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Ver Truman

Truman is a movie starring Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara, and Dolores Fonzi. Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julián's faithful dog, Truman, will share...

Comedy, Drama
Cesc Gay
Troilo, Javier Cámara, Dolores Fonzi, Ricardo Darín

All Systems Operational

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Genres Comedy, Drama
Director Cesc Gay
Writer Cesc Gay, Tomàs Aragay
Stars Troilo, Javier Cámara, Dolores Fonzi, Ricardo Darín
Country Spain, Argentina
Also Known As Truman: Una sonrisa para la vida, Daca Truman ar vorbi, しあわせな人生の選択, Vänner för livet, Trumanas, Paras ystäväni Truman, Truman - Un vero amico è per sempre, Truman: Venner for livet, Τρούμαν, Una sonrisa a la vida, Freunde fürs Leben, Truman: Kha'verim ad ha'sof
Runtime 1 h 48 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julián's faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julián's complicated situation.

Top reviews

Tuesday, 07 Jul 2020 07:28

I know it's been many years since I've seen this movie, but I still remember it quite well. I was 14 or 15 when I first saw this movie, and I remember it vividly. I think it was my favorite movie of all time, and still is. It's great. Now, when I think about how this movie really resonated with me, I still can't decide what to think of it. Is it the heart of the story, or the script? Well, I really have to admit, I like the script a lot. The main character, Truman, is a down-on-his-luck writer who lives in the crumbling south. Truman, a compulsive liar and a lousy alcoholic, has lost everything he ever owned, and what he's left with is a pair of young children who he wants to bring up in a traditional family environment. He's in a constant state of depression, and it's this depression that makes him so incapable of living life to its fullest. The young children who Truman wants to raise aren't all that different from his children he has. So, when he finds himself in an empty apartment and his roommate passes out, he goes to take the kid who he thinks is sleeping under the bed. When he walks in, he notices that the kid is wearing a suit, and he asks the kid what his name is, and the kid responds, "Truman." Truman is speechless. This is not the first time a kid has called him by that name, and it's not the first time he has met him. And so, Truman takes the kid under his wing, and gives him a job to write stories about the little boy who has come to stay with him, but he can't let him stay because he's not old enough to work. Truman begins to have a real relationship with the kid, and through it all, he keeps his job. This relationship is a lot like the one he has with the kids in the first movie. Truman isn't totally sure how to handle the situation, but he goes along with it because he has to. It's at this point in the movie that I began to think that it was going to be a really great movie. But it wasn't. The problem with the script was that Truman was just too intense. He was such a bad guy, but his life just wouldn't stop until he got the kid to let him stay with him. I didn't like the idea of him being such a jerk, and the way he treated the kid was completely uncharacteristic. I also think that there was some kind of conflict between the kid and Truman that went beyond the kid's being a single parent. I also think that Truman was an extremely depressed person in the movie, and yet, he managed to find happiness in the life he had. I also think that he just didn't seem like he really loved the kid, but at the same time, he had to live up to the expectations of everyone who was close to him. The kid was great in this movie, and it was one of those films that I will always remember. But I also think that it's not really an 'indie' movie. It was written and directed by Greg McLean, who also directed the wonderful "Hangmen," another movie I liked. And while he doesn't direct the movie as well as McLean did, it's still an excellent movie. I still love the script, and it's one of my all time favorites, but I think the writing was also the weakest point of the movie. "The Truman Show" is a wonderful movie, and I still watch it every so often. I just have to admit that I can't really think of a single reason why I would ever want to watch it again. I think the story is good, but the writing is weak. I give it a B-.
Monday, 22 Jun 2020 10:12

Here is another brilliant performance from a great actor, Denzel Washington. I love his movies and always feel his voice is the most powerful in all of them. It is the voice that makes me forget the movie for a couple of hours and see things I may not have seen before. In this movie, he plays a reporter who is writing a book about the assassinations of John F. Kennedy. There is a reporter, Bill Condon, who is the object of Truman's fascination. I love the movie so much because Truman is great at understanding the world and Condon is so unsure about it, but he knows that he is right and that people are wrong. He is a great narrator of the movie. I loved the scene when Truman is giving Condon the story of a person who claims that he is John F. Kennedy and Truman doesn't believe him. He tells Condon to say no and Condon tells him that he doesn't believe anyone can say that. Then Truman tells him to say yes. He says no. They don't understand each other. He is just as unsure as Condon. So they don't know each other. Truman is brilliant and Condon is wrong. He is great at understanding other people and he is not right. He has to put his doubts to rest by getting Condon to believe in him. I have to tell you, I am a big fan of Denzel Washington. He is my favorite actor and he has an amazing voice. In this movie, I was so taken by his performance and he had the perfect voice for this role. I am glad I got to see this movie. I love movies like this and I hope to see more like it.
Wednesday, 13 May 2020 10:25

I'm going to start off by saying that this film is not to be taken seriously. There are a number of scenes that are obviously part of the satirical wit that is to be expected from Schindler's List, but in terms of the real-life event, there isn't much for those who don't know the history to learn. In a way, it's a somewhat philosophical and religious film. I do believe that Spielberg was basically taking a swipe at Christianity, and I also believe that he was taking a swipe at some of the ideas that had taken hold in Nazi Germany. But in a way, I think he was also saying something profound about what it means to be human, and how those of us who have the gift of language and the gift of reason can achieve our goals. I don't know that it will resonate with the general public in the same way as Schindler's List, but I think it will resonate with those who have the benefit of hindsight, or who have read the book. If you want to understand what I mean, watch the movie. It's not the best movie ever, but it is a great reminder that the struggle is not over. Schindler's List was about saving people's lives, and the two films are about the struggle of living your life to the fullest, and the struggle of trying to overcome that struggle. To those who would like to understand the finer points of Schindler's List, I suggest you read the book. I'm not going to spoil anything for those who haven't read the book. It's not a very good book, and I don't think it's ever going to be considered one of the best books ever written, but it is a good book, and it has the benefit of being based on a true story. I think that anyone who has read the book will appreciate the parallels in the two films. Schindler's List is a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone who can put aside their political biases, who wants to see an uplifting film that will actually make them think, and who can appreciate the film for what it is: a great film. It is, by any measure, a great film. If you have seen Schindler's List, and you haven't read the book, I highly recommend that you read the book first. It is an amazing story, and you will have an infinitely better understanding of the movie if you read the book first. 9/10
Thursday, 09 Apr 2020 08:58

This is a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, it's not trying to be a masterpiece. It's just a little fun with some comedy and some heart. It's just a fun movie and if you just relax and don't think about the film or it's content then it will work. I'm not sure why this movie is so highly rated, maybe the fact that it's a comedy. The people who write the reviews are obviously not happy with this movie. They don't like the fact that it's not a true masterpiece. I'm not sure what the film makers were thinking. Just relax and enjoy it. Don't think about the film, don't compare it to other films, just enjoy it for what it is. This movie is about a man who is raised by a loving, caring mother, who thinks nothing of getting married and having a family. But when he meets his neighbor's daughter, he gets a very different perspective on life. Her husband is cheating on her with a married woman, and she has no idea how to deal with it. So, this is a movie about a man who doesn't think anything about what he does or how he acts. He just wants to be loved and he doesn't really care what happens to him. This movie has nothing to do with morals or morality, it's just a movie with comedy and a happy ending. I found this movie to be funny and fun. The actors all play their roles very well, and the audience is rooting for the two main characters. The cast does a wonderful job, and the movie moves along nicely. It keeps you engaged and happy, and it keeps you on your toes. It's a good film and I recommend it.

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