really showed that the art world can do things about change, and that art can have an impact on people. So, the movie is about people that were involved in the making of this movie, and I think that it's really great.

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