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Ver Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream

On New York's rapidly gentrifying Lower East Side sits the Streit's Matzo factory. When its doors opened in 1925, it sat at the heart of the nation's largest Jewish immigrant community. Today, in its fifth generation of family ownership, it remains as the last family owned matzo factory in America. Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream tells the story of the factory, of the family, of its workers, of its place in the rich history of the Lower East Side and America. It is a story of tradition, of resilience and resistance, of the perseverance of the Jewish people, and of immigrants of all backgrounds who have found home in the Lower East Side, behind the doors of Streit's, or in the matzo they bake.

Family, Documentary, History
Michael Levine

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Saturday, 27 Jun 2020 16:56

A documentary that was filmed in the early 1980's and features the work of the famous historian Robert Paxton. It's the story of how that from the 1930's to the 1940's, people, and events, changed the lives of millions of Americans. But it's also the story of how those changes were violently effected by the disastrous policies of the Roosevelt administration. But there is much more to this film than what we see. It also shows how the film was made, and the cooperation between the filmmaker and the editors. The documentary was made to show the current world. How it is that the events of the past can have a big impact on the lives of the present and the future. There are many important historical and political events that have been changed and corrupted by the policies of the previous government. But the film also shows how these policies are being created today. The current administration is so full of ignorance, and a major reason why so many Americans are having problems with the government and economic policy. They also seem to have lost touch with the realities of life in the 20th century. But the film also shows that there are ways of living that can be pursued with greater happiness. People can use their imagination and learn to love and appreciate their lives. They can also learn to stop worrying about what others think, and to stop waiting for the government to do something for them. That is the message of this film. I also highly recommend seeing the documentary "Dreams from My Father" which is the story of a woman who was kidnapped by her stepfather in her childhood. The documentary also includes a interview with another woman who was abducted at a very young age by her stepfather. These two are very inspiring. The film is worth watching and I would recommend it to everyone.
Friday, 15 May 2020 20:18

This is one of the few documentaries I have seen which shows the real, often shocking, truth about the Holocaust, as well as the other major genocide that happened in the 20th century. I love this film because of the amazing message it gives, and I truly believe that "Matzo and the American Dream" should be mandatory viewing in every school and in every home. The great thing about this film is that it is so honest and straightforward, without any glamorizing or sensationalizing the Holocaust. It is also powerful in how it tells the story of Matzo, an Israeli who lost all of his family in the Holocaust, who had no one to turn to after his mother died, or when he was adopted by an American family. The film does not leave you with a sense of guilt or sympathy for the family who lost them, and you can't help but feel for the Jewish people who lost so many of their family members in the Holocaust. It shows the hardships they went through, how their lives were ruined and ruined again by the Nazis. It also shows how the parents of the children lost their faith in God, their home, their children, and in themselves. And it does it without any sugarcoating or sensationalizing. You get to see the suffering they went through, and they are very honest and straightforward. In fact, one of the things that impressed me most about this film is the honesty and honesty of the Jewish people themselves, who wanted to tell their story. If they had done it any other way, I think it would have been too "Hollywood" and "PC", which I don't think is the most accurate way to tell a story about the Holocaust. I think the real message of this film is how much people have lost and how much their lives have been ruined by the Holocaust. I have no doubt that this film will do much more to educate the public about the Holocaust, and it has a powerful message about the message of love, compassion and tolerance. I will recommend this film to all my friends.
Wednesday, 06 May 2020 10:38

The documentary "Matzo: the American Dream" explores the importance of matzo bread in the U.S. culture and how this tradition was lost when the Pilgrims arrived in 1620. As the documentary narrates, this bread is consumed as a gift, and it was a symbol of what a person could become. The film shows the story of the Pilgrims, a group of settlers in New England in the 1600s who arrived to find a land. The story was based on the account of the two men who came with the ship of Christopher Columbus. These men were Sir Walter Raleigh and the younger Sir Francis Drake. The film shows how they were the first Europeans to enter America. In the movie, we see the cultures of the Pilgrims, the Native Americans, the Irish and the Scottish. These cultures are analyzed from the perspective of people who are involved in the development of the tradition. The documentary is a well-done documentary. The cinematography is superb and the photography is especially good when the film focuses on the Native Americans. In the documentary, we see the Native Americans on their traditional land and then we see them on their traditional lands and then we see them in the early settlement of the Pilgrims. The movie has a very unique style, with only very few shots taken with the traditional camera. As a documentary, it is good, but as a documentary, it is outstanding. This is the first documentary I have seen that is very good. I recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys documentaries.
Thursday, 09 Apr 2020 11:34

The reality of life is like the films, you have to live it, and that is why I wanted to see this. I think the topic of this documentary is important, and what I feel is a film that should be viewed, is about the wealth and poverty of America. For example, there is an average household in the United States, in the richest 5% of households. The bottom 50% of households has a lower income. I believe the average American family is not happy with what they are having, and is not happy with what they are having. So they look to other countries to see how they can have wealth and still live the American dream. We watch these videos and realize that, "it's easy to have more, you don't have to work as hard" or "you can just work hard and have more" "and if you have the right people in your life, you will be happy." It's not a choice for some people, it's a choice for all people. I believe that's why so many people watch these videos. In this case, there is a lot of people that work, but there are also people who don't work, and they watch these videos and realize that. In this case, the focus of this documentary is on the movie industry. They are talking about the movie industry, which is a world where people are making money off of movie tickets, and watching movie videos, but there are many other people that have never seen a movie before, and they are the ones that get money from it. There is no way to get money from this movie. In the beginning of this documentary, they discuss about the movie industry, and how it is built on the backs of people, and how many people are doing something that they do not like. They do not like the idea of having a movie made by their children, and then watching their children watching it, and then being able to have that same movie made by their children, and then being able to sell it. I think that is something that people would like to see, and I believe it would be a positive thing to see. They talk about the star system, and the star system is that if you are a star, you get to work in the movies, and if you are not a star, you don't. There is a whole system that is built around the movie industry. We see the way the people have been working for the money, and how they are getting richer and richer, and they don't really care what they are doing. In the end, I believe that this is a documentary that should be viewed, because it is an important subject. I believe it would be beneficial for all people to see.

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