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Ver Voiceless

Voiceless is a movie starring Rusty Joiner, Jocelyn Cruz, and Victoria Gates. A reserved young war veteran moves to North East Philadelphia to start an inner-city community outreach and puts his life on the line to stand against an...

Thriller, Drama
Pat Necerato
Jocelyn Cruz, James Russo, Victoria Gates, Rusty Joiner

All Systems Operational

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Genres Thriller, Drama
Director Pat Necerato
Writer Pat Necerato
Stars Jocelyn Cruz, James Russo, Victoria Gates, Rusty Joiner
Country USA
Also Known As American Hero: The Movie
Runtime 1 h 47 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Jesse Dean is a recently discharged soldier who had a rough upbringing, but found God because of his wife and is now totally devoted to his faith. He and his wife move to Philadelphia so he can take a new job as an outreach leader at an old church whose membership has been declining. Just as he starts connecting with the community, he discovers that directly across the street from the church is an abortion clinic. He goes to the pastor and several others in the church trying to get their help--to no avail. One day he's going around his everyday routine when a personal tragedy strikes; this brings him to the point that he starts to take action himself, but the more involved he gets, the more resistance he gets from those in the church and community, and from his wife, who thinks his actions will get him fired or jailed. Finally he must make a choice: take the easy way out and back off, like everyone wants him to do; or face a major confrontation that will require him to put everything on the line--his job, his marriage, and his freedom? This film encourages people to stand up for what they know is right, particularly as it pertains to taking God's truths into society to address social issues. It addresses the spirit of retreat as it pertains to engaging the culture that has developed within the Church.

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Thursday, 02 Jul 2020 10:48

Some of us have been to the countryside, just to make a few bucks and occasionally to 'have a look'. The two main characters in 'Back to the River' are real river adventurers who have taken to the river in the hope of seeing something that hasn't been seen since the end of WWII. John Agar, one of the most prolific Australian writer/director/producer, is joined by fellow 'theatrics' here and there in exploring the world of the river. One of the most thrilling moments occurs at the foot of a mountain, where a couple of kayakers and a couple of river guide boys are doing their bit for the environment. In their attempt to make a living, the two men face a series of challenges, including problems with bad weather, slow river conditions and the usual rapids. They are assisted by a tall tree that acts as a makeshift bridge, and by a cave in, where they find what is probably a rare stash of gold. On the plus side, the film does show some knowledge of the history of the river, and the roles of some locals. However, the main disappointment of the film is the lack of realism. In the film, the pair are given more or less the same advice, which means that they are always prepared to deal with problems. For example, one man, after the rescue, insists that the guide keep his eyes on the prize, while another states that he will not leave until he finds it. At the same time, the two men are given different problems, with one confronting a local gang of drug dealers, another a nice woman with whom he wants to have an affair, and the third involved in a perilous rescue attempt. The film only really delivers a real thrill on the final section, where the couple actually reach the river, but the dialogue is so dry that the actors are effectively left cold. The film was made by someone who is known for being really, really, really good at what he does, but the film is at least half-decent, especially given that it is shot on location in a very remote part of Western Australia. However, it would be much better if the film had been more cinematic.
Friday, 26 Jun 2020 03:38

Maurice (a stellar performance by a relatively unknown actor, played by the talented and underrated Tom Hanks) is a man who finds himself in a desperate situation. When he's injured on the job, his employer simply doesn't know how to care for him. Instead of giving him more money, they offer him a free job. For the life of him, Maurice can't figure out why they would do such a thing, but he does know that it's the only way to get a job. Maurice quickly learns that being able to do the work without paying for it will only get him more work, until he eventually ends up working for a firm where he's paid but never worked. This is a movie about working for money, but what this movie is really about is the struggle to be able to live your life, or at least not being controlled by the system. I've always thought that it's really important to be able to work for your dreams, rather than simply going to work and getting paid to do what you hate, instead of having the skills that will allow you to be a worker and be able to contribute to society. In the end, I think that Maurice's struggle is exactly what this movie is about. It's about the control of power, and the reasons that people are always looking for ways to keep that control, instead of trying to find a way to be free. This is a great film about the reasons why people don't want to give up their power and control, and how to use the power that they have to make things happen. If you want a good film about working for money, check out "Boys in the Hood". The story is really good, and the acting is great. It's really fun to watch. This movie is a classic!
Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 23:29

Cabin Fever is a strange and beautiful film. Its atmosphere is full of uneasiness, which makes it so unnerving. The production is simply beautiful, capturing the dreamlike quality of the film in a way few films can. But the film's director is a real work of art. Norman Jewison wrote the screenplay that was originally turned down by Roger Corman. Jewison took the film and turned it into an actual story. The story is an interesting one, with the movie's mystery attached to the characters. David Strathairn, better known as Detective Vig, played by Christian Slater, played a unique character, in the way he developed his character. In the beginning of the movie, he is good, but we get to know his character, he's the strange one in the group, an extreme and narcissistic character. Then, we get to know him, his personality, his problems, and his way of dealing with them. His acting is really good, and he is funny as well. The film is filled with intense scenes, and no scenes are boring. The cinematography is also amazing, showing an amazing look at the state of the country. The music is also great. The ending was a perfect ending, which is the perfect way to end the movie. Its the perfect ending, because it has a perfect mystery. The characters in the movie are not really that interesting. They are just there, and the mystery gets solved, and there are no characters, so they are not really that interesting. The actors were all good, but they do not have too much to do, because they are all just watching the movie, and it becomes obvious that they are not much of characters. The action is very good, and the direction is perfect. It was filmed in a nice way, not too dark, but not too bright either. The only negative thing I have to say about Cabin Fever is that its very slow, and at times it can be a little boring. In my opinion, this is an interesting film, with an interesting mystery, a very good cast, and a good ending.

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