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Grâce à Dieu is a movie starring Melvil Poupaud, Denis Ménochet, and Swann Arlaud. The three men, friends of childhood, will cross, compare their personal experiences and question their life of couple, family and professional.

Drama, Crime
François Ozon
Melvil Poupaud, Swann Arlaud, Éric Caravaca, Denis Ménochet

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Genres Drama, Crime
Director François Ozon
Writer François Ozon
Stars Melvil Poupaud, Swann Arlaud, Éric Caravaca, Denis Ménochet
Country Belgium, France
Also Known As Yüzleşme, Aciu Dievui, Dzięki Bogu, Grazie a Dio, Ved Guds nåde, Alexandre, Θέλημα Θεού, Jumalan armosta, Gud være lovet, Por la gracia de dios, Por gracia de Dios, I guds namn, Graças a Deus, Por la gracia de Dios, Gelobt sei Gott, L'homme qui pleure, Jumalale tänu, Isten kegyelméből, Gracias a Dios, By the Grace of God, Por Gracia de Dios, 感謝上帝
Runtime 2 h 17 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Francois Ozon's gripping drama follows three men who band together to dismantle the code of silence that continues to protect a priest who abused them decades ago. Based on events from the 2019 conviction of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon for concealing the conduct of Father Bernard Preynat, BY THE GRACE OF GOD compassionately illustrates the varying effects of trauma on survivors and their families in this urgent portrait of resistance, the power of mobilization, and the mysteries of faith.

Top reviews

Friday, 03 Apr 2020 07:38

This is a brilliant film about a very complex man who has to confront the brutal realities of life. This is a great film about a man who was shot dead in a toilet by the police. The police say it was a suicide and he was a liar, but as the film unfolds we realise that he is not. The police do not believe him and treat him as a criminal. The film is both shocking and very inspiring. We understand why this man has to put up with the world, we see how the man will have to live with this nightmare, with the police and others, but ultimately we see how he is going to rise above this. We see how his faith is restored, his resolve to make things right. We see the nature of racism in France. The fact that he is gay means he is now hated by people, yet he still manages to hold onto his faith. We also see how his role as a pastor is played out in a very good way, yet he is still vilified. This film is not just about the man, but about the French society at the time and how the police treated him. We see how racism and religion are used to justify crime and the police treat people in a very strange way. The man is portrayed as a monster but he is not, he is a hero who fights for the rights of the human race. We see the irony in his situation, because he is not like the rest of the people. He is different. We also see how he does not need to talk, he has to stand up and speak for the rights of the human race. He speaks for the poor and the poor speak for the poor. The man is the perfect symbol for how France is currently. The film is a great study of the nature of racism in France, the police and the society that ignores and belittles its poor. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves cinema. It is a film that will inspire you and will make you think about how the world deals with its poor.
Saturday, 21 Mar 2020 16:10

Deauville is an extremely interesting film, which follows the story of two Irish immigrants who are forced to flee their country. "Deauville" tells the story of a family of five men and women, each of them living in a small town. In their days of poverty, each of the five brothers faces their problems with their families, and each one of them attempts to solve the problem by immigrating to the United States, and therefore living in a "normal" household. The story is told from the point of view of the youngest of the five brothers, who is a simple, cheerful, optimistic, but also fragile man, who has no skills, except the ability to see a picture, and one day he catches sight of a young girl who is standing in front of him, and she introduces herself as "Meira", and the rest of the film is about how he tries to find the girl and fall in love with her. "Deauville" is a film about being realistic, about being realistic and realistic, and about being realistic and realistic. The performances are outstanding, as I said before, because the actors who play the five brothers all have very distinctive and distinctive personalities, so you cannot easily predict how they will react to situations they encounter, and I really mean that in a good way. The music is absolutely amazing, and I cannot give a recommendation without mentioning it. It is absolutely perfect and is perfect in every way. "Deauville" is one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I really recommend it to everyone. My vote is ten. Title (Brazil): "O Deauville" ("The Show of Deauville")
Saturday, 21 Mar 2020 06:55

Not a film to be missed. I had the opportunity to see this film at the Toronto Film Festival, where I was treated to an awesome screening of this gem. It's a bit of a slow burner, but the final half-hour (and the first half of the second) is really something to see. The film is a work of art, but the story is not. You must be willing to suspend disbelief and you must be willing to enjoy a film with a message that is both universal and unique. The film is the story of the fictional singer-songwriter named Jesse N. (played by an actor named Tom Wilkinson) who is currently touring in support of his debut album, The Boy Who Wasn't There, and is also the focus of a documentary on his life. Jesse is not the most likable person, but he does what he can to try and make his life a better place. His wife, Rose (played by actress Isabella Rosselini), is clearly his greatest ally and protector, but she is not someone you want to get on your nerves. She is also very determined and determined to do everything she can to get her husband back. Jesse and Rose have a child, but their relationship is not ideal, as they have never been able to have a child together. Rose wants to have a child with her husband, but he will not have children of his own. Rose also has a strong sense of justice and the righteousness of the cause, but she is not without her own selfish desires. Rose is a very mature woman, but she is also very selfish. She is not happy with the way her husband is treating her, and she is not willing to let go of her own beliefs. She is also very frustrated with her husband's drinking and her own drinking, but she has no choice but to keep pushing him to change. The film does not shy away from the fact that Rose and Jesse are in love, but it does not shy away from the fact that Rose is still the love of Jesse's life, and she still has her own reasons for wanting to have a child. The film has many layers, and the ending is very poignant and profound. This film has a message that is both universal and unique, and it's a film that I hope will be appreciated by as many people as it has already been. Tom Wilkinson is perfect in the role of Jesse, and he is a great actor. The film is a bit slow at times, but I really enjoyed the ending.

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